Hannah’s Scrap Bin Series: Our Story

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

It’s February and I am finally starting to get my stuff in order. Finally. After being sick for a week, my husband working long hours all month, and just getting back into the groove after the holidays. I can say I am starting to get into what seems like a routine that is going to work for me, for now.

One of my big goals this year is to use up as many of my scraps as possible. I have been on a really big spending freeze the past 5 or so months. I want to use this freeze wisely and actually use up the stash I have let pile up. Like all those bits and pieces left over from old layouts I have made.

Last year I started a series where I used my scraps to make layouts. I used different types of inspiration to give me a jumping off point. I am trying out that series again.

In this layout I just made I looked through my scraps for pieces that had a love feel to them. I knew I wanted to scrap some old wedding photos. It was my 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of December and what a fun way to go down memory lane a bit than make some layouts.

(I actually ended up making two layouts with all the scraps I set aside. I will share photos from layout in another blog post.)

Here are some close up pictures of my finished layout.


I love this layered look for the title. I took bits and pieces and layered them together. Them added some thickers to finish out the title.


I kept this really simple. Focusing on getting scraps used up, and layering them nicely. I even fussy cut those hearts out of a scrap of Bella Blvd patterned paper.


I added more hearts up at the top, to continue the theme of love throughout the whole layout.


Finishing up with some gold and pink Heidi Shine just ties the whole layout together. I love the way it looks, scattered on the embellishments and the photos.


Here is the finished layout. I finished the journaling later, and added it to the back. I really wanted the photos to be the focal point. We e is the process video  so young but so in love. And maybe a tad hungry too. It was fun to go back and take a look at all my old wedding photos after ten years.

Here is the process video for this layout. You can watch below and hear a bit of my thought process while I was putting this layout together.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM251I8VnII&w=560&h=315]

I hope you are inspired! Inspired to go searching through your scraps and make something fun, beautiful and meaningful.

Have a great week!!

Hannah R

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Hannah’s Scrap Bin

I have a new series starting on my youtube channel. I am reaching deep into my scrap bin and pulling out papers to use on a layout. I don’t know if your scraps look anything like mine but it is starting to overflow. I have only been scrapbooking for one year, but I still have scraps from last summer, yikes!!! I really want to use them and cut down my scrap bin. I thought I would share my journey doing this. Also talk about different ways I like to pick out my papers to use together.

Sometimes it’s hard to match papers to use on a layout when they are all mixed together in a scrap pile. There arIMG_1816e loIMG_0492ts of ways you can narrow down to a small amount papers to add to a layout. By colors, patterns, theme, or using a picture from Pinterest as inspiration too. I will over this series go through many of these ways to pick out papers for a layout.

This week I am picking out papers based on colors. I used this mood board from Pinterest to use as my color inspiration. I find using a picture or mood board helpful to match colors.  Especially because I am so visual color to me is big, I love matching colors or using lots of bright colors. This paper choosing was really fun, using these summer and bright colors. I will mention that at this point I do not have a photo picked out. I want this to be about picking papers based on the mood board. About 3/4 the way through this paper picking process, I started to think about what photo I had printed that would match the colors i was picking.

Here is the linIMG_1665k to the video where I talk through this paper picking process.

I decided to use a gorgeous photo I took of a North Shore beach.  The colors in the photo matched perfectly with the colors I picked out with papers, Blue, teal and yellow. I was surprised at how well Park Bench papers, Amy Tan Rise IMG_1621and Shine, My Mind’s Eye The Sweetest Thing and a couple of other various papers, went together and almost looked like one collection.

I used watercolors on white cardstock as a base.  I wanted a good balance of color and white and watercolor is a good medium to do that too. I then of course couldn’t stop at just watercolors, I wanted to use a stencil. I didn’t know if I wanted use white modeling paste to cover up the beautiful color. I decided to use Multi Medium, because when it dries mostly clear and enhances the colors underneath the stencil. IMG_0499

I decided to stick with using embellishments that color matched the three main colors in my papers and on my background. I choose to only do three embellishment clusters around the page too. The Crate Paper Poolside was the perfect compliment to the paper selection I made.

To see my process you can watch scrapbooking process video.

I really love the way the layout turned out, oh man it makes we want to IMG_0496go back to the beach with a fresh lemonade and soak up the sun!! I hope I inspired you today to dig deep into that scrap pile and pick some papers even before you pick a photo.

Aloha until next time,

Hannah IMG_0495

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