Becoming Elsa

IMG_0326  Lately I have found it easier to switch things up in the middle of my pages. Let me explain, when I started scrapping I used to feel that I didn’t know much, and I really didn’t. I felt I needed to make the page work all the way up to the end. I actually felt bad about taking a layout apart after I worked on it after a while. But lately as I get more comfortable with my style and my focus on what I want to accomplish on my layouts, which is different for each layout.  Last week was no different, I knew I wanted to scrap a picture of my daughter Leilani while we were dyeinIMG_0328g her hair and an after photo of how it turned out. ShIMG_0325e wanted to look like Elsa, so in my mind I wanted to use light pinks and purples. I wanted to use the technique of putting the gelatos on plastic packaging and moving it around on cardstock. It creates a soft and almost dreamy look. I pulled out different colored gelatos, which I haven’t actually used much lately, and put the colors in a diagonal across the page. I then thought the contrast of black ink drops would look stunning which the pastel purples and pinks. I always forget when I am using color shine that it takes forever to dry on gesso’d cardstock in the humidity here. The background looked pretty good, even though I had to use my heat gun a lot, and try not to touch the black color shine drops

As I started to layer the papers with the background, I just wasn’t feeling it though. Something seemed off, even though it really didn’t look bad. I just seemed to be struggling to get the layers right and look amazing with this wonderful background I made. I decided to put away my layout and come back the next and see how I felt about. I tend to do that when I hit a wall. I walk away, getting irritated at my layout usually doesn’t help in my favor creativity wise. I find after sleeping on my layout and seeing it out throughout the day will give me time to think of new ideas, I will often spend my day going back to peek looks at layouts and thinking about what I want to do to finish things.

When I came back later that night, which is usually when I have time to scrap, I realized it was the background and how big the layers were that I didn’t like. I wanted tighter layers with less paper showing around the two photos. Because the two photos were next to each other kinda overlapping they already took up a bit of stuff and I did want to see the background whether I kept the pink and purple one or decided to go with a different background. I worked carefully to pull apart the papers in my layers. I tried not to tear the paper so I could reuse it again for layers. It was then that I decided that I was going to use another background. I rememIMG_0324ber in my stash I had another backgIMG_0329round I made using mint acrylic paint and a stencil and some copper paint splatters on it. I often will make backgrounds when I am feeling creativity even if I don’t have a layout in mind. I use this as a way to try a technique too, but then if it doesn’t turn out then I can toss it. More times than not though I end up keeping the background cardstock and sometimes I use it later for another layout. I pulled that background out of my pile of other backgrounds I have made and thought about where on this paper I wanted my photos.  I thought the bottom right hand corner was a good spot to see the background stencil but also get peeks of it behind the layers. I tightened the layers and added a couple of other papers, to help pull out the mint color from the background. I added a journal tidbit from Elle’s Studio Shine tidbit pack, which brought in some yellow which was in the photo. I also addeIMG_0327d a copper striped bow at the top of the layout to tie in the copper splatters on the background. That bow made a nice place to have a tiny cluster which was staggered toward the layers, with some sticker banners in similar colors from the layers and some enamel dots. I added enamel dots near the title and around the layers and photos. The colors went well to tie everything together and added something different since I already had paint splatters on the background. I journaled which did spill off the card and under the layers, but I really wanted to make sure I told this story. Because Leilani had lost all her hair while on chemo I really wanted her to feel special. We let her have her hair dyed whatever color she wanted. She picked white like Elsa! She loved Frozen at the time, like many other children, and wanted to be just like Elsa. When you deal with chin everyday as a parent you really just want to make things fun whenever possible. So the fact that she had to lose her long beautiful blonde hair wasn’t ideal, but byIMG_1152 dyeing her hair we turned that event into something fun and much more memorable. A better memory!

I hope that you aren’t afraid to try over when a layout isn’t going the way you planned it. Or you take the extra set back to rethink photo position or even how the papers are layered on you page. Sometimes simple things changed like tightening layers or changing on or two papers can change the how feel of a layout. Sometimes it needs to be more dramatic, like changing up the background all together. But if that change changing how you feel about a layout I say it’s all worth it, right. Have an inspired week my scrappy friends!! Don’t be afraid to change things up!!

Aloha, Hannah


P.s. By clicking on the layout you can see the process video on my Youtube channel

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Hannah’s Scrap Bin

I have a new series starting on my youtube channel. I am reaching deep into my scrap bin and pulling out papers to use on a layout. I don’t know if your scraps look anything like mine but it is starting to overflow. I have only been scrapbooking for one year, but I still have scraps from last summer, yikes!!! I really want to use them and cut down my scrap bin. I thought I would share my journey doing this. Also talk about different ways I like to pick out my papers to use together.

Sometimes it’s hard to match papers to use on a layout when they are all mixed together in a scrap pile. There arIMG_1816e loIMG_0492ts of ways you can narrow down to a small amount papers to add to a layout. By colors, patterns, theme, or using a picture from Pinterest as inspiration too. I will over this series go through many of these ways to pick out papers for a layout.

This week I am picking out papers based on colors. I used this mood board from Pinterest to use as my color inspiration. I find using a picture or mood board helpful to match colors.  Especially because I am so visual color to me is big, I love matching colors or using lots of bright colors. This paper choosing was really fun, using these summer and bright colors. I will mention that at this point I do not have a photo picked out. I want this to be about picking papers based on the mood board. About 3/4 the way through this paper picking process, I started to think about what photo I had printed that would match the colors i was picking.

Here is the linIMG_1665k to the video where I talk through this paper picking process.

I decided to use a gorgeous photo I took of a North Shore beach.  The colors in the photo matched perfectly with the colors I picked out with papers, Blue, teal and yellow. I was surprised at how well Park Bench papers, Amy Tan Rise IMG_1621and Shine, My Mind’s Eye The Sweetest Thing and a couple of other various papers, went together and almost looked like one collection.

I used watercolors on white cardstock as a base.  I wanted a good balance of color and white and watercolor is a good medium to do that too. I then of course couldn’t stop at just watercolors, I wanted to use a stencil. I didn’t know if I wanted use white modeling paste to cover up the beautiful color. I decided to use Multi Medium, because when it dries mostly clear and enhances the colors underneath the stencil. IMG_0499

I decided to stick with using embellishments that color matched the three main colors in my papers and on my background. I choose to only do three embellishment clusters around the page too. The Crate Paper Poolside was the perfect compliment to the paper selection I made.

To see my process you can watch scrapbooking process video.

I really love the way the layout turned out, oh man it makes we want to IMG_0496go back to the beach with a fresh lemonade and soak up the sun!! I hope I inspired you today to dig deep into that scrap pile and pick some papers even before you pick a photo.

Aloha until next time,

Hannah IMG_0495

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Happy Independence Day!!

I just wanted to jump on quick this morning, before my day got busy, grilling and bonding with friends over great food, and sunny skies!! I just wanted to wish all my American friends a very Happy Independence Day!!  Being in a military family this day is even more meaningful to us, and I am proud that I can do my part and make a better country and world for my children!! Even if my part is to document my families journeys with pretty paper and embellishments!! May you all have a great day and even better weekend!!!

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Where has Hannah Been?!

You may have noticed I have been a little MIA lately!! Well I have been working like crazy! Things in my life have been pretty busy, I have finished my kids school year, I homeschool my two daughters. My oldest daughter is just about to finish her chemo treatment, so we have been doing things around to get ready for that. On Tuesday she actually had her last dose of IV chemo in the clinic. We are so glad this day has come and we are planning on celebrating with a party! On top of all this I am actually working on something really fun and cool for all you scrappers out there too!!

maybe you have heard, but if not I am currently working on starting a new Youtube channel where a bunch of Scrappy Youtubers will post a project or layout once or twice a month. It is like a youtube hop and 2peas combined.

Each week there is a new piece of inspiration that the scrappers will use to connect all the weeks worth of layout/projects together, but viewers will be able to see how each scrapper uses and interprets this inspiration piece. Giving them ideas and giving them an inspiration vacation!!IMG_1759

The name of this new Youtube channel I am working on is The Crafty Maven Getaway.  Aside from the Youtube channel there is also a blog to go along with the Youtube Channel where I will be linking the videos that are posted and where you can find the poster on Youtube. The blog website for that is

There is also a community Facebook page as well which is like a blog on Facebook, but may be a little easier to comment on the layouts and videos than on a blog.

Everyone who is involved is getting really excited and ready to share with everyone what they have been working on, I hope you scrappers are excited too, because so many Youtubers are going to be in one place posting everyday!! Some days even have more than one post!!

I will keep you posted on my new Youtube channel and I will be trying like allows to keeping up with my own layouts that I am working on!!

Have an Inspired Weekend!!!



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Mood boards, Parrots and Embossing!

Last Friday over at the Paper Issues Facebook Group Page they had another Scrap and Chat. The inspiration for the challenge was using a11222588_10204349919287919_2898350976022310024_n mood board.  When I first started scrapping I thought mood boards were hard to use, I think in some ways all the different ways you can interpret them scared me. I didn’t want to get it wrong. There are so many ways to use mood boards, you can use the color, the feeling, even using the pictures as ideas. I loved the bright summery colors on the mood board, which inspired me and it got me thinking about the neon stamp pads I have sitting in my craft area. I also knew the Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss collection paper would be perfect. How could I connect those two things together and connect it to my photo?

I remembered I had a citrus slice stamp by Elle’s Studio, so I grab the stamp pads, versa mark ink and my clear glittered embossing powder. I wanted those citrus slices to stand out and what better way then to emboss them. I know it’s messy and labor intensiIMG_0310ve but the results are what always keeps me coming back for more.  I stamped in the neon color first and let dry then went back over with the versa mark ink. Adding embossing powder after a inked a few slices. I did it in sections over the entire 12×12 paper. Then I got my heat gun and embossed away. I love the way it turned out.

It looked so fun and was just ready for me to add layers of patterned paper and embellishments on it. I added layers of the Citrus Bliss line with some Pink Fresh Studios and Dear Lizzy Serendipity. I also added Dear Lizzy Tags in the layers for height to the layers with pop dots. I also cut triangles for the corners to draw the eye inside the layout. Using papers with similar colors and fruit slices everything was matching but not overdoing it because I did match different collections together. Using bright Ell’s Studio Shine tidbits, and a Pink Fresh Studio rub on I added extra interest around the photo. I glued colorful matching sequins around three areas of the layout, including my journaling spot near the bottom of the page. I also used Amy Tan corrugated Orange Thickers under the photo.

The photo is of My hubby and I when went went to Hawaii on our honeymoon in the summer of 2007. It was our first full day in Hawaii and we were walking on the sidewalk in Waikiki after breakfast. There was a guy with Parrots, and like all tourists we got sucked in to holding the parrots and taking a photo with them. We were also out 20 dollars for it too. Though I will admit it was kinda cool to hold such a big bird and have a awesome photo with beautiful tropical birds. Well worth the money, for such a cool experience.IMG_0314Over all this layout didn’t actually take that long either. If I hadn’t been chatting away and playing fun games on the Paper Issues Facebook group it would have only taken about an hour.

I hope you guys to a few extra minutes to head over to the Paper IIMG_0313ssues blog and check out all the amazing talent and inspiration they have going on over there. They always have challenges and layouts to look at. Or take a look on your Pinterest boards and use some photos as a starting point for your own layout. Using different types of inspiration really gets your heart and brain working together to make a wonderful layout and recording your favorite memories.

I hope you have an inspired weekend!!

Aloha,  HannahIMG_0311

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Watercolored Background

IMG_1348Where do you get inspired the most? Do you find yours on your news feed in the morning while sipping coffee? Or by browsing through other crafters pin boards late at night while your hubby is snoring in bed next to you? Do you find it while watching Youtube in your saturday comfy Pajamas and warm slippers? We all as crafters, scrapbookers need to stay inspired. I don’t know about you but when I feel uninspired I can sit at my desk and do nothing for hours, wasting time sorting photos, watching netflix and all that stuff that easily deverts my easily wandering mind. I am always in search for something new to inspire me in a new way. Whether its a new bloom on my plumeria bush, the agua and turquiose colors pounding on almost white sand at the North Shore, or the look of my daughters face when she smiles with that new open toothed grin to show off her newly lost tooth.
I have found challenges to be a fun way to change the way I think about scrapbooking and find elements that spark inspiration. Last weekend on Victoria Marie’s FaceBook group she posting a moodboard challenge. I admit, I am afraid of mooIMG_1297dboards. thrying to show the feeling of two or three seperate photos and then have to match them with specific colors, is a lot of work. But I thought to myself, If I want to grow I need to try something new right. Just take a chance. Thats how we grow as Scrapbookers trying new things until either we know it is not our style or we excel at it.
I looked at these beautiful colors of pastel green, blue, cream, aqua and a dark brown that almost looked red. Thenn the photos of a high grassy field and an antique dresser with peeled paint, and inspiration started coming. Lately I have been trying to contruct one sheet of paper to use on my page that is all me. I use whatever product or photo, and try to let that influence what design or colors I will use. I knew that on this page I wanted to do this same thing. I wanted to create a flIMG_1344oral background. I knew this could turn out horrible or amazing. I spent a day or two just doodling whispy flowers, in my free time. When I decided what I wanted them to look like I sat down at my desk with a pencil and white cardstock. I knew I really wanted that charcol pencil look to peak through any watercolors I would use later. Plus if I needed to I could erase pencil if I messed up. And I just doodled flowers and buds all over that cardstock.
Then I used the mood board colors as a reference and tried to mix my watercolors to match. I wanted to stick with just three colors, light pastel green, blue, and pink. Here is a picture of the background all painted.
Noow that my background was complete I could go through my stash and pick out papers that match the color scheme and feel that I am going for. I was really looking for an antique and whispy feel.
Using a paice of vellum helped tone down the background floral but still use a bigger piece. I matted it with green and a dark woodgrain from Maggie Holmes Open Book.
I layered a few sheets of paper under my photo for interest but kept the layers similar in size to not overpower the photo or background.
I also kept the embellishment clusters simple to complement the background floral paper and the layers behind the photo.

Also by using Kraft and gray i added interest but keeping it natural. I love the way the Dear Lizzy gold and white title word stickers bring an elegance to my page. I kept the title IMG_1339simple by just using the date. I also have many other photos from this day that will be together in my album so I didn’t think it was to important to have an unique title. the sequins added a touch of coIMG_1340lor around the page!

Here is the whole layout completed, love how it turned out!!

Here is the link to the process Video on my YouTube channel,

I hope seeing this helps inspire you to find new ways to be inspired, to be challenged!!

PS I posted this on my Blogspot blog on January 20, 2015. By clicking here you can go see the original post with close up photos!!

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SNL 12 Days of Spring

If you haven’t heard in February I was asked to be apart of the SNL (Scrap Night Late) Design Team, which is a YouTube based scrapbooking/crafting team that fIMG_0163ocuses on using you stash to create. Every Saturday we do a stash dive and have to create a layout, card or project life spread using a craft item that we have in our. It has been so much fun so far. Even though I have only been scrapping for a year, it is so easy to buy more scrap products than you use. In addition to doing Stash Dive videos we have been posting crafty videos that are inspired by Spring. It has been inspiring to see all these crafts made that encourage us to think about warm weather, blooming flowers, and Easter. All the ladies on the team have done some amazing stuff. Later in the blog I will link to their channels so you can check them out!
I want to share the layout I made for Day 9, I have been very much in an artsy mood lately. I really have been trying to find ways to add art to my layout to in essence make my layout a piece of art. This layout was inspired by art journaling. I really am digging all the spring colors especially in recent collections such as Dear Lizzy Serendipity, WRMK Love Notes, and PinkFresh Studios Up In The Clouds. IMG_0186
I started with a piece of plain white cardstock and clear gesso. I used a baby wipe to paint acrylic paint unto the cardstock, like the cardstock was a canvas. I put them in a diagonals and used 3 different colors, teal, blue and lavender.
I used a The Crafters Workshop stencil with yellow paint. I love the pops of chicken wire in yellow through the page.
I then used Multi Matte Media to glue down IMG_0185cut strips of thin patterned paper from DCWV antique 6×6 pack. I tore the strips before I glued them down for interest and to give it more that art journal feel. I used four gelatos (metallic grape, metallic blueberry, metallic mint and lavender) on the paper too. I made sure I covered this all with more clear gesso to seal the gelatos in place. just incase I wanted to add more liquid media.
I used a white gel pen to draw various sizes of circles all over the page. I really wanted this layout to look like an art journal page so IIMG_0164

thought this would be a fun addition to the layers on the background to build it up. After finishing this I realized that I really couldn’t see the circles and I really wanted them to show up, so I pulled my paints back out. I used my thin paintbrush to draw circles with acrylic paint in white and teal colors. I also painted circles on another patterned paper that I would later add to my layers.
PinkFresh Studios has the cutest heart wood veneer pieceIMG_0168 that I wanted to add to my layers. This also helped me decide

on the photo. I scrapped a photo I took during sunset on the day before Easter during a family dinner we had out with my mom. We wanted to have a nice sit down meal for Easter but she was leaving on Easter so Saturday

worked perfectly. We went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, in the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu which over looks the dock area near Waikiki. The way the sun shonIMG_0173e on the buildings and reflected off the windows was gorgeous.
I added tons of layers of paper and a glassine bag. I also raided my embellishment stash for pieces that had teal, blue or purple on them. IMG_0172
I had leftover wood buttons from my PinkFresh Studios embellishment kits that were perfect. And an exclusive pineapple flair button that matched.
I finished my layout by drawing an artsy border around the layout in black sharpie to draw

your eye in. Added some enamel dots and thinned out some white paint for splatters.
I absolutely love how it turned out, so colorful and a fun way to remember the view from that evening.

I have a process video for this layout,
Here is where you can find out what all the Design Team members are doing and creating,

Here is a list of the SNL Design team members just in case you watch to check out their YouTube video out and see all the things they are creating…
Carol also known as OneHappyCraftyChick
Cindy also known as Cindy4kiddos
Megan Paulos Blethen also known as Crafty Meggy
Sheri also known as Auntie Re Creates
Teresa also known as CraftinmommaML
and the Guest Designer Heather Little
I hope you have an Inspired Week!!

PS The original Blog Post was on April 28, 2015. For the original post you can view it on my other blog

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Doodling Time

I feel like it has been forever since I posted a blog!! I am so sorry, my Hubby has been on vacation and we as a family have been spending time together. I have been enjoying the low maintenance of the break, it has me itching for summer!! Ready to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine and maybe even get some extra playing time with my scrappy goodies! Since we homeschool the school year has taken away of my own freedoms of having extra time to do things around the house, whether it’s cleaning or reading or maybe even scrapping. And overall I am good with that. I love teaching our kids, watching them learn and grow. I know these days of them being little and imaginative are limited. I am glad I have scrapbooking to hold on to all these fun moments in life, because I have a feeling that as time goes on it will be harder and harder to remember every little detail.
Last week I finally was able to dig into my new Clique Kit, recently I switched kit clubs because I really just needed a change. I thought about not getting a kit, but one draw I like about many kits is the exclusive items they have. I love seeing others creativity and interpretation of items that are put in a kit. Clique Kits generally just uses one collection for their kits. I like the idea that I can get most of a collection in one kit for a good price, then I can just buy odd and end embellishment, paper and other goodies that match that collection.
For the first layout I used my kit and the Amy Tangerine Rise and Shine collection. I really wanted to get down and creative. It is always hard for me to cut up papers at first. And I find creating my own backgrounds I can get the most of my papers cutting it layers and getting multiple uses out of my papers ad the collection. I started out by using a piece of white yardstick and using bright watercolors on it. I used yellow, orange and pink which matched this collection perfectly. Then I looked at the doodles already in the collection and took a black marker to that watercolored cardstock. At first I was a little worried about just using a black marker right away without knowing what exactly I was going to doodle.

Part of what makes the doodling cool though is its imperfectness. So I embraced that black marker!! I love how it turned out as a whole. I also added a little silver gel pen in the doodles. I knew one of the papers in the collection had silver in it, so I knew if I used that it would tie in the papers and the doodles.
I knew I wanted to scrap this professional photo taken from my brothers wedding last summer. The photographer was really wanting to get tons of fun shots, among all the traditional shots for weddings. It was fun to pose silly and act young during this fun and exciting day. The picture is of all our shoes. My sister in law wanted all our shoes to match and look perfect, which they really did. I love how the photographer picked up on this fact!! And let me just say my sister in laws shoes are amazing, and not your traditional brides wedding shoes, I love how all our shoes compliment hers. I really wanted to use papers from the Rise and Shine collection that mirrored the really fun vibe of the photo. I picked out papers in Yellow, Orange and pink to match the watercolor background. I also really loved the blue and silver paper and had to use it on this layout.
I tend to do that when I first break in to a collection or kit, find one of my favorite papers and use it on that layout. I can’t resist using that paper first before I find another paper I love just as much!!I also decided I liked the natural look of the craft paper cut parts from the collection too, and cut some of those to use. I added some silver to help tie that into the layout.

I centered the photo for a change. I really like the way the layered papers looked on diagonal sides of the photo, matching the flow of the doodles. I also really didn’t want to cover up the doodles to much, they are such a fun part of the layout. I normally don’t care if I cover up much of the background I make, but in this case it just didn’t feel right.
I added a small clustered to the bottom right hand to draw the eye from top to bottom of the layout. I used papers from the main cluster to keep it the same and added some yellow paint to the craft cut apart on the bottom. I used an exclusive wood veneer to add another shape to the cluster.
Using the craft Amy Tan Thickers I spelled out shoes and then I decided they needed to be silver and used my paint pen that. Using Simple Stories block alphas I spelled wedding. I like how they look like part of the layers at the top of the photo.

I added some flair, epoxy stickers and enamel stars and dots to finish off the layout.
This really was such a fun layout to make!! I love how all the colors from this collection match the spring/summer vibe I have been in.
You can watch the process video I made here,
I hope you all have a fantastic and inspired weekend!!!
Aloha, HannahIMG_0294 PS You can see all the other close up photos for this layout on my other blog. This post was first posted on May 14, 2015.

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Where Did My Mojo Run Off Too?

Maybe it’s the sunny weather, the fact Netflix has added a gazillion new shows or I am just over thinking it, but this past week or so I have been feeling my mojo at an all time low. Just When I finish a layout I love I go to start another one and I draw a blank. I hate that feeling!! I love to create, I love documenting those moments we have as a family that remind me we are normal. It is my therapy session and my “me” time. And I just want to be productive and Love what I work on. So what do we do when that just isn’t happening? I love watching Youtube process videos but even that can overload my creativity when is lacking. The other day what I decided to try was keep things simple and use a sketch. It takes the pressure off of me to create something amazing on this blank canvas and just have fun with a fun photo and pretty paper!! I looked on Pinterest and the first sketch I found I used, no extra thinking. It just happened to be a Susan Stringfellow sketch, which she always has great and fun sketches to get you started. I used Sketch 143 from

One thing I also do when I am feeling Blah abousketch 143t my work is to go through old photos and pick one that is my favorite or just jumps out at me. The other day I was looking through photos from a few years ago, when my girls were really young, they always smiled amazing in pics and were so cute!! I found a photo of Leilani and Cayden at the splash pad when we lived Texas. It was their favorite place to go in the HOT summers.
I used somIMG_1070e old patterned papers that I had in my stash that I loved the colors and mixed them with some new patterns for this summer, like Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss. I love this collection, the muted summery colors are so fun. They worked well with the teal colors I was wanting to use.

I had a tag with a watercolored typewriter that was so adorable that I wanted to use, and I knew it would be perfect for layering on. I layered a bright colored tiny envelope and a metal teal embellishment from Basic Gray. Adding a word sticker from Dear Lizzy with an enamel dot and an AC geo tag finished that cluster off well. I added a camera in teal and a heart up above the tag cluster. I love the way that spot turned out. Because I used a sketch it gave me the space to focus my creativity on the clusters and and where my papers were going be. That part was mapped out.
This sketch almost looks like a grid style with a cluster and photo next to each other. I added layers behind each photo to add a little more interest to the pretty simple layout. I tried to pick patterns that were subtle and staying clIMG_1071ose to the teal and pink color combo. I really wanted the focus to be on the clusters of embellishments and the photos. So the soft tones under the photos made thIMG_1069e photos stand out but not over the top.

The second cluster was suppose to have another tag, but I really wanted to use a cut out word. I found a pack of Me & My Big Ideas pack of cards in an instant, which were die cut cards with words in the middle. The teal dot Hello was perfect for that cluster. I added a pice of patterned paper underneath to help that Hello to pop out and off the page. I layered a small banner and couple small die cuts and a heart pop up sticker at the edge of the card, tying to it to the background. The Dear Lizzy Serendipity enamel dots were just the right color to match the papers I used on this layout.
On the banner of that cluster I started the title. I used Elle Studio Alphas in a soft pink for the word Splish. What doesn’t IMG_1068say I love playing in the water, like Splishing and Splashing!! I had some solid gold Thickers called Gilded that I hadn’t opened and was dying to use and dug those out for this layout. I think it’s important when you are in a lull of creativity to use products you love. Products you have been meaning to use but are so pretty they have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Sometimes using pretty stuff and products that tug at the heartstrings sparks that fire you need to keep on creating layouts and projects you love. IMG_1072
I finished with the date stamp near the clusters and adding journaling. I love how this layout turned out. It really makes me want to go back and find some more older pictures of my beautiful children and scrap them. It also made me realize how much I missed making on own backgrounds. So the next layout I make I will be making sure I do that. I take out those paints, the stencils and get dirty!! Play with the products I love so much and make my layouts more me!!
I hope you guys are creating layouts you love! I hope you find the things that inspire you to go back to your desk and create more! Look in the unexpected for inspiration but hold on to the things that work too. I hope you have an inspired week!!
Aloha, Hannah

Keep a look out on my YouTube channel for the process video for this layout, it should be out sometimes this week!!IMG_1067

P.S. This was posted to my blogspot blog on May 20, 2015

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