Swing XOXO


I hope the summer is treating you well. If you follow me you know we moved. Really far. Bought a house and got a puppy. Things have been really crazy and exciting here at our house!! I have also been trying to get back into the routine of making process videos again. I love making and sharing process videos. I started my channel about 2 years ago. Who knew this would become one of my passions.

If you follow me on my Youtube channel you should start seeing that I have started posting again, and have been sharing quite a bit!! I have a few videos from before I left Hawaii. I have lots of new videos that I am trying to finish up to post too.

At times it’s a bit overwhelming. Making a process video requires a lot. A lot of space, time to edit and then you still have to make the layouts too. I love doing it, so I won’t stop. Bare with me, as I have some series that I am doing that haven’t quite been on time. I am trying to get the layouts up in a timely fashion, even if it’s my own deadline!!

All this chit chat to say, I have tons of process videos starting to go up on my channel.

I want to share a video I posted the other day.

I applied to Hip Kit. I love getting their kits, even if I can’t get them right now. (My budget needs to be sorted out) I love looking at all the releases they are sharing. They always have fun trendy kits too.

I made this layout, with some new stuff I have boughten this summer and some bits from past Hip Kits I have gotten and not quite finished up.

I hope you enjoy the close ups and the process video I made!!


I hand cut out the XO’s. I love how they turned out!! They are so bright and fun.




I added the title sideways. I wanted the title to have more of a movement feel to it.


Because my daughter, Cayden is smiling so bright, i needed to add these smile embellishments!!


I layered my embellishments near my title.


I added up using bright pink and black Heidi Swapp Color Shine to splatter my layout. I really like how this ties the bright summery colors together.

You can watch my video here.

Here is one last look at my layout!!



Have an inspiring weekend!!


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SpiegelMom Scraps Wednesday

Aloha!! I hope your week is treating you well!! Mine has been crazy. Gotta love the end of the summer?!

I am joining in on Lisa’s 3-2-1 Challenge over on the SpiegelMom Scraps Facebook Group. We have to use a mood board and sketch, along with a fun twist by using other things too. Check out the group and the blog post I wrote up to see the details.

Check out the SpiegelMom Scraps blog and see how I interpreted the challenge, cause that’s how I roll, changing things out to tell my stories in my albums.

So I don’t spoil the whole layout, because oh my I really love how this one turned out, Here is a sneak peak!!


I love these colors!! So Pretty!!

Hope you go check it out. Also if you do the challenge along with us don’t forget to tag SpiegelMom Scraps and post it in the Facebook Group too!!

Have an inspired week!!


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Scrap Gals Podcast

Aloha My scrappy friends!!

I am super excited to share with you this morning that I am on as a guest on The Scrap Gals podcast with Tracie and Tiffany!!

We are talking about two page layouts, why aren’t they being showcased as much, how you can find more of that inspiration if you are looking for more two page layout inspiration. We also touch on different approaches when it comes to scrapbooking.

I hope you check out the podcast, it is a good one.

Here is the link to listen to the Episode: The Death of the Double Pager

Have a great scrappy week!!!


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FTLOHK: Lovely Details Recorded

Aloha My scrappy Friends!!

I am super excited!! I finally have posted my first process video up since moving into our new house!! I could tell as I was editing it, that I am very much out of practice!! But it was so much fun. I have missed doing process videos. It is where I started.

I started doing process video only a few months after I started scrapbooking, I was so inspired by all the creativity and talent that I had to share what I was doing as well. I have been filming so long, and almost every layout that I make, that it really is odd not to do a process video when I scrap.

After not making videos for a couple of months, as nice as it was to have a break I really did miss it. And miss that platform. I find for me as a scrapbooker I have learned so much about myself and my style through making videos that I have a hard time thinking of not making videos as a form of sharing.

Okay, so back to this week’s layout for my series For The Love Of Homemade Kits. I am loving this kit!! I know I say that almost overtime too. But it is just so much fun making my own kit, and finding stories and photos that I think go well to together for the feel of the kit. It’s a challenge capturing the essence of the kit and building that on a layout.

I have quite a few ideas for this kit, if only time was on my side to do them all in one day!!

Here is this first layout I made with this kit.


I wanted to scrap this picture I had taken in February, of my cousins and I when we were all together. I haven’t seen some of them in about 7 years and some it’s even been longer. It was so nice to have the afternoon to sit around, eat and tell old stories that we remember.

That’s what we do every time we are all together too, listen to the stories that may or may not have been told before, and many of them have been told more than once. But to be together and laugh and eat it’s what we do.

I choose to use the paper that had what looks like book ends on it, and cut them up and add them to my back ground like I was adding books to a book shelf. I really love this look with different sizes and lengths of strips of paper.


I wanted to keep it simple. So I added some strips of phrases throughout the layout. They added some interest without being really bulky.


This Dear Lizzy Sticker phrase was perfect, because it was clear. It made it easier to layer over some ephemera I had left over from the Open Book embellishment pack from a couple of years ago.


I love the circles too. They give some different angles with all the strips of paper.


I love how this teal on these brads looks with the mustard yellows in this kit!! And Aren’t those black hearts from Dear Lizzy’s new collection Saturdays so darling?!!

I used the Chipboard letters Lovely for my Title. I love the look of the different patterns on each letter. I added vellum right on top of them for the rest of my title.



Here is a look at the whole layout.


I am not completely happy with the color blue of the border on the layout. But I really didn’t want to tear everything else up. I really like how the rest of it ended up. So until I decide what I am going to do (I have thought about using some what tape in a different color)I will just leave it. I also journaled on my layout after I took photos of my layout.


Here is the process video I made for this layout.



Don’t forget to check out Felicia’s and Khristina’s Layouts too. If you play along tag us, so we can be inspired with the kits you make!!

Have an inspired week!! Can’t wait to see you later!! (Have I said how happy I am to be back !!)


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Moving Vlogs

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

I am now in my house which means more reliable internet and time to edit. This move has been crazy, and I never was able to do all the things I had thought I could. Like, upload the blogs I had taped while I was moving from Hawaii.

I have finally edited the ones from Hawaii, and posted them to Youtube so you can see some of what we did when moving. The videos aren’t amazing and some aren’t long. But I still think they are a fun little look into those last days in Hawaii.

Hop over to my YouTube Channel to watch them.

Here is the first video I posted..



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The Great Discussion: Two Page Spreads

Aloha Crafty Mavens!!

We all have certain styles in scrapbooking that we love to fall back on , or that we just really enjoy doing. A certain way we like to share our memories in our albums. It is so specific and tailored to each one of us individually.

Lately I have seen lots of comments by the lovers of two page layout spreads looking for new inspiration. This industry has changed..is changing so much, all the time. It is hard to find inspiration once the style you love to scrap in isn’t trendy anymore.

I am always so interested in why inspiration changes so much when our end result is to have our memories down on paper. But let me tell you the people who share there inspiration are always trying to up their game. It is often hard to keep up.

I thought it would be fun to take up a challenge for myself and do a series on my own YT channel, and create some 2 page layouts to help expand my scrapbook style and thinking. Also I really think it is important as one who shares their own work to try to listen to what inspires others too, and fill that need if I can fit it into how I create too.

Starting Next Saturday August 20th I will start posting double page layouts on Saturdays on my YT channel. I hope you are as excited as I am about this series. I am really hoping to do a variety of double page spreads that are inspiring for everyone.

I thought it also would be fun to share a few double layout spreads I have made in the past too. Since I have done a few on occasion. (I actually started off doing double page layouts when I started scrapbooking in 2014)

Layout I made in May 2014


Spread I made with PL spread as 2nd page (For Shimelle Class) Summer 2014


Layout with a 6×12 as 2nd page Feb/March 2016


Layout From April 2015


Double Page Layout I made in Fall 2014



Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my work. And many of the older layouts I haven’t even really shared before, an extra bonus for you!!


See you scrappers later and stay inspired until next time!!



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Another Round: For The Love Of Homemade Kits

Aloha Scrappers!!

I am finally able to join in and make a new home made stash Kit. I have been loving doing this series!! I love this idea of adding new products to my old stash and making them work together.

For the homemade Kits we use a recipe with one sheet of inspiration paper for our Kit. This helps us have a place to take the kit but each kit is different because of what is in our stash.

The Inspiration Paper we are using this round is the Maggie Holmes Open Book Slideshow.

Here is the paper Recipe we are using this round:

  • Inspiration Paper
  • Texture
  • Stripe
  • Circle/dot
  • Freebie
  • 2 6×6 papers/or scrap paper

Here is my papers:


  • Maggie Holmes Open Book Slideshow
  • Teresa Collins Life Emporium Multi Stripe (Texture)
  • Pink Paislee Fancy Free 07 (Stripe)
  • Daisy Bucket Designs Magical Moments Bracken’s Blossoms (Dots)
  • Dear Lizzy Saturday Manhattan (Freebie)
  • Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Open Book Chapters (Freeebie)
  • Crate Paper Journey Route (scrap)
  • Pink Paislee Fancy Free (Scrap)
  • Pink Paislee Fancy Free (scrap)

Here is the recipe for the rest of the Kit:

  • brads


  • Freebie embellishments (I picked clear stickers, fabric banners, and layered scratch off stickers)


  • Washi
  • stamps


  • chipboard
  • wood veneer


  • 2 alphas


  • ephemera pack (We R Memory Keepers Wildflower, Maggie Holmes Open Book, Crate Paper Journey)


  • Sticker sheets


  • Cut file
  • Stencil


Here is a look at my full kit. I did not add stencils or cut files yet. Those I will add I am making my layouts.


Khristina and Felicia have also put together a kit with this recipe, if you click on their names you can see their videos sharing their kit. We each will be making and sharing 4 layouts with this kit!! I hope you join us and making your own kit and share with us what you make with it.

I also have a video (my first video in my new scrap room!!!) sharing my kit too, if you prefer to see it on video.



Have an Inspired Week!!


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Sunshine In Your Pocket

Aloha my Scrappy Friends!!

I wanted to share with you a layout I posted to the SpiegelMom Scraps blog!!

I am super excited to be on her team and using her amazing products.

Like these felt clouds…



As well as the Shimmerz Dazzlerz.IMG_7915

Click here to take a look at my final layout!!


Have an Inspired Week!!



PS Look forward to seeing process videos in the upcoming future!!

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SpiegelMom Scraps August Sparklers Squads Unite Blog Hop


Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I am Super excited today!! This is my first official blog post as a Sparkler!! I hope you are just as excited as I am too.

Today is our special Sparklers Unit blog hop! The Sparklers are split into two teams; The Blog Squad and the YouTube Squad. (I am on the blog Squad, but don’t worry, when I am all set up in my new house I will be sharing process videos of my layouts and projects too) Each month we come together to hang out here and bring you some great tips, technique and inspiration! For this hop, you should have arrived here from Sarah’s blog . Didn’t you just love the colors of spread?!! It definitely puts me in a summery mood!
Your entire line up for today will be at the end of my blog post. If you started here don’t forget to go back and check out everyone else’s projects!!

Scrapbooking for me is all about having fun. I do it destress. I do it get creative. I do it to see if I can push the limits of what I think is fun and cool for me. I scrapbook to document the moments in my families life that are fun and cool but also to help remember the stories that tell our lives.

This past February my aunt died. Since my grandfather died when I was a teenager it was the first big family death. It is crazy to think your loved ones will never be around. It really got me thinking about why I scrapbook.

Over that week we all spent lots of time going through old photos and telling the stories from all those photos. There was some sad pauses, but mostly lots of laughs and smiles as we retold the stories we remembered from my aunt’s life. The things that brought us joy that she shared with us.

If it weren’t for pictures those stories wouldn’t be as cemented in our brains. In my opinion. Those pictures help tell the stories but help you remember details of a memory that could have easily been forgot. This journey of memories we went through really had me thankful for photos and also for the stories I could tell with those photos on paper as a storyteller and memory keeper.

Here is a layout I made using a photo I took as we were going through family photos of my aunt and telling the stories behind them.


I wanted to keep my layout really fun and happy because I didn’t want it to be sad, but more of a memorial to my aunt’s life. I also wanted to do something a little hip.

I choose to use Shimmerz Dazzlers in Red-iculous and Licorice Stick with a silk screen. Because it is so creamy and smooth it went on like butter. it really gave this cool look. Not perfect but lots of layers of color.


I drew circles around the background patterned paper in black pen and then added gold thread around them. Being in a hotel I definitely don’t have use of a sewing machine but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get that texture from the thread. to make sure it stayed in place I just used glory accents in a few areas around the circle.

I also added Love Beats Mix of Sequins around the circles. this pack has  sequin hearts, round sequins and long beads which also adds different textures around. To finish up the circles I added some embellies that would also add other textures and sizes for that fun factor.


I kept all my embellishing to my clusters and tried to just add only a little bit to each group. I really did want the embellishing to go with my story, and add to it.

The tags and labels add something nice and small. Those small wood veneer glasses were just too adorable not to use!!


The tag and glassine bag were from the store. and helped me add layers behind my photo. I like to use lots of things to layer with. It adds something different than just patterned papers.


Each group was a little different but had similar elements which ties them together.


I just love the way this layout turned out. I love all the dimension in the layers. and all the fun elements in each circle. I ended with splatters of gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine and that added the last perfect touch.


Thank you you for taking a peek into my layout and I hope you left inspired to do something a little different on your projects. Have a little fun and taking some risks.

Here is a look at the full layout.

looking through memories

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog hop and all the other Sparklers and see all their amazing and inspiring projects. These hops always leave me wanting to grab a sheet of yardstick and making something . Tell another story!! Also if you stop the SpiegelMom Scraps Store Use my code Hannah15 to get a discount off your purchase!!

Today’s Sparkler’s Unite Blog Hop Line Up

Guest Designer 🙂 Mandi 

Thank you for spending your time with us today! Be sure to leave comments on all the blogs to be entered into a chance for you be in the running for the $10.00 shop credits! You have through August 4th to comment and enter. Sharing on social media will also earn you an extra entry. Just leave another comment letting us know where you shared the blog hop event.
Head over to Khristine’s blog for more inspiration, I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Enjoy the rest of the hop!!



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