Clique Kits YouTube Layout: Mixed Media Monday

Aloha My scrappy Friends!!!

I am up on the Clique Kits Youtube Channel Today!!
I am so excited to share this layout with you today, it’s my first official layout as part of the Clique Kits Design Team. For Mixed Media Monday I decided to create my own background. I used the Magnifique Paper from Bella Blvd (Make Your Mark Collection) from the Jelly Bean April Kit, as inspiration. I freeform painted flowers to go along with that paper and stretch my kit a bit more. It’s so fun and bright. Watch as create this layout.

Here is a list of products I used from the April 2017 Kit
– Magnifique Paper (Bella Blvd)
– Daily Details (Bella Blvd)
– Make Time (Bella Blvd
– 04 Oh My Heart Collection (Piage Evans Pink Paislee)
– Freckled Fawn Enamel Dots
– Bella Blvd Die cuts
– Bella Blvd Page clips
– doily (white)
– Adds Ons
Shimmerz Paint
Maggie Holmes Puffy Hearts
– Bella Blvd Puffy Stickers
(Next to the Add Ons is the link for them In the Clique Kits Store)

Use My Code Hannah10 and your can get 10% off your next order too!!

Here Is where you can find out more about the April 2017 Jelly Bean Kit and the add ons

There are some cool deals in the store right now!! Check It Out!!

To See More about the Clique Kits Subscriptions click Below

To See More Inspiration from the Design Team Check Out the Blog

I hope you were Inspired Today!! Check back to the Clique Kits Youtube Channel for more inspiration from me and the other amazing ladies on the team!!

Watch my Process Video Below from the Clique Kits Youtube Channel!!



Fresh Oregano Clique Staged


Have an Inspiring Day!!!


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Clique Kits March Blog Hop



I hope you are finding yourself warm surrounded by beauty today as you hop along with all the Clique Kits Design Team Members. (I don’t know about you but I am so ready for warmer weather. Of course coming from Hawaii this summer, this is my first real winter in 6 years. I am just not used to the concept of winter being more than a week, and I find it quite sad. The cold and I just don’t get along. Thanks Goodness for hot coffee because it has kept me company during many of these cold mornings!!)

You should have come from Reku’s Blog and I bet you learned so much about her!! Isn’t she so much fun?!!

I will make sure down below the Design Team Blog Hop Line Up is posted. That way if you happen to get lost you can find your way through the hop. I am really excited to get to know all the amazing ladies and crafters I will be working with this term.

I was just thinking about when I first started scrapbooking a little over three years ago, this February. I was so obsessed with consuming so much of the scrapbooking knowledge I could find throughout the social media online world. Back then I couldn’t watch enough Tracy Banks (Mercy Tiara), Irit, Sandy (Ohsnapgonzo), Lisa (Maggie Mylow), Jill Sprott, Shimelle and many other Two Peas ladies. I was so inspired by them that I just had to share the things I was making. I seriously just jumped into this scrapbooking world that I really didn’t know much about. It wasn’t long before I got immersed in the scrapbooking community sharing and learning and building relationships with so many scrapbookers. Many of these ladies still have made a big impact on me and how I scrap today.

Even today, three years later, I am still so in love with scrapbooking. I may not be infatuated with scrapbooking like when I first started, but I still hunger and crave to touch paper everyday. Though sometimes being an adult has to come first, scrapbooking has just become a part of me. I am a storytelling, memory keeper and family historian who uses pictures and paper to tell those stories. Some of these stories are big moments and some are just pretty little moments that remind me to stop and smell the roses.

I never even imagined three years ago that I would be able to be where I am now on this scrapbooking journey I am on. It’s an amazing wild and fun and awesome ride I am on and I am loving it. I am loving be inspired by the little things and the big things in my life!

Okay let’s get to know a little more about me with some fun little facts

  1. What is your Favorite color?    Right now I have been so inspired with teal and grey and a touch of pink. I am buying clothes these colors, organizing my scrap room these colors and I may be purchasing these colors more over other colors too. (Though I really just love all colors, it’s really hard to pick a fave color for all time 😉 )
  2. What is you favorite song right?  Since I scrap mostly listening to music I love this question. A few of my fave songs that get me moving on my play list are, ‘Empy Gold’ by Halsey, ‘Hurricane’ by MsMr, ‘Let Me Love You’ by Justin Bieber, and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore” Charlie Puth . If I want to listen to some classics I will pull out some Hanson (This Time Around), The Who, and POD just to name a few. I think I will stop before I end up naming all the songs I love!!
  3. Who inspires me? This is a hard question, because I am inspired by so many people. My daughter, Leilani inspires me as she smiled and played through Chemo treatments. My friend Jenney inspires me as she lives with having to control the thoughts in her head that try to destroy her life. She has dealt with mental illness and I have seen her conquer and defeat it with grace and poise and in her own way, not taking no as answer. I am inspired by my grandmother who has been able to see and be a part of women having voices and choices. She stood up for herself and her family doing what she needed to without handouts and worked hard. She is one of the strongest people I know. People like Joan Of Arc inspire me, many years later we still hear about this young woman who wasn’t afraid to stay up for what she thought was right! She took on so many things and stood tall. She took that faith with her tis death, many people wouldn’t do that. When staring death in the face we tend to back down and she didn’t, she didn’t let anyone tell her what to believe. That fire, so inspires me!! I also am inspired by so many crafters that I have gotten to know these passed few years, ladies like Victoria Calvin, Jen Schow, Susie Fishburne are just a few strong women taking a stand for crafting their story and going back to others. Another Big inspiration is Amy Tan. (I will share a little more about this later with my layout)
  4. Favorite Book?  This year a few of my favorite books have been Gemina (Illuminea Series), The Martian and A Court of Thorns and Roses.
  5. Favorite Movie?  Of all time my favorite movies are Back to the Future, and I am actually going to pick a show that I watched this past fall, Containment.
  6. Favorite Snack? Umm is there a choice here, chocolate. Of any kind!! Pair that with a glass of wine and you are my new best friend 😉 HAHA, just joking, sort of. I really love chocolate and wine together combo.
  7. What is your favorite food?  Fried dough pizza. No Parmesan cheese! I don’t get it often. Actually I think my mom was the last one to make this for me. She used to make this for me on my birthday because I loved it so much. Oh man, now I am hungry.
  8. Where would you like to visit someday? I am a big family ancestry researcher. I would love to go to Germany and find where my Grandfather’s family came from before heading to Upstate New York. Plus Germany is just so pretty. My next second is a tour of England, Ireland and Scotland.
  9. Who got you into scrapbooking? My husband was the one who suggested it to me to try. He may now mildly regret asking me, if he had realized how much money I would spend. Though I know he is happy knowing I have something that is for me, plus it uses all those photos I take 😉
  10. Fave Manufacturer? I really love Crate Paper. I love the mix of vintage with a modern flair. (American Crafts is probably number two, because I really love Dear Lizzy and I adore Shimelle.) Though It really is hard to pick between companies and styles, because I like to mix things up.

Here a quite look at the layout I made for this Design Team Hop.

We were asked to make a layout that shared our styles and a bit about us.

I decided to pull out some mixed media, in the form of watercolors. I really love adding something colorful or playful on my layouts. I did a technique that is one of my favorites. I used a stencil with a pen and traced it to add a pattern on my background. On top of the watercolor it really looks striking. Paired with some Shimmerz Dazzlerz paste with a silkscreen, I get a unique background that you can’t just buy in the store.


I love that thought that I have something in my album that is unique and me on a page. Mixed media is more about what you feel in the moment. Mixing what flows from the paintbrush or palette with your emotions at the time, creates something different each time you come to your scrap desk.


I backed this on some Pink Fresh Studio pattern paper. I used lots of layers behind my photo. I added some foam in between the layers to create dimension and shadows in these layers. There is something fun about mixing and matching bits of paper and making them fit together to create something cohesive and beautiful.


I tucked in some ephemera, washi tape and stickers in the layers.


I mixed the fonts for the title so it would stand out. Plus it just says fun to me, and really I like to have fun when I am documenting my memories.


Take this layout, I am using a photo that I have been putting off scrapbooking. I think I wanted to make sure I had the “perfect” papers, embellishments and set up to tell this story. Which is definitely not how it works, right?! We can never have a perfect everything to tell a story except for right now. If it inspiring you right now, it should be told. Whether it’s a small moment in time from your life, like a flower from your garden, a fallen leaf with frost or the lego toy your son put together on his own. It could be big moments, like when your child gets married, telling the story about aunt’s passing and how that brought your family together, or your Childhood best friend. All these memories, pictures and stories are perfect the minute they come to mind.

I seen this photo of Amy Tan and I. This day I knew it was time to scrap it. It makes me smile. I remember the breezy drive down H1 to get into downtown Honolulu. I remember seeing many familiar faces and many new faces, from the last time meeting in this conference room. I remember see Amy in that flows dress watching her son playing on the floor with his cars, smiling. I remember so much from that afternoon just from looking at that photo. These things are things I don’t want to forget.

Taking a class with Amy Tan is amazing. She just leaks inspiration and passion. When I see what she does and how crafting really is everything to her, I think, I want to be just like her when I grow up!! I want others around me to be inspired to tell their stories when they look at the things I share. When I talk with them and I tell my story, I want them to feel that passion for getting these moments that mean so much to us down on paper, however that looks to them.


Taking those two classes were so worth the money I paid. I left feeling refreshed and ready to keep sharing. Ready to keep crafting and being creative. I love that Amy really pulls this out of those around her.

If there is one thing I am sad about leaving Hawaii, is the fact I won’t be able to take classes with her there. Hopefully I will get the chance to see her again and borrow a little more of her enthusiasm for story telling and staying creative.

Clique Kits New Design Team Hop

When making this layout, I really wanted that emotion to come through, fun, passion and creative!

You can watch my Youtube Process video down below too.

I hope you continue through this Design Team Hop and get to know the rest of the Clique Kits Design Team. My good friend and amazingly inspiring friend Victoria Calvin is next to visit. Enjoy her post and soak up all the knowledge and passion she shares today!!

2017 Design Team
Maryam Perez
Melissa Elsner
Vincenza (Enza) Gudor
Caroli Schulz
Nathalie DeSousa
Candace Perkins
Audrey Yeager
Stephanie Gold
Nicole Martel
Donna Espiritu
Reka Turoczi
>>> Hannah Lemieux<<< YOU ARE HERE
Victoria Calvin
Taina “Evi” Cortes
Sheryl Banares

Have an Inspired Day!!


PS If you decide to shop at the Clique Kits Store (there is a ton of cute stuff in there right now too) Use my code Hannah10 to get a 10% discount.

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SpiegelMom Scraps: What about wednesday Mixed Media Layout



I am up on the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog today sharing a mixed media layout I made.

Curiosity Got the Pup SMS

This was super fun to make, I hope you check it out and all the close ups on the Blog.

Also if you use my code Hannah15 in the SpiegelMom Scraps Store you can get 15% off your order. There are so many fun products and sequin mixes in the store to play with.

Have a great week!!



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SpiegelMom Scraps: What About Wednesday-Monochromatic Layout with Layers

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I don’t know abut you but I can’t believe it’s almost February already!! It feels like I am just barely starting to get a handle on all the things I want to accomplish this year and start a plan. Some times I just want to slow down time.

I am excited about what is to come of this year though. I guess I should just embrace that, right. This year is going to be really fun!!

Today I am sharing a monochromatic layered layout I made over at the SpiegelMom Scraps blog.

I am loving the monochromatic look right now. Pops of colors, back and white. It just is really fun.

I also have made a process video for my layout. (This is actually something I want to do more of, sharing my layouts on Youtube again.)

You can watch the process video over on the SpiegelMom Scraps blog post I wrote. You can also hop over to my Youtube Channel (subscribe so you don’t miss out on future layouts too) and see my process.

Also here is the link to the SpiegelMom Scraps Store to see all the awesome things in the store like sequin mixes that match the latest collections and Shimmerz mixed media products. If you use my code Hannah15 you can get 15% off your next future order too!!

Here is a quick look at my layout. Hope you are inspired today!!

SMS Hello




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What About Wednesday: Laura’s October Sketch Challenge

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

It’s officially Autumn, I have had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte and this week I made pumpkin soup. I make this soup every fall. It doesn’t feel like fall without it. Boy, did it taste so delicious too. Perfect for the chilly and cloudy days we have been having this week.

I want to share with you the layout I made for the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog. I am tackling Laura’s October Sketch Challenge. I hope you check it out. You can see the sketch over at the SpiegelMom Scraps Facebook Group.

I should have a process video for this layout later this week too!!

Sweater weather SMS.jpg

I hope you are having a great week!! I will be around later this week sharing some more layouts and I am thinking I am going to have an update blog post too. One where I just gab away, because you all know how easy that is for me!!



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Scrap lift Saturday on The Crafty Maven

Aloha my scrappy friends!!

Fall is definitely on its way here today!! It’s a whole whopping 66 degrees here in Washington in the afternoon. Which means it’s probably not getting warmer today. But it’s a good day to wear fuzzy socks, drink a homemade pumpkin spice latte, and watch process videos!! Or at least that is what I am doing today.


I did want to let you know that today I am up over on The Crafty Maven Getaway Channel. I decided to scrap lift a Fancy Pants Design Team layout made by Nicole Nowosad. Even though I loved the hearts I decided to change it up and use scribble circle elements. I also rotated the layout so my circles were on the side instead of the bottom.

Here is a quick look at Nicole’s layout that I found on Pinterest.



Here is some sneaks of my layout and how it turned out.



I love the way this title looks with the different fonts cut from the silhouette.




I also used some mixed media on the background. It makes the layout feel more summery and creates interest behind the scribbles.


Her is a look at the whole layout.


You can watch the process video at The Crafty Maven Getaway here,


I hope you have a great summer!!!


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Labor Day Weekend Triple Blog Hop Sparklers Feltie Friday

Aloha My Scrappy friends!! I hope you are excited for this weekend!! In the US we celebrate Labor Day. Really here it’s another day to celebrate and grill, but we are trying to remember all those that work hard!! One last hooray before school and work and fall commitments start piling up.

I hope you are excited about joining us on this Labor Day Weekend Hop. We have some uber (yes I totally just used the word UBER!!) talented ladies joining us this weekend!! I mean, I feel a little starstruck even though I have been following them on social media for a while.

Like all hops, all you need to do is follow the line up, each day this weekend we will be sharing and showcasing tons of cool new products from the SpiegelMom Scraps store. Each day has a different themed product, like today is Feltie Friday!! Just leave a comment on each of the blogs and enjoy the ride of seeing tons of amazing projects!! (I will have the whole weekend line up listed at the end of this blog so you can follow along)

You should have come from Missy’s blog, (like OMG) I love everything about her layout don’t you?!! I am not sure I should even be allowed to follow her, but today is my lucky day I guess. And yours because you get to see tons of amazing stuff. Let’s get right to it!!

Today I felt like getting messy!! And boy, did I get messy.


Don’t you just want to lick this stuff?!! I wouldn’t remind it, I am sure it’s quite gross actually but these Dazzlers from Shimmerz Paints (in the SMS Store) are so creamy and dreamy looking just blobbed on plain white card stock. I love the texture you get just from spreading it with a palette knife, so that is all I did.

I will admit doing this technique, takes three times as long to dry. But it is so so worth it in the end. The dimension you get when it is dry is amazing!!

I also used a paint roller and add some blackberry Dina Wakley acrylic paint. It is a heavy body paint so it is nice and thick. It stands up well painting (or rolling I should say) over the dry dazzlers. It adds another layer of texture on the background that is just really cool!


Because my background is a little busy and full of color, as well as my photo, I wanted to keep my patterned paper layers pretty natural. I tried to stick with some black, whites, and grays for the layers.


I add banners in the layers to add a touch of color to the layers. there was lots of purple on the background and in my photo. I though just a few hints of purple throughout the layers and on my layout would help the purple pop.

I used lots of the new feltie hearts!! I think these are my new favorite embellishments!! I want to add them to everything. They are just so much fun.


They layer really easily too. They look so cool layered on top of the layered heart tag that I added to a glassine bag from the SMS store. I like the added texture but lightness that a glassine bag gives to layers.

I found that bow in my stash and it’s perfect for this layout. With a staple it adds the right amount of dimension and texture to finish off that top cluster.


I also painted some of my wood veneers before adding them to the layout. It helps so most of the purple elements are the same color. Not that it really matters in the end, but sometimes matching purples can be a little difficult. They can be so different, and I didn’t want it to distract from the photo.


I love this photo I took of my daughter. Playing with her legos. I took this photo on July 30, for Day In the Life, which is a project started by Ali Edwards. Basically it’s a project to document your day, what happens on a regular day in your life. This day for us was really special. It was our first full day in our new home.

We bought this lego kit for Cayden that day because we told the kids, if they were good while we had to live in a hotel room for two months, they could get a new toy when we moved in. The kids of course weren’t perfect, it’s hard living in a hotel room altogether for two whole months. But they were mostly good so as the mush parents we are, allowed them to get a new toy. (Because a new puppy just wasn’t enough)

Cayden had actually been asking for this particular lego set for almost a year and a half on and off. It’s pretty expensive and was really hard to find while we were in Hawaii and had never ended up getting it for her there. When looking at stores near our home, Cayden saw this dolphin cruiser lego set and boy was she very excited.

So we just had to get it for her. It is hard not to see the twinkle in a six years old eye of a toy they have been wanting to get for so long (it seems even longer when you are a little kid too). When she brought it home she worked all afternoon and evening on this cruiser and by the end of the night it was almost finished. It really only took her a full day putting it together, because she worked the next day for a little while finishing it up.

When she had the whole thing together she was even more excited too. It was the coolest toy she has ever owned, her words not mine ;). As a parent it is cool to see your child work hard to put something together all by them self. Knowing they are growing up and don’t even need your help.

Ok back to the layout. I journaled around the edges of the layout and around the photo layers. IMG_8913

I also added paint and dazzlers to this Dear Lizzy Watercolor word to help it tie into the layout.


I layered a few banners under it to match the top banners. Those felt hearts are really fun under the title too. I layered the gray felt hearts with the wood veneer and I really like the way that looks.


I finished the whole layout with Crushin’ On Purple sequins and some gold, black and tinsel Heidi Swapp color shine splatters. I made sure I splattered the gold on my photo (I really like the effect that gives) and on the purple wood veneer pieces.

Thanks for joining me today for this awesome Weekend Labor Day Hop. Felicia’s blog is next so I hope you continue and see her amazing layout using the felties!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!! Be Safe and enjoy the company of others and maybe even get some crafting done too!!



Here is this Weekend’s Triple Blog Hop Line Up

Friday, Sept 2nd FELTIE FRIDAY 

1. SMS Blog
2. Missy Whidden
3. Hannah Lemieux
4. Felicia Young
5. Megan/ Crafty Meggy
Saturday, Sept 3rd. SEQUIN SATURDAY 

1. SMS blog
2. Missy Whidden
3. Guest Alex Hunter (IG @alexhunterdesigns)
4. Laura Rumble
5. Lisa Kingston
6. Khristina Sorge
7. Sarah McClellan
8. Evi Cortes
9. Karla Yungwirth
Sunday, Sept 4th, Cork Confetti & Mixed Media Sunday

1. SMS Blog
2. Bonita Rose (IG @Bonitarosek)
3. Beth Soler
4. Rachel Stewart
5. Sara Mishler
6. Katty Miranda



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SpiegelMom Scraps August Sparklers Squads Unite Blog Hop


Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I am Super excited today!! This is my first official blog post as a Sparkler!! I hope you are just as excited as I am too.

Today is our special Sparklers Unit blog hop! The Sparklers are split into two teams; The Blog Squad and the YouTube Squad. (I am on the blog Squad, but don’t worry, when I am all set up in my new house I will be sharing process videos of my layouts and projects too) Each month we come together to hang out here and bring you some great tips, technique and inspiration! For this hop, you should have arrived here from Sarah’s blog . Didn’t you just love the colors of spread?!! It definitely puts me in a summery mood!
Your entire line up for today will be at the end of my blog post. If you started here don’t forget to go back and check out everyone else’s projects!!

Scrapbooking for me is all about having fun. I do it destress. I do it get creative. I do it to see if I can push the limits of what I think is fun and cool for me. I scrapbook to document the moments in my families life that are fun and cool but also to help remember the stories that tell our lives.

This past February my aunt died. Since my grandfather died when I was a teenager it was the first big family death. It is crazy to think your loved ones will never be around. It really got me thinking about why I scrapbook.

Over that week we all spent lots of time going through old photos and telling the stories from all those photos. There was some sad pauses, but mostly lots of laughs and smiles as we retold the stories we remembered from my aunt’s life. The things that brought us joy that she shared with us.

If it weren’t for pictures those stories wouldn’t be as cemented in our brains. In my opinion. Those pictures help tell the stories but help you remember details of a memory that could have easily been forgot. This journey of memories we went through really had me thankful for photos and also for the stories I could tell with those photos on paper as a storyteller and memory keeper.

Here is a layout I made using a photo I took as we were going through family photos of my aunt and telling the stories behind them.


I wanted to keep my layout really fun and happy because I didn’t want it to be sad, but more of a memorial to my aunt’s life. I also wanted to do something a little hip.

I choose to use Shimmerz Dazzlers in Red-iculous and Licorice Stick with a silk screen. Because it is so creamy and smooth it went on like butter. it really gave this cool look. Not perfect but lots of layers of color.


I drew circles around the background patterned paper in black pen and then added gold thread around them. Being in a hotel I definitely don’t have use of a sewing machine but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get that texture from the thread. to make sure it stayed in place I just used glory accents in a few areas around the circle.

I also added Love Beats Mix of Sequins around the circles. this pack has  sequin hearts, round sequins and long beads which also adds different textures around. To finish up the circles I added some embellies that would also add other textures and sizes for that fun factor.


I kept all my embellishing to my clusters and tried to just add only a little bit to each group. I really did want the embellishing to go with my story, and add to it.

The tags and labels add something nice and small. Those small wood veneer glasses were just too adorable not to use!!


The tag and glassine bag were from the store. and helped me add layers behind my photo. I like to use lots of things to layer with. It adds something different than just patterned papers.


Each group was a little different but had similar elements which ties them together.


I just love the way this layout turned out. I love all the dimension in the layers. and all the fun elements in each circle. I ended with splatters of gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine and that added the last perfect touch.


Thank you you for taking a peek into my layout and I hope you left inspired to do something a little different on your projects. Have a little fun and taking some risks.

Here is a look at the full layout.

looking through memories

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog hop and all the other Sparklers and see all their amazing and inspiring projects. These hops always leave me wanting to grab a sheet of yardstick and making something . Tell another story!! Also if you stop the SpiegelMom Scraps Store Use my code Hannah15 to get a discount off your purchase!!

Today’s Sparkler’s Unite Blog Hop Line Up

Guest Designer 🙂 Mandi 

Thank you for spending your time with us today! Be sure to leave comments on all the blogs to be entered into a chance for you be in the running for the $10.00 shop credits! You have through August 4th to comment and enter. Sharing on social media will also earn you an extra entry. Just leave another comment letting us know where you shared the blog hop event.
Head over to Khristine’s blog for more inspiration, I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Enjoy the rest of the hop!!



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Scrap It Off SpiegelMom Scraps Anniversary & Design Team Reveal Blog Hop


Welcome My Scrappy Friends!! There is so much to celebrate today!! It’s SpiegelMom Scraps 6 year anniversary and the reveal of the new design team. I am super excited to be asked to join the new team for the next six months!! EEKK!! YAY!!

I hope you have fun along this Hop because you have the chance of winning a cool prize too. Super Fun!! Plus seeing all the amazing projects and layouts from other designers and design team members.I love blog hops and discovering new blogs and designers to follow. I hope you meet some new great ladies along this hop too.

Jody is super excited to reveal the new Design Team, three new sequin mixes, and a Free cut file designed by one of the fabulous new Sparklers and some prizes!!

If you are new to my blog, Welcome Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, hot or cold. I don’t discriminate) and enjoy!! I will have the blog hop line up at the end of my post. if you ever get lost you can go back to the SpiegelMom Scraps blog to find your way. If you started out here, don’t forget to go back and check out the other designers who are blogging and sharing today too.

Being in a hotel (for those who may not know, we recently moved across the ocean to a new state. We are awaiting our house and living in a hotel until it is ready) with a limited supply of scrapbooking goodness I have been missing doing mixed media. I missed playing with paint, stencils and texture pastes. Things I used to pull out on a regular basis.

When I saw the Shimmerz in the SpiegelMom Scraps Store I was so excited to try them out.    I haven’t yet tried any Shimmerz out yet, but really wanting too. Can I say I was not disappointed. They are so creamy and so pretty. I was definitely curious about all the ways I could use this beautiful shimmery paste.



Wanting to go with a watercolor look I used my watercolor paint brushes with water to dilute the paste a little. I also used the plastic package technique. I have a confession, I really don’t like using this technique. I try it every so often because like many media techniques it takes time to master them. Overtime I try it I am almost always dissatisfied with the way it looks. I still try it again though. This is why, I know also from all playing I’ve done that sometimes part of the layout won’t look amazing until you add more stuff on it. It’s all about the layers of media that helps bring it together.

I used some of my re-inkers of distress inks with water to add some layers of splatters, the crackled pistachio and twisted citron. I thought those colors would go well with the Shimmerz, sour apple and gummy bear blue.


This color combo is so bright and fun. Spring like and cheery. I had the perfect photo for it too. I remembered I had a fun photo of a bright green gecko from our hike to Waimea Falls. He was just bathing in the sun on some big green leaves. I love this photo of this gecko. Besides that he is quite big and looking like he was really enjoy himself, I love that he reminds me of my time in Hawaii. Geckos are so common in Hawaii. You never know where you will see them when you are out and about. On a door handle, jumping from the garbage bins when you open them, sun bathing on the side of the side walk, or hanging out in a potted plant in the mall. I really miss seeing geckos all over.

When I do splatters and lots of media on my background I tend to like to do tons of layers behind my photos. Lately I have been doing more simply layouts but I really have been missing adding lots of layers. There is something fun and satisfying about tucking and building layers with tons of colors and patterns.



I used lots of 6×6 papers from Pink Paislee Fancy Free. The Spring and colorful papers really work to ascent my photos without taking away from the gecko on the photo too. I also used a nice dark woodgrain to bring in the element of nature on my layout. To my layers I added a glassine bag-to tuck in my journaling tag. I didn’t want to cover up too much of the media and white space on my layout.


When I went to the last class by Amy Tangerine in Honolulu I bought a stamp settee created for the store that sponsored her class. The stamp set was Hawaii inspired. There was leaf stamp on it that I thought would be perfect to use in my layers. I used a colorful paper to stamp on, and cut them out. I love how they turned out all tucked in around my layout under flowers.


I did 3 groups to draw your eye around the layout and around my photos. I am using two photos, a 4×6 and then a 3×4 size. The flowers were watercolor drawn and really help the media stand out more.


To help add a softness but more layers I used a doily. I added an acetate ephemera piece over the doily to help the colors on the piece stand out. It also add layers without being really bulky and busy.


For the title I decided to add it up at the top. I still have tons of the Thickers from the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. I really like having a black and cream for a neutral look. It stands out against all the color on the page. The second half of the title is tile alpha stickers in a teal color. I was not very creative with my title. Sometimes I like having really fun and creative titles but this one I wanted it to be simple. I think it really goes well since the photo is bright and there was lots of colors throughout the layout.


To finish up my embellishments I also wanted to keep it simple. I wanted to add another element that is more natural, wood veneer is perfect for that. It really adds a bit of nature to the page. I added some gold thread to each flower grouping. I love how much texture it adds without being really heavy. Plus it reminds me of the sun streaming on the leaves.


The last thing I added was sequins. I used the Believe In You pack, from the SpiegelMom Scraps store. I really love how those colors play with the colors in the paper layers and colors in the photo. The texture on the green sequins are so much fun and unique. I just sprinkled the sequins in each flower grouping. making sure some of them landed on the flowers too. I tried not to go crazy. I didn’t want to take away from all the other things I did on the layout.

It was really fun playing with mixed media and sequins on this layout. Things I have missed since I have been on this moving journey. I will be so happy when I am finally all set up and situated in my new house and scrap room. Pulling out eve more of my mixed media products.



Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you keep continuing on with the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog Hop. There are some amazing and talented designers joining in on the celebration!! So Happy Anniversary SpeigelMom Scraps and the other members of the design Team! I can’t wait to see what they create to inspire us!!

Here is the Blog Hop Line Up for today.

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Thank you for spending your time with us today! I’d love for you be in the running for the prizes that Jody is giving away on this blog hop, so be sure to leave comments on all the blogs to be entered! You have through July 31st to comment and enter. Sharing on social media will also earn you an extra entry. Just leave another comment letting us know where you shared the blog hop event. Easy Peasy!

My Scrappy Friends, I hope you have an inspired weekend!! And Good Luck!!








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Free Flow Wednesday on The Crafty Maven Getaway

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I wanted to let you know that today I was also sharing a layout on The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel.

I love Free Flow Wednesday because it’s a chance to scrap my style and have fun. I love how on this day that channel showcases so many different kinds of styles and ways to express through scrapbooking!!

Take a look at the blog post I wrote about my layout, on The Crafty Maven Getaway blog.

Here are some close ups of my layout.


The cut file I am using came from The Cut Shoppe. I love how it lets the paint peek through.




I love the way these layers turned out!!



Here is my full layout



You can head over to The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel to watch this process video!




I hope you have an inspired day!!

Aloha, Hannah


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