Cupcake Time!!

Recently I found a picture on my Facebook page from 2014. When I started this blog, in 2014 my hope was to share cupcake recipes and scrapbooking pages I made. Then I fell hard in love with scrapbooking. I made way more scrapbooking pages than cupcakes.

It’s a shame, because I really love cupcakes and coming up with fun flavor combos. Chocolate covered Strawberry, Tiramisu, Key lime (which is one of my all time favorite) and many more.

Many of my friends on Facebook were curious where all these recipes are, that I have made. So I really think that when my stuff gets into my new house. Its this week we are getting our stuff back (YAY!!). I am gonna start posting some recipes more regularly than once. (literally I believe I only shared one recipe on my blog.)

I did however find this gem!!! This post I started writing when my blog was on blogspot, instead of here.

Here is my old post… I have to share because it is a recipe of my favorite cupcakes Key Lime. I love the tart zip from the lime and sweetness from the frosting. I really like to make these cupcakes with a meringue top instead of frosting. It is a lot of work for the merge, so I am sharing a different type of buttercream (this one won’t disappoint though).


In my house if I asked for requests of cupcakes, I get asked to make about five different flavors suggestions, it seems everyone wants something else. Cupcakes in our house are rare these days, but used to be something I made all the time. Just about once a week I was creating something new!! And it was fun, and the perfect sized snack especially for kids! But like many things life has gotten in the way. I get tired, I forget how easy it can be to whip up a batch up treats instead of reaching in the cupboard for an afternoon snack. But that’s about to change, I decided to bring back my tradition of making a new batch cupcakes each week. This week I’ll give you guys two, since the family requested them and they tasted Yummy!!

The first cupcake is one I’ve made quite a few times. It is also a crowd favorite especially in the summer. It’s my KeyLime cupcake. I added a couple of twists to it this time, mostly because the kids were the ones who asked for it and I wanted to do something special for them. I added rainbow sprinkles to the batter and instead of the normal baked meringue tops I use instead of frosting I made a Cooked Meringue Buttercream.


2 1/4   cups    AP Flour

1 1/2   cups   white granulated sugar

 3 1/2  Tsp     Baking powder

1         Tsp      Salt

1/2      cup      butter, soft

3/4      cup      Lime juice, about 4 fresh squeezed limes

3/4      cup      Coconut milk

1         Tsp       Vanilla extract

3                      Eggs

Zest of 3 limes

1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles

Preheat the oven to 350 F degrees.

My first step is to beat butter and sugar until well blended. At this stage it doesn’t really matter how much you mix the batter, but once you add the flour you don’t want to over mix or the cupcake will be tougher.

Then I add each egg one at a time. I then scrape the bowl loosening any butter from the bottom of the bowl. I then beat the eggs and sugar at least 5 minutes, until it is nice and light and fluffy. Just like this picture.

Then I mix the Flour, Baking powder, salt and lime zest in a large bowl together. I use a wire whisk by hand, but you could definitely use a sifter to get the clumps out.

In another bowl or measuring cup I mix all the wet ingredients like the lime juice, vanilla and coconut milk. You could substitute regular milk for coconut. I just like the creamier texture from the coconut milk.

Now is the time where you start adding the dry and wet ingredients into the butter and eggs. I switch between dry and wet, starting and ending with the dry ingredients. I think this batch I mixed three batches of dry and two wet. Then I scrap the bottom of the bowl and only mix until finally incorporated. maybe mixed for 3 minutes.

Lately I add the sprinkles and mix with a wooden spoon.

Line cupcakes tins with cupcake liners and scoop the cake batter into the tin. I use an ice cream scoop, its the perfect size cupcake for me, but it’s about 3/4 up in the cupcake pan.

I got about 18 cupcakes with this batter, but you could get more or less depending how full you fill the cupcakes. Put them in the preheated oven and cook about 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean from the middle.

I let the cupcakes cool about ten minutes then take them out of the pan and cooling on the counter. They should be completely cool before adding frosting or the frosting will melt. Unless you like it that, sometimes we have a hard time letting the cupcakes cool before chowing down on them.

These cupcakes are so moist and full of that zippy lime flavor from the fresh juice of zest. The lightness from the frosting helps balance out the tartness of the cupcake. Its nice and refreshing on a hot humid summer day, like many of the days we have in Hawaii. But they definitely can be enjoyed anywhere!!!

For the Frosting I used:

3 eggs whites

3/4 cup sugar

1/8 cup of water

2 sticks of butter, soft

1/2 Tsp vanilla

This frosting can be super tricky, but the more I have tried it the easier it is to make. Also the trick I have found with it is the mix on high when adding the butter and wait for all the butter to incorporate into the egg whites. It may seem like all is lost and then all of a sudden this great whipped buttercream emerges!!

Beat 3 egg whites until just about stiff peaks. While the egg whites are mixing cook on the stovetop in a small pan, the sugar and water together. cook until all the sugar dissolves and it starts to boil. you want the temperature to be about 250, a little over the boiling point. Don’t let it boil to much. Also you want when the simple syrup to be ready at just about the same time as egg whites reach the stiff peak stage.

Set your mixer to medium speed and super slowly drizzle the hot syrup into the egg whites. I like to drizzle it down the side. Keep mixer on even until you added the hot simple syrup. I then add the vanilla at this point. Like I mentioned earlier this is the tricky part, the adding of the butter. You want the butter to be soft. Cut it into squares that are pretty small. About a 1/4 by 1/4. Add each piece of butter to a medium high mixer one piece at a time. Make sure the butter is fully incorporated into the egg whites before adding another piece. This is a slow process but remember how hot the simple syrup was, you don’t want it to completely melt the butter. You should be able to feel the bottom of the bowl and feel that it i starting to cool down as everything is incorporating. Once all the butter is added, turn up all the way high and beat until everything is very mixed, and it starts to looked whipped.

All the hard work will be repaid by the smooth buttery and light frosting that you taste. I use a offset spatula to frost my cupcakes, but you can definitely use a piping bag to pipe it on. If you need more frosting this recipe can be easily doubled, I don’t because it is a lot of butter to use at one time.

I used a small offset spatula to pile high the frosting on the cupcake. This allows you to add as much or little frosting on your cupcake as you like. For me the more the merrier. I sprinkle on some lime zest to finish this cupcake!!

This cupcake is so tart from the lime juice, it’s perfect for summer!! This sweet frosting helps cut the tartness for the perfect balance in each bite.

I don’t yet have the recipe for the second recipe (which is a Mocha Caramel Cupcake). When I find it among my recipes in my household goods. I will make sure I share that recipe!!

Seeing all these cupcakes is making me hungry for cupcakes, isn’t it?!! I hope you enjoy this post even though it’s a little different from what I normally share on my blog. Like I mentioned earlier. I plan on sharing more recipes of the cupcakes I make on here. I think it will be fun to share some yummy tasty treats.

Have an inspired Week!!


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Scrap It Off SpiegelMom Scraps Anniversary & Design Team Reveal Blog Hop


Welcome My Scrappy Friends!! There is so much to celebrate today!! It’s SpiegelMom Scraps 6 year anniversary and the reveal of the new design team. I am super excited to be asked to join the new team for the next six months!! EEKK!! YAY!!

I hope you have fun along this Hop because you have the chance of winning a cool prize too. Super Fun!! Plus seeing all the amazing projects and layouts from other designers and design team members.I love blog hops and discovering new blogs and designers to follow. I hope you meet some new great ladies along this hop too.

Jody is super excited to reveal the new Design Team, three new sequin mixes, and a Free cut file designed by one of the fabulous new Sparklers and some prizes!!

If you are new to my blog, Welcome Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, hot or cold. I don’t discriminate) and enjoy!! I will have the blog hop line up at the end of my post. if you ever get lost you can go back to the SpiegelMom Scraps blog to find your way. If you started out here, don’t forget to go back and check out the other designers who are blogging and sharing today too.

Being in a hotel (for those who may not know, we recently moved across the ocean to a new state. We are awaiting our house and living in a hotel until it is ready) with a limited supply of scrapbooking goodness I have been missing doing mixed media. I missed playing with paint, stencils and texture pastes. Things I used to pull out on a regular basis.

When I saw the Shimmerz in the SpiegelMom Scraps Store I was so excited to try them out.    I haven’t yet tried any Shimmerz out yet, but really wanting too. Can I say I was not disappointed. They are so creamy and so pretty. I was definitely curious about all the ways I could use this beautiful shimmery paste.



Wanting to go with a watercolor look I used my watercolor paint brushes with water to dilute the paste a little. I also used the plastic package technique. I have a confession, I really don’t like using this technique. I try it every so often because like many media techniques it takes time to master them. Overtime I try it I am almost always dissatisfied with the way it looks. I still try it again though. This is why, I know also from all playing I’ve done that sometimes part of the layout won’t look amazing until you add more stuff on it. It’s all about the layers of media that helps bring it together.

I used some of my re-inkers of distress inks with water to add some layers of splatters, the crackled pistachio and twisted citron. I thought those colors would go well with the Shimmerz, sour apple and gummy bear blue.


This color combo is so bright and fun. Spring like and cheery. I had the perfect photo for it too. I remembered I had a fun photo of a bright green gecko from our hike to Waimea Falls. He was just bathing in the sun on some big green leaves. I love this photo of this gecko. Besides that he is quite big and looking like he was really enjoy himself, I love that he reminds me of my time in Hawaii. Geckos are so common in Hawaii. You never know where you will see them when you are out and about. On a door handle, jumping from the garbage bins when you open them, sun bathing on the side of the side walk, or hanging out in a potted plant in the mall. I really miss seeing geckos all over.

When I do splatters and lots of media on my background I tend to like to do tons of layers behind my photos. Lately I have been doing more simply layouts but I really have been missing adding lots of layers. There is something fun and satisfying about tucking and building layers with tons of colors and patterns.



I used lots of 6×6 papers from Pink Paislee Fancy Free. The Spring and colorful papers really work to ascent my photos without taking away from the gecko on the photo too. I also used a nice dark woodgrain to bring in the element of nature on my layout. To my layers I added a glassine bag-to tuck in my journaling tag. I didn’t want to cover up too much of the media and white space on my layout.


When I went to the last class by Amy Tangerine in Honolulu I bought a stamp settee created for the store that sponsored her class. The stamp set was Hawaii inspired. There was leaf stamp on it that I thought would be perfect to use in my layers. I used a colorful paper to stamp on, and cut them out. I love how they turned out all tucked in around my layout under flowers.


I did 3 groups to draw your eye around the layout and around my photos. I am using two photos, a 4×6 and then a 3×4 size. The flowers were watercolor drawn and really help the media stand out more.


To help add a softness but more layers I used a doily. I added an acetate ephemera piece over the doily to help the colors on the piece stand out. It also add layers without being really bulky and busy.


For the title I decided to add it up at the top. I still have tons of the Thickers from the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. I really like having a black and cream for a neutral look. It stands out against all the color on the page. The second half of the title is tile alpha stickers in a teal color. I was not very creative with my title. Sometimes I like having really fun and creative titles but this one I wanted it to be simple. I think it really goes well since the photo is bright and there was lots of colors throughout the layout.


To finish up my embellishments I also wanted to keep it simple. I wanted to add another element that is more natural, wood veneer is perfect for that. It really adds a bit of nature to the page. I added some gold thread to each flower grouping. I love how much texture it adds without being really heavy. Plus it reminds me of the sun streaming on the leaves.


The last thing I added was sequins. I used the Believe In You pack, from the SpiegelMom Scraps store. I really love how those colors play with the colors in the paper layers and colors in the photo. The texture on the green sequins are so much fun and unique. I just sprinkled the sequins in each flower grouping. making sure some of them landed on the flowers too. I tried not to go crazy. I didn’t want to take away from all the other things I did on the layout.

It was really fun playing with mixed media and sequins on this layout. Things I have missed since I have been on this moving journey. I will be so happy when I am finally all set up and situated in my new house and scrap room. Pulling out eve more of my mixed media products.



Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you keep continuing on with the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog Hop. There are some amazing and talented designers joining in on the celebration!! So Happy Anniversary SpeigelMom Scraps and the other members of the design Team! I can’t wait to see what they create to inspire us!!

Here is the Blog Hop Line Up for today.

Jody (Henrietta Towns on FB) 
****Hannah Lemieux**** You Are Here
Beth Soler ***** Click Here to Follow the Blog Hop


Thank you for spending your time with us today! I’d love for you be in the running for the prizes that Jody is giving away on this blog hop, so be sure to leave comments on all the blogs to be entered! You have through July 31st to comment and enter. Sharing on social media will also earn you an extra entry. Just leave another comment letting us know where you shared the blog hop event. Easy Peasy!

My Scrappy Friends, I hope you have an inspired weekend!! And Good Luck!!








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Layout Share

Aloha my scrappy friends!!

I had really big plans to join in the Clique Kit Blog Hop today!! I love their blog hop, I love looking through the design team and it’s members and see all the fun layouts everyone created throughout the month with their kit. But.. My kit didn’t come in time. With my moving situation I just didn’t get it in time. I am so excited to see the kit in person and play with it. I am currently still using Clique Kits May Kits to create with.

I thought that I would share at least something with you that I have worked on throughout my time in the hotel. I know I really haven’t shared too much on social media. I am trying to scrap but definitely not doing it as much as I had hoped but, sometimes that’s how summers go right?! You just have to roll with the punches.

The May Clique Kit, was using FancyPants Designs Attwell collection along with some Basic Grey Urban Lux. this collection was super artsy and very colorful.

Here are the two layouts I made so far with that kit.


This first layout I decided to use this cut file I had cut ahead of time to bring with me. I really liked that black and white script paper, and it looks really cool peaking out from those pluses.

This layout is about my kids and a trip they took to the Zoo with some old friends of ours. Even though they are completely different photos at different parts of the Zoo I really wanted to use them together so I could talk about their friendship and not exactly the Zoo. These kids loved playing together and they had something in common, and that was their lives had also been once changed by Leukemia too.

I used lots of layers. and lots of color. It is a little busy but I think it’s fun. I kept some white space open to help counter balance all the color. In the end I choose not to mind that I made a layout with tons of colors that are bold. I really don’t mind switching up styles and colors in my albums.



This second Layout. I kept fairly simple. I layered my papers behind my photo and left bigger areas of the papers showing. I used some circle elements from the die cut pack in the kit. But also cut some other circles from old printables from Clique Kits and from the Fancy Free 6×6 paper that had circles on it.

I used the old Shine Thicker sheet that had the gold glitter shapes on it, for some fun on the page. I loved the puffy stickers too and added those in different areas around the layout.

I really love how this title turned out. Sometimes I really like to take the time to have long and fun titles. The journaling card that said Works Like A Charm sparked the thought to make a cool title. using different fonts for the title also added interest to the title.

I love this photo of My oldest Daughter Leilani and her dad. They have a special relationship, I think mainly because she is the oldest. She is the first child he had, and she captured his heart from the minute she was born. I love when I get a chance to make layouts that share the differences and special points in my kids relationships with me and their dad. Hopefully they will appreciate them later in life too.

I hope you all are having a great scrappy week. I hope you head over to the Clique Kits blog (below is their line up, if you want to check it out and comment along the way for a chance to win a prize!!) and actually check out their blog hop today. There are some amazing layouts being shared.

Have an Inspired Day!!



Clique Kits July Blog Hop Line Up

Clique Kits
Gia Lau
Erica Thompson
*Justyna Kowron
*Elisabetta Margini
*Aliza Deutsch
*Candace Perkins
Janet Perafan-Babar
Sandy Gonzalez
Kim Allen
*Leeann Pearce
*Kim Oedekoven
Maryam Perez
Caroli Schulz
Donna Espiritu
Sara Mishler
Leigh Ann Odynski

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Living from a Hotel

Aloha my Scrappy Friends!!

Aloha from Washington!! What can I say, It has officially been a month since we have left Hawaii and it feels like a lifetime already. We are currently in our third hotel here in Washington and man I am so ready to be back in a home. The fun of eating out, staying up late watching cable television and having a cleaning lady clean your towels has worn off. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice not having to cook everyday, or fold large amounts of laundry daily. But being in a one room hotel room with three kids is interesting!!

Maybe if it felt more like summer this past week things wouldn’t seen as weird. It’s been kinda chilly and cloudy this past week too. I miss the sun, my scrappy friends. Today has been this first day in a few days that I have caught sneaks of that glorious sky blue that calls out summer. I suppose next year I will be much more used to this slow ease into summer.

It’s just kinda odd going from summer and then back to a hawaiian winter plus even cooler. I will see though my friends, it is gorgeous here. Despite the cold rain, and all the fluffy dark clouds, the trees here are huge and green.

Last weekend we drove to the local Zoo and drove along the coastline a little, and seeing all the dock area’s with dock poles sticking out and seagulls perching or waiting for a fish to call a snack. The little rock beaches. It is so pretty and in a whole different way than Hawaii.

I am really getting inspired by this new atmosphere. I could see us calling this place home for a while. Will that happen, one can hope, right! You never know when you are in the military how long one home will be yours, but I really do love that fact that country meets city here.

Moving around and being in the military you get used to living near bigger cities, having stores and Starbucks (or Dunkin Donuts) and all the things that cities have to offer right near you within a 5 minute drive. Going back home, I loved driving around on the open roads of the towns I grew up in and driving miles without seeing but 2 or 3 cars on the road with you. You miss the quiet of nature in the city. I love that here we have the chance to be a little bit away but being able to get the things you love still within a ten minute trip. All with the view of pine trees really tall.

Life in the hotel is a little crazy. I keep thinking I can make a routine in the hotel, and I can actually get things down, creatively done. It has not happened! Every day has been different. Some days the kids are driving me nuts and we have to get out of the hotel room. Some days we have to run errands and don’t really want to leave the room because we would rather stay in PJs all day. Some days we go out for dinner and end up being out all evening because we find we are really enjoying being out. Some days we go out in the morning and realize that we really just want to relax and chill and watch netflix all afternoon.

I had all these plans to blog regularly and even Vlog. Believe me things are super boring in my life. So not much Vlogs have been made. The ones I have done I really just not need to edit up so I can try to post them to Youtube. Internet isn’t always top speed, I have realized just how much I really enjoy my internet.

Surprisingly I really haven’t even scrapbooked that much too. I think I realized how much my space (at my home) has been a safe haven place for me to create. I know when I am in my space I have things in a way that helps me get creative. And that this chaos of being in different rooms and different light and being cold makes me not want to create. I am very much ready to get into my own space and get scrapping!!

Of course that can’t happen yet. So I am really hoping these next few weeks while we are waiting for our house, that I can get into some creative routine so that I can get mojo and create some things. I really enjoy when I get play with my goodies that I packed. I also am looking forward to playing with my stash when I get it back.

Well My scrappy friends, I hope your summer has been fun and interesting. I hope you are taking the time to documenting your summer in whatever way works for you. I am getting itchy to share the stories of my summer even though not everything that is going on is amazing!! (I am thinking I am going to use my Midori notebook to document our summer. I ca make it simple and fun)

Have a great week and do something different this summer too!!



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