Clique Kits: Youtube Channel Post with the August Malibu TN Kit



I am finally sitting down and using my August Malibu TN kit this month. Have you used these amazing pens? There are my favorite part of the kit!!

I am sharing a process video of a Traveler’s Notebook spread that I made using this really fun kit. I also used some of the exclusive prinatbles designed by Maryam and Lacey!! Check them out, because they match the kits perfectly.

Here is a sneak of my spread…

Soak Up the Sun Sneak Footer.jpg

Yup that is some mixed media on my spread too!!

And lots of journaling.  What is a Traveler’s notebook more better for than to journal lots and fill the page with the amazing pens!!

Watch my process video from the Clique Kits Youtube Channel.

If you head over to the Clique Kits Store and use my code Hannah10 and you can get 10% off your order. There are some amazing deals on past Clique Kits and if you spend over $60 you can have free shipping too!!

Thanks for stopping by today!! Have an inspired week my scrapping friends!!


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Clique Kits Blog: Yearbook



Today I am up on the Clique Kits Blog!! I am sharing a double page spread focused on journaling. I switched things up and made my double page spread 8 1/2X11.

Have a look and check out the Clique Kits blog today!!

Close up Goodbye Hawaii Footer.jpg


I used the August Malibu Main Kit and some Shimmerz Paints Creamez that are an August Add on. Any add on you purchase with my code Hannah10 will get you 10% off in the Clique Kits Store.




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Day 2/100: Dog Days of Summer


This week has been super hot, especially for here. Today it was in the low 90s and muggy, and hazy and gross. No clouds, all sun. It is HOT. all we want to do is stay inside, close the blinds and stay cool in the AC.

Even the dog!!

I mean look at this pup. She is so spoiled. cuddling on the couch next to me as I edit photos and work on editing a process video while watching Top Chef.

Meanwhile, the cat.

Thinks my craft room, is her palace.

What you may not know is my craft room is a really a screened in porch, and is a tad bit warm today because of the heat. It is semi cooled from the house, but on a day like today, when the sun is blasting in, it has gotten really hot by the afternoon. I literacy had to pick up her big fat butt and make her get inside where the AC is. She is the Queen of the house.

I love these spoiled rotten animals though.  They really have made this house our home. They make sitting on the couch watching Hulu, nice and relaxing with the purr of contentment.

So even though it’s too hot to scrap in my scrap room at my desk, and I am chilling at the dining room table tonight to feed my creative nature. My story is about the little things that can turn your day around.

Watching my puppy jump through the cool water sprinkler as I water my dying lawn. Hearing my kids make dinosaur sounds from downstairs where their playroom is.

It’s the little things that make our days perfect.

I love the little moments.



Also here is a fun little sneak peek of what I was creating today!!

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100 Days Project


My scrappy Friends, this summer is whizzing by. It’s August already and I have been in my “new” house for a year already. Crazy Stuff.

Online at one of my favorite groups The Scrap Gals many of crafters are coming together and challenging themselves and doing a 100 day project. I am joining in on this challenge/project. Last month I joined in a a video a day challenge with a bunch of my Youtube friends. It was so much fun and really pushed me to be creative everyday. Even if I didn’t end up posting something everyday.

I believe throughout the month of July I posted 25 or so videos on Youtube, whether it was my channel or Design Team Youtube Channels that I design for. That is really awesome and amazing. I really feel like I was able to get my creative juices flowing this month and now I am on a roll. I would love to keep some of that going.

My goals for this 100 day period, is to finish my class so that is up and launching. I really thought I could get that done, int he spring. With my husband gone for work, but it ended up I am not a great single mom, and working mom. LOL. My puppy also decided she didn’t like the change and was more needy than my kids. The class is slow going but my goal is to work on it every every this month and hopefully by the 100 it will be launched. Ready to go!!

I also want to focus on personal blogging. I used to do this a bit more when I made it a habit of blogging everyday for The Crafty Maven Getaway and just when I had more DT work that required me to blog. It has been nice to take the time off from blogging and more to videos, which I really enjoy posting. The feedback is there. But there is just something about the blogging relationship I feel like you build when you blog regularly.

I am going to post something everyday. That is my goal. I would love to post a photo and talk about that a little. nothing really complex but a way for you to get to know me more.

I also really want to play more mixed media wise. I have been having a blast playing in my Traveler’s Notebook and getting to know my products more. I want to do that more.

This is my 100 days goal. I may not be perfect, I know I have some really busy days coming up, but I also know I really want to complete and accomplish something different. I want to be more creative and play more. I feel like this will help me in the teams I am on but also help me to have more fun and enjoy the process more.


So today>>>

Day 1




These are not the best photos. It is one of the many things I want to really focus on, taking and getting better photos.

This Dahlia is the first dahlia of the season though. This makes me so happy. I have waited all year for this. It is one of the biggest surprises of this new house. The Dahlia’s!! They are big and gorgeous. I want all the colors in my yard!!

This Dahlia though I can’t claim as my own. It’s actually from our neighbors. They are the sweetest people. They give my girls flowers picked from their beautiful garden all the time. It makes my heart melt. When someone is just kind to your kids. Treat them like they are own grandkids. It really means a lot.

Being in the military you get a lot of neighbors. Some are amazing and life changing. Some you really wish you could send away or move yourself. You learn to deal with it and be the best person you can be anyway.

I really love that my girls can know what a good neighbor is like. They can have conversations about their favorite toys and share smiles as they play horses. It’s this childhood that will be in their memory and they can really have fond memories of.

So this Dahlia isn’t just a flower. It is so much more. More than I really could type out in words, so I am not really going to try. I am gonna put that flower where we all can see it and enjoy it.



I hope you all join me throughout these next 100 days. I hope you choose to do something for 100 days and share it.


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