Celebrate Friendship

IMG_2810It’s back to school here at our house, and this season I have been thinking a lot about friendship. This time of the year it often does, maybe because one of the things I loved about school was seeing my friends. I was homeschooled in 6th grade and I really missed all the friends I had throughout early grade school. 7th grade and I had to be back.

I have been really lucky to have had some great friendships in school!! Definitely some of the best friends who I still talk to now even though we are al over across the country.

11887995_1709246629298189_2312264544820799626_nWhen I had to come up with a challenge for this month on the Victoria Marie Facebook Group, I though this thought process would be perfect. I don’t often scrap about things besides my family and Hawaii. The opportunity to scrap about people who have helped make me me, I think this is what documenting our story is
important. Friends play a big role in our lives and I think paying homage to them every once in a while is a great thing.

Today I am scrapping a picture from my wedding. My close of friends from my senior year and some of college were there to celebrate with me! I was the first of us to get married, so theIMG_2820y were happy for me but it also felt like a turn in what our lives would look like in the future as we each would start to go off our one way.

I am glad we were able to get th
is photo real quick of us together. Now that many years have went by it really was one of the last few times we all hung out together. Even though I still keep in contact with them all, it just isn’t the thing. But it is fun to scrap this picture and remember a fun time in our lives.

I mostly used papers from past Clique Kits, Studio Calico Seven Paper, andIMG_2824 some bits of ephemera from the new Dear Lizzy Documentary Collection and The Shimelle True Stories Collection.


Because the star paper was a little busier then I am used to using lately as a background, I added texture paste with a star stencil. I love the extra dimension and interest it adds. I then clustered three strips of paper. I wanted my photo in the middle and the strips helps ground my photo, so it doesn’t feel like it was floating as much.

I used a stamp fIMG_2823 (1)or part of my Title, I wanted to make sure I used my stamps on this little. I barely use them and I am trying to use the things I buy. The word Celebrate was perfect.


I ended by adding enamel dots and bow ties around the layout. I also splattered some black Heidi Swapp Color Shine, and outlined the outside of the layout.

I really love this layout! It’s fun and a little different from what I have done lately. You can also see my process video on my Youtube channel, Celebrate Friendship Process Video.


If you play along with this challenge on the Victoria Marie Facebook group, tag me, I would love to see what you create!! You can also see all the other challenges going on over there!


Have an Inspired Weekend!!

Aloha, Hannah

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My Perfect Day


Prompt #2 for the September Blog Challenge (you can go to www.braveloveblog.com to see the prompts in detail)  that I am taking part in asks me to describe my perfect day.

My first reaction was to say spending the day scrapbooking, with my favorite and closest friends that I have mIMG_1479et throughout this year. Maybe even having them all come to Hawaii and we could sightsee, shop, relax on the beach and take selfies. Then go and scrap those fun and amazing moments with them. And while this would be amazing!! Having great conversation in person with these amazing women I have come to know as friends. I feel like thinking about a day when I can meet up with them, is a little too easy of an answer.

True, yes, but really it doesn’t take much thought to come up with tons of things we could do together and have a blast doing them. I think for me doing this blog challenge is really to step outside of how I have been doing blog posts and really bring who I am out in this challenge. I want you readers to feel connected when you read, understand me a little more. When I make decisions in scrapbooking it is from all the collected things that happened in the past bubbling up to create something new.

Anyway back to the prompt for a minute. When I really think about this question, it makes me think about the impossible!

I LOVE history. In high school my favorite movie was Joan of Arcjoan-of-arc, with LeeLee Sobieski. Maybe because I felt like I could relate being a teen or I just love learning about a girl who stood firm when so many didn’t believe her.

Even now some of my favorite stories and movies take me back in time, when things are so different from all the things we have today. And I also wonder how I would fare among such strong people!

After I was married I started looking into my families ancestry. I was always curious about the stories of my family. How history played out for my family. What it looked looked for them, and what traits were based down through our bloodline.

When of the coolest stories I found was a letter written from a cousin to one of my husbands family members. He explained a story of my husbands third time great grandfather stowaway on a ship going from Ireland to Canada, in a hemp barrel with a friend. After being found nearly dead when the ship landed in Canada, someone from Cobh-1830sthe ship felt pity on him and took care of him. Teaching him about mining and his religion. After some time he fell in love with this man’s  daughter and they were married. Later they made the trip from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania to mine. Along the way his wife had given birth.  I couldn’t imagine doing all those things!!

To meet one of or all of my past family members when they were alive would be amazing. Just to soak up their wisdom, knowledge and fervor to make their lives better for their children.

I mean isn’t that scrapbooking is all about?!! Telling these stories, of our lives, our struggles, our successes, our faults, and our heart. I am reminded of a quote that was used for the inspiration piece for The Crafty Maven Getaway (A Youtube crafty channel). It said,  IMG_1715

And really that really what history is, what scrapbooking is. All these little things add up and become BIG things that steers our future.

My perfect day would be to spend time with my family way back in history. Take in the sights of a world uninterrupted by phones and technology. Breathe in the clean air of the countries my family’s roamed. I know for the most point my family were just normal but their normal is what brought my family to this normal now. They took part in making history for all of us, even if it was living life normally for that time.

I would go back to when my family came across a great ocean and rode to a future that maybe was unimaginable to them but held such promise. I would sit at the royal banquet table of a feast in England, taking in all the beauty of the ladies dresses or the art hanging on the walls. I would sit at the side of my husband’s 3rd time great grandfather’s mother as he kissed her for the last time, leaving so he have a better life. I would watch as my 10th great aunt sat on the witness stand telling of how she saw her brother kill her sister with an axe. I would go back to and help plow tIMG_1869he cold ground at dawn with my 3rd time great grandfather. I would go back and ride the train across New York looking for work in the early 1930s with my great grandfather.

I think all these moments in time would be so cool to witness. Them living their lives no matter how easy or hard that was for them. Them making history for me, my history! I think in many ways this is really why I scrapbook, to keep my history alive. One day my 3rd time grand daughter may want to go back and know what it was like living in a time that she could hardly imagine!!

I hope you are all enjoying getting a look into me. I am really finding it fun to take a different approach this month on some of my blog posts!!

Until next time, Aloha and have an inspired day!!


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Something a Little Fun!!

Aloha my scrappy friends!! I have been thinking a lot about my blog and ways I can get better about posting and posting things where people can actually get to know who I am as a person and scrapbooker, and memory keeper. In this thought process I have thought a lot about a blog challenge. When I came across a blog challenge that is going on this month on my IG feed it really perked my interest. I looked over the prompts on the blog www.braveloveblog.com and thought, I am gonna try this!! I love the prompts they are fun and really it’s the perfect way for everyone to get to know me more!!

Prompt #1: Introducing ME!!

This is always the hardest part for me on applications, or questionnaires. Describing who I am, Is it only me who has a hard time saying this is me?!! Probably not, hopefully not!

I know I am me, I guess that is the best way to put it. I am different and fun, easy going and type A. Messy and creative. Loyal and sincere.

But instead of describing myself in words I thought it would be fun to share some of my faves, besides scrapbooking!!

Music: Hanson, The Who, Journey, The Doobie Brothers, Taylor Swift, POD

TV Shows:  Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Top Chef, The Amazing Race, The 100

Books: The 100, The Uglies, My Sisters Keeper, When Calls The Heart, A Walk to Remember   (Though I will say the more I read the harder it is to pick Faves)

Color: Lime Green, Aqua, (Really anything bright, another fun fact: I once painted my room Lime Green, bright Blue and yellow, and it looked like skittles!!)

Food:  Fried Dough pizza (Yumm), cupcakes (White Chocolate Key Lime),Tiramisu (Because I just Love Coffee)

Drink: Coffee

Favorite Places I have Lived (or visited): Hawaii, Mystic CT (really I love most of CT especially near the coast), San Diego Ca, Rockland County NY

Favorite Memory: This is a hard one!! Swimming with the Sharks in Haleiwa, My Wedding Day, Having my children, A Hanson concert I attended when I was in 8th grade with my cousin Hanson

Fave Scrapbook Collection: Dear Lizzy Serendipity, Pink Fresh Studios Up In the Clouds, Maggie Holmes (The first collection)

Fave Embellishment: Diecuts (ephemera)

Fave Mixed Media element: Acrylic Paint, though watercolor is a close second

I think I will leave you with my Favorite Layout I have made, which is really hard to pick because I really have made some amazing ones, with great stories and memories attached to them!!





Thanks for joining on this little challenge I am doing!! Hope you come back later to learn more about me and check the prompts!! Have an Inspired day!!

To see more work from me, check out my pinterest page (My Layouts), or my Youtube channel!!!

Aloha, Hannah

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Art Party Friday: Art Journaling in your Bible


Today I 11707563_694350685178_6892890875263353675_nhave a video post over on The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel. I am really excited because it is my first Art Party Friday post. Since I love using anything media on a layout you would think it would
be a piece of cake?!! Nope! I think that part of my problem was I wanted it to be perfect, and art journaling is more about theIMG_1722 process. The process of learning and playing. I also wanted todo it on a 12×12 piece of paper. Which could have worked, actually it does work, it’s just all that I put on it. There is this fine line to adding to much stuff on your background, and I am still learning that art.

Even though my layout, let’s call it that, because I used a photo on it too. The picture went perfect for the Bible verse I wanted to use as the journaling part (Proverbs 8:27-30). If I have to honest I think this is really where the layout/art journal page took that turn for me. I love the way watercolor fonts look, and that what I tried to do. I wasn’t feeling my paint brush tonight. It didn’t want to stay pointIMG_2651y, and I think this is key for a nice looking watercolor brush font.

I also think I should have picked a better color. I used a black, blue and grey types of colors, but the blue blended in to much with the background. It was very similar to the background colors.

Talking about the background, why don’t I talk a minute about that. I love how a lot of that turned IMG_2652out. I layered some colored cardstock on the bottom, in colors that reminded me of sand and the ocean. After I gesso’d them, I used some gelatos to highlight a few areas. I find I like to do this on art journal pages. It just helps add to the layers of colors and patterns. I used a stencil with colors that mimicked sand first.  Then I used a swirl stencil in teal and blue. It reminds me of waves so this was perfect. I also have a 12×12 stencil that has dots, splats and some other random stuff on it together. It is my favorite stencil!! The splatIMG_2647ters reminded me of the spray of water in my photo. I tried to use more blue acrylic paint with this stencil. I may have went a little crazy with this stencil too. But It really does look like the water is spraying up on the paper above the photo.

The photo is a picture I took just about 8 years ago when my husband and I came to Hawaii on our Honeymoon. It is a place could blowhole, basically it is where old lava fell into the IMG_2644ocean a long time ago and the air bubbles cause tunnels for the surf to come up from especially during high tide. The water sprays out into the air. It is so cool and it is awesome to see just how powerful the ocean can be! Nature is awesome!!
This photo reminded of that verse I shared at the beginning of my blog. I will talk about that more later, but first let’s finish talk about my page.
At this point in my page making process I was feeling like mIMG_2643y page was starting to look dark, and as dark as my photo looked, I really wanted a light and bright look to my page, and I wasn’t getting that. So I added some white paint on the edges and the edges of the cardstock holding my photo. I also then thought maybe some yellow would help, that was a mistake!! It ended up mak
ing my page feel more antique looking than bright and sunny. I think I should have left that out. I have learned my lesson. So to cover this mistake up I added some white texture paste in some spots. Maybe it helped maybe not, it didn’t make it worse.

I added a pattern paper behind the cardstock and picture. The Dear Lizzy Documentary Black, white and grey really makes the photo pop. This redeems my page a little.

Not every art journal page will be our favorites, and seeing that I havIMG_2653e only made
a few, in much smaller scales I am quite happy with my page. Plus I was able to add some shells we have collected from our beach trips to the page, and that looks cool.

Really the thing that I love is that, doing this page forced me to think about why I wasn’t doing this in my Bible in the first place!! This journey this page took me on brought me closer to facing my fears in art. I was afraid to journal in my Bible. I didn’t want to ruin my beloved Bible. LOL!! I am laughing at this. If you know me at all it may seem so silly. I am not afraid, of much. And to be afraid of a bible is even more crazy. Ruining one page in my Bible will not make me a bad christian or make God love me less. I won’t hIMG_2639ate me less, well maybe for a second, but then I will get over it. So what was I waiting for???
About half way through this layout, I pulled out my nice study bible, because it has great bargains, and my name all pretty on the cover. My Hubby bought it for me our first christmas married, with my new name! My husband went to college to be a pastor and he and I share a love for studying different versions of the bible, so this was special and fun. Through the years of our marriage the Lord has shown me many amazing scriptures in this Bible, so really it is fitting that I use it to do art journaling in.

I grab my gesso and acrylic paint and went into no mans land! Actually it was so liberating using my products on my Bible. I used a couple of stencils on the side, in the colors (minus the sand color) that I used on my big page. I totally love the way it turned out!! I mean WOW!

Now that it is all finished I wished I had taped this process and used this instead of my bigger page, but really that would be dishonest. It would me not sharing the journey I took to get this diamond. In the end it is the journey we take on our art journal pages that matters not the end result. Yes I love when it looks amazing the first time, or comes so easily, but it’s when we have to try and work hard that we grow IMG_2641and learn.
I added a little texture paste to help keep it light, I wanted my bible journal to mirror what I tried to accomplish on my big page. And the stencil looks like water spray anyway!! Like I said it went with the verses I was wanting to highlight. I love how God explains how he knew who we were gonna be like before we were born, that he cared for us and brought us with him, when he created the earth and seas. How we were at his side being his craftsman in this amazing world he created for us to enjoy.

These words just resonate with me right now. Coming to Hawaii as a young child of 7/8 it really impacted my life. I fell in love with this paradise. But I never expected to really come back. And I love how God has orchestrated things soIMG_2637 that I could come back here and enjoy it as an adult. When we found out we were moving here just about 3 years ago, I was teaching a ladies bible study and
I remember God telling me he was allowing us to come here, because I would have never asked, and he knew my
heart. Like WOW!!

Yes, coming here has been bittersweet with my daughter getting cancer right before coming but I think Satan knew what this place meant to me and he tries to steal and destroy the things we love. But I never let him take my joy, and these verses remind me of that and God has made me his craftsman.


I know I have gotten really personal, but I feel like in order to share my work my stories are part of the things I create. I am a crafts man or better said a woman!! My stories are what make me me and part of the reason I chose what I do creatively.

I am really glad I took that scary leap of journaling in my Bible. It really is what I love about this crafting session. I now plan on doing more art journaling in my bible too. I may make some pages I don’t care for but if I am focusing on the journey and the words I will love it more anyway and learn.

I am writing this blog as my video is getting ready to upload, the pre uploading stage.  When it is ready and up on the Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel I will link that video here so you can see my processIMG_2636

I hope this weekend you crafters take that leap you have been afraid to take!! Remember sometimes we make it worse by overthinking things and so
metimes when you actually leap you don’t fall!!

If you do something crafty this weekend and want to share it I would love to see what you create!! I am only Facebook and instagram, my links are in the about me section. Here is the link to The Crafty Maven Getaway Destination group I created for the YT Channel too, which I am a big part of.

Until next time, have an inspired weekend!!!


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August Clique Kits Pep Rally

clique august kit

Aloha Scrappers!!! Welcome to my scrappy place!! I am taking part again in the Clique Kits Pep Rally. A bunch of us blog and post some of what we made with our August Ambrosia Kit using the Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss collection. If you followed the  list I should be the last post you are seeing today!!! If not you can stop back at the Clique Kits Blog and go through the rest of the line up or stroll to tIMG_2507he bottom and go through the list down below!!

I love the summery and fresh colors from this collection. It is perfect for someone living in a warm place all year long!! But I also love how versatile this kit and collection is too. The layout I will be sharing with you today is some leftover photos I had from my brothers wedding last August. It was nice reliving that beautiful, even though it was hot, day bringing two families together.

I used a professional picture that my brother and sister in law give me of the wedding party and paired it with some random photos I took of things from around the wedding. The wedding was decorated to have a country flare but very romantic, with hanging glowing lights and pretty flowers matching the bridesmaids yellow dresses.


I loved all the country touches of the lemonade stand and classic and simple white vases for holding the drinking water. Our custom mason jar cups were a fun touch too. The orchards where the wedding venue was held also held a romantic and country charm. I wanted to capture this all with my layout.

The citrus theme of the collection added a nice place to start. The thing I loved though the yellows and grays of this collection were the perfect balance of brightness and softness. It was perfect for wedding photos. I love how I could scrap a wedding and not feel over the top wedding but also tie in the lemonade theme from my photos.

I started with blue acrylic paint mixed in with some white pearlized paint. I used a wide paintbrush so I would get bigger brush strokes on the page. I added hints of yellow watercolor to the corners to tone down the dark blue but also so I could tie the yellow in the photos and in the papers together.

IMG_2570I layered a few of the neutral grey papers and a little yellow behind
the main photo of the wedding party at the head table. I also used a piece of vellum from the Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy Collection from my stash as a layer. I gold foiled squares picks up of the yellows and was perfect!!

I had smaller photos from around the wedding venue that I lined up uneven under the main photo. I used that amazing lemon slice paper under the small photos. It was perfect. I love how busy it is so it draws your eye into the group of small photos. If I would have changed anything on my layout, I would have maybe made my small photos a little lighter. The dIMG_2510arkness of them looks fine on the light yellow patterned paper, but I feel they make the venue feel a little darker than it really was during the day. Streams of golden sunlight shined in through the trees and it was magical.

I used as many of the lemon themed embellishments as I thought could work. Plus I figured I wouldn’t have too many places where I needed them. The wood veneer, add on from the collection were perfect on this page. I love that texture the wood gives but it tied really nice nice with the country feel of the photos.

At the bottom I added a cluster with pieces of paper from the top half of the layout. It was a nice place to add more wood and embellishments, I like really the acetate lemonade cup! I thoIMG_2508ught I might want to journal in one of the circles, but later decided I needed more space so I journaled on the right bottom side of the layout with a blue journaling marker.

I finished off the layout with a few puffy stickers, the Pink Fresh Studios  IMG_2448button beads, and dark blue mist. I didn’t add a title because the Perfect Day wood veneer was just the right touch for the layout title.

Thanks for stoping by and taking a look at my layout!! I hope I inspired you to use a collection in a different way then maybe they intended. I love the way this way of thinking looks in my albums.

Make sure you have checked out all the talented ladies sharing in this Blog Hop, I love seeing what everyone created with their kits and it gives me more inspiration to use up the last bits of my kit too!!

Until next time, Aloha!!!


August 2015 Line-Up
Clique Kits https://cliquekits.wordpress.com/
Gia http://www.giaaloha.wordpress.com

Erica http://ericarosecreates.blogspot.com/
Sophie* https://colorsgalore.wordpress.com/
Sandy G.* http://www.thepinkcamera.com/
Megan www.craftymeggy.com
Emma Pescott http://emslifedocumented.blogspot.co.nz/
Mariah www.fun2scrap.blogspot.com
Cassandra* http://www.thescrapperinme.blogspot.sg/
Donna* http://scrappydonna.blogspot.com/
Aliza* http://peopleofthescrapbook.blogspot.com/
Kim Allen Kimsscrappyblog.blogspot.com
Tyra http://justtyra.com/
Karrie cookedupbykarrie.blogspot.com
Evi ortes http://lifewithevi.blogspot.com/
<<<  Hannah https://scrapbookpagesandcupcakes.wordpress.com/  >>>>>>  (ME)

**There is a link for the Company that took the pictures for my brothers wedding. I wanted to make sure I gave credit to the amazing photographer who took that photo.

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Scraplifting: Shopping @ Swap Meet

Aloha Scrappers!!!   I have been super thrilled at the response from the YT channel that I started this month, The Crafty Maven Getaway. I love seeing all the layouts that scrappers are creating based on the inspiration pieces and from watching the videos on the channel. It really makes up for all the hard and fun work I have been putting into the Channel and all the other aspects that go into building a YT Channel. I can’t believe how much I have learned and all the inspiration I am getting from the viewers!!

Susan Brochu, a fellow scrapbooker and blogger, her blog is so happy1www.littlethingsbigdays.blogspot.com, has shared several layouts that are so inspiring. Her first layout from the first week’s inspiration piece, just screamed out to me to bescrap lifted!! I loved having a chance to use this inspiration piece too. I am loving the pineapple craze, and i recently started using lots of pops of black and white, am love the way that looks.

I had been playing around with watercolors earlier that day and writing with watercolors. The big I designed was cute but I thought it was kinda busy to use the whole 12×12 sheet as a background. When I seen the striped section on Susan’s layout it made me think about that sheet I just watercolored. There was dots and the word Smile across the paper that mimickeIMG_2236d the striped paper. I love how this totally happened by accident!! A Happy Accident!!

Because the paper I designed was on white cardstock I really wanted the rest of the 12×12 to have a pattern on it, or at least color. I ended end picking a light aqua/teal colored striped paper to follow the direction pattern, this paper was from the Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy collection.

With the thought that the pillows have lots of different patterns I wanted t mimIMG_2238ic that with the layers under my photo. I love layers and even though Susan only used a couple of layers I wanted to stay true to my style, and I used 4 layers behind my photo, which is printed at about 4×4. I used some plain pink cardstock for a neutral color and pattern. I also used pineapple paper from webster’s pages. a fun and fresh black and white dot from Seven paper from Studio Calico. and a water print from the Poolside Collection.

I used the SevenIMG_2235 paper to make photo corners, I used the corners on all the corners. Susan just used two, but I felt like it needed corners on all sides to draw your eye in toward the photo and the middle of the layout.

The original Layout had a cluster of godies under the left side of the photo, I started there with word strips in matching colors, I then thought it needed a few strips at the top to help balance it. I added a few chipboard pieces that matched the theme IMG_2233of the photo. Which was shopping on vacation with my mother. We went to the Aloha Stadium to the Sway Meet. It was hot and sunny. To refresh ourselves we got a local coconut to drink and shaved ice for the kids. What doesn’t go wrong with shopping and ice cold tropical drinks!! I love going to the swap meet to find cool local foods and little goodies, like necklaces and jewelry. I finished with enamel dots and thought it looked finished. I made sure I added a short title at the bottom, just describing the photo,I felt like this was enough and not to journal.

This was fun toIMG_2232 create. I love being inspired by others and taking a concept they have and making it my own!! I hope that i have inspired you to pull out your favorite layout by another scrapper and make it your own!!

Hope everyone has an inspired weekend!!

Aloha, Until next time!! Hannah IMG_2211

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You Gotta Love that Smile

Aloha Scrappers!!!  It’s been really hot here this week, so I have been busy getting ready for school (I homeschool) and doing lots of scrappy stuff. I have been doing lots of getting stuff ready when we start school and I can’t be online all the time for the new YT Channel I started. If you haven’t checked out The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel, you should, there is tons of inspiration and lots of scrapping and crafting going on. All the ladies from YT are so talented, and it’s a pleasure working with them.

But because I have been so busy, I have been scrapping without my camera on!! I know shocking, because I love doing process videos. It has been kinda liberating though scrapping knowing I don’t have to think about the time, or camera, not that it keeps me bogged down much. For a change it is nice though.

I want to share quickly with you a layout I worked on Wednesday for a sketch challenge over at the Victoria Marie Facebook Group Hump Day challenge. I love the challenges over on the group. I love that you can look through all the challenges and pick one and not have a time line too!!

Here is the sketch I used from Scrapbook Circle. It’s fun and simple, leaving lots of room to interpret it how you want to. Those kinds of sketches are by far my favorite. IMG_0525

I used cracked pistachio distress re inker with some water and used big paintbrush and swiped my brush across a piece of white cardstock. I didn’t use any gesso, I figured the little bit of media wouldn’t matter much as far as curling on the background. The light mint green color looks so nice on the white. It was the perfect starting point for this layout.

I decided on using an almost black and white photo, the coloring I used let a little of the pink in my daughter’s shirt peek through. It was a little fun playing around in photoshop to create an unique filter for this photo of my middle daughter beaming as she sat up.

Her smile is priceless!! I love that smile, it melts this momma’s heart.

I went easy on the layers, just using some pink Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy paper, some Websters Pages paper and a piece from the Maggie Holmes Confetti collection. I used a scalloped sticker left over from the Dear Lizzy Serendipity collection was a cool pice to layer in too. I liked that it added texture and was a little different then the punched school notebook layer the sketch used.

For the journaling area I die cut out a Stitched frame from Amy Tangerine. It was nice to contain my journaling in that box too. Allowing for a place to journal that looked pleasing. Many times I just add the journaling at the end where it seems to fit, so this sketch made it nice becIMG_2169ause it gave me a place that looked nice and fit into the design too.

Because I can’t help myself but to add more layers and paper, I added two strips of paper at the bottom of the layout. I used a Multi colored dot from the Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy collection and an old Amy Tangerine paper with plus marks, which I have to say I love this trend. The black also tied all the black throughout the layout together too.

For the circle element I used a craft doily that I used pink stamping ink on with a blending tool. I then layered a flower sticker form the Serendipity collection.

The bottom paper had yellow dots in it so I used some wash tape strips from the Amy Tangerine Rise and Shine collection. I scattered some pieces throughout the layout so I could build some clusters of embellishments.

I used lots of circles from die cuts I cut out for another layout. Some of the circles had hearts, some circles were small and filled in, and some were thin. I used colors that matched the layout and added them randomly to the clusters.

IMG_2167I made a banner and paired it with a Poolside banner sticker and some circles for the top cluster in the sketch.

For the Title I wanted to use different fonts, so I used mint Elle Studio alpha’s in mint to tie the mint from the background. I used a Poolside sunshine transparency and some block alpha’s in black and white. I love how the colIMG_2170ors in the title match and tie in all the colors I used on the Layout.

I finished by adding some wood buttons from the Poolside Collection and the new Shimelle collection. I added some enamel dots and black color shine splatters.

I roughly outlined the border of the layout to bring your eye into the layout, plus it just seemed like a cute touch to this layout.

I hope you scrappers are finding inspiration in the photos you are going to scrap!! I love looking at old photos of my kids and being inspired to scrap them in a fresh and fun way.

Have a great week!!!

Until next time,


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Homemade Party Favor Tags

Hey Scrappers!!! The weekend is soon approaching!! Yay!! I love weekends, relaxing watching TV Or Youtube in my case. Sometimes we even go to the beach or park!! It’s just nice to have no plans on the weekend since my families lives are so busying during the week.

Recently my oldest daughter finished chemo, after over two long years, we finally get to see a life not focused on pills, and germs and mealtimes. To celebrate we are planning to have a party with are close friends. I thought it would be fun to make some homemade tags to hand out with the favors.

I love the playful feel of the Crate Paper Poolside collection, so I choose to use a lot of elements from that collection. IMG_2139

I started out by using a stencil, acrylic paint and some cardstock. I used two different colors, a teal and nice cream/natural looking cardstock. I use my blender tool with a foam pad and added the paint on through the stencil in different colors.

Using long strips of Poolside patterned paper, I accordion folded the whole strip. Then glue the ends together and formed a circle. I used Chipboard in a circle to keep it laying flat. I used some fun silver paper on tIMG_2141op to cover the hole and to add fun die cuts or embellishments on top.



I layered some stickers or vellum on the tags and added some letter stickers to spell out sweet treats. I also made a tag that said You R Invited.


These tags were really fun to make, and a cool way to use leftover stickers or embellishments that I hard a hard time using on a layout.


I can’t wait to use these for our Celebration party!!



Hope you were inspired to make something different from leftover bits in your stash!!

Aloha, Hannah   IMG_2155

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Clique Kits Pep Rally Post: Two ways to use a sketch

1436398006Aloha my scrappy friends!!

I thought I would do something a little different today on my blog, first I am joining in for the first time in the Clique Kits Pep Rally. I love their Pep Rally and always enjoy hopping from one blog to the next looking atcliquekitsanythinggoeschallenge what different members did with their kits. And I am also going to post about two layouts today!!   I decided to use sketch from Clique Kits this month by Amanda O’Banion. This sketch was really fun I thought I would create another layout after I used it once, but with a twist. The first layout I am sharing is a traditional 12X12 layout. I used my July Carpe Diem Clique Kit. This kit uses the Chickaniddy 365 collection. I love the classic look of the black and white, with the pops of bright colors. It was fun using a collection I wouldn’t have normally bought in the store. The black and white really leant well for adding lots of right mixed media too, which is always a great thing in my opinion.

In my layout Papa’s Chair, I started off with patterned paper as my background. I actually don’t do this often with mixed media. I generally like the blank slate white yardstick gives me, but I really like the paper with the sheet music on it. I thought it would go well with my photos of my kids with their dad, IMG_2056especially because their laughter is sweet music to my ears. I used white gesso to tone down the pattern.  I used the sketch as a guide as to where I would place the clusters of media.  I added twisted citron from the reinker, with a paint brush and water, like a watercolor. I let the three groups of color drip a little. This distress ink dries light so I needed to re apply the color, but it turned out this gorgeous lime green.  I used just a basic bright blue watercolor and applied it the same way as the citron color. The watercolor is more opaque so I only needed to put it on once. I let it IMG_2044dry between each color, which is hard. I didn’t want to use my heat gun this time, I really wanted to keep the drip lines as is and I find when you use the heat gun it pushes the watercolor all over the page. Sometimes I really like the look it gives, especially when the colors mix together and make new colors but today i didn’t want that look

I then used my hero arts stencil from the clique kits store, and used a mix of two blue ink pads to ink dots in the areas of the watercolor. It looks so cool! It is often at these moments I think I must be crazy that I am going to be covering it up but this is the nature of the scrapbooking game for me. I really just love to play with all these art type products and if even only a smidgen peaks out it is always worth the work I put iIMG_2053nto doing all these extra steps.

I picked out papers in mostly black and white. with all the bright colors in the media, I thought it would help the layout not look really busy. I picked out one paper with pluses that had color just to mix it up. I thought the coral color was a nice opposite from the green/blue colors on my background. On one of the black and white papers I used the watercolors and stencil on it to match the background paper. I backed my photos in a teal MY Minds Eye Cardstock.IMG_2055

I decided not to fishtail one of my layers like the sketch, I think it looked better without it. I then picked out the background paper to back the mix media paper on. I chose a nice light blue in a ombre and triangle type of pattern. At first I almost went with a kraft paper with red dots, to match the dots like the stencil, but I didn’t like the red color with the coral color. And the kraft just didn’t look right. It was a pain to retake that layer off but it was worth it in the end.

I followed the sketch pretty literal this time with the clusters and the title. I did this so I could play a little more with color. I grabbed my paints out again. I used an old alpha from a precious Clique Kit with Amy Tan Rise and Shine stuff, and used the Kraft Everyday Thickers. I love how skinny this alpha is, and the Kraft lends easily to change the color if you need too. I mixed the blue, teal and citronIMG_2051 inks with a little white acrylic paint, aIMG_2048nd made a cool ombre effect, starting with the dark and going to the light green.  I mixed these with the Chickaniddy’s black and white striped alpha, with a light ink wash on them. When I applied the striped alpha’s to my layout I outlined them to help the stand out a little more, I find they are kinda hard to read otherwise.

Each cluster had cut aparts from the Paper add on from the July Kit which was the Seven Paper from Studio Calico. I mixed those with enamel shapes, small banners, and word stickers from the add ons and the oringinal Maggie Holmes Accent sticker sheet. I added a fIMG_2049ew scattered in making ink sketchy hearts from the Mommy Lhey stamp set, that was offered as an add on. They were Hawaiian themed so I couldn’t resist and had to get them.

I really love how this layout turned out. I love scrapping the precious smiles of my kids. These photos were from 2012 and I love going back and seeing pictures of when my kids were much smaller. These pictures were took on different days but was a common occurrence in our house. The kids loved cuddling with Daddy while he sat at his desk and played on the computer. Even now the kids still try to sit with Daddy when they aren’t busy playing with their toys!! These are moments I don’t want to forget when they grow older and want to do their own thing.


For My second layout I decided to do a 8 1/2 X 11 layout, Called Until The Cows Come Home!! I didn’t to do this because I am going to be starting a new series on my YT channel where I scrap old family photos and start to journal the stories from my family. I love famIMG_2020ily history and I really don’t want to lose these amazing stories because I simply didn’t take the time to write them down.

I am using photos that were given to me by other family members so most of them will be copies and not the best quality but I think when you are scrapping old photos it really needs to be about the journaling and telling of the stories inIMG_2024stead of the quality of the photo.

I did a little mixed media on the layout, following the clusters as on the sketch. I really want to fretting up these old photos, and make them feel a little more current, because the story I am telling is the love of what my family member did for a living.

My great grandmother and her brother grew up in Upstate NewYork on a farm, and it was a family affair and what they loved to do. whether it was because it really was all they knew or didn’t have the money to break free from the country way of life, I know they truly loved this life they helped build. My great grand mother’s brother even went as far as having his photo taken with his cows. this thought really makes me smile. Growing up seeing milk cows all over, I love that my family members loved nature and all that surrounded them that they took the time to have it photographed at a time when you saved pictures for things you really loved and held dear.

The papers I usedIMG_2022 were mostly from the main July Clique Kits, the Chickaniddy 365 collection. This collection went perfect with the black and white photos, and added the color that was missing from these old photographs. I used lots of green and blues, to mimic the colors that would have been there originally in the grass and sky. The black and white definitely made my think of the spots from the cows too.

I used embellishments fro last month’s June kit, from the CrIMG_2025ate Paper Journey collection. The sentiments on them went perfectly with the theme of what I will be journalling later this week. I will be journaling on the back, so I have enough space to tell the story of my great grand mother’s brother and his farm!

For the title I mixed July’s alpha’s with the block alpha’s from the Journey Collection sticker sheet. I liked the mix of black and white with the natural look of the cork. I ended with tIMG_2021he enamel shapes that came in the kit, the key was perfect!!

I ended the layout with Heidi Swapp black velvet Color Shine Splatters.

I really liked using this sketch with this smaller size. Even with two photos I didn’t think it was too crowded. It also helped me keep the layout simple so I could focus more on the story and journaling I want to add.IMG_2019

I have a process video for this layout. Click here and watch my whole process.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ladies participating in the Clique Kits Pep Rally. I really had fun joining in and sharing some stuff I have been working on this month with my July Carpe Diem Kit!!


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