Double Vision Series: Strong Women


Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

For a little over a month I have been doing a double page layout series on my Youtube Channel. I have never been big on doing double page spreads. Doing this series, has helped me to focus differently on my layouts. To think ahead of time instead of just go with the flow.

This week I wanted to make a layout where I could focus on journaling. With the double page spread as my canvas I knew that would be a great space to have lots of journaling.


A while ago I did a double page layout where I had a huge title, I took that as my inspiration. I loved how it looked to have a long title that was a poem quote in many different kinds of fonts. I knew that would look cool on this layout combined with lots of journaling.


Since I do lots of ancestry research I love seeing what someone looks like on paper, through documents. But it is sometimes hard to really know their true motives behind all the decisions these papers show. The places they lived, the jobs they had, these are all part of the story, but why they do things is really the true meaning behind the story. t’s these stories that I want to tell on my pages. I want my kids and grandkids to one day look back and see all the traits of the people in our family!!


That is how the idea got started for this double page spread. A spread about my grandmother and the strength she has passed down. A trait I am positive she had gotten from her mother too.  That has been passed down to me. I want my kids and grandkids know that this is such a great a positive trait to be given!!




I hope you check out my Youtube Video process and see how i created this layout.

Have a great weekend!!


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What About Wednesday: Life Is Sweet


Aloha my scrappy friends!! It’s hump day today, and my hubby’s weekend. So I am making the most of it, and spending some family time together today. This past couple of weeks is us getting into the rhythm of the school year and how that works with my husbands new schedule. It’s aways a challenge, but everything always feels right when we get into the habit and routine of spending time together, right?!

This week on What About Wednesday over at SpiegelMom Scraps I am talking about scrappy mojo and keeping my slumps at bay. With getting back into the routine of school and appts and my husbands schedule, it always effects my scrapbooking mojo.

There are some things I do to help make this process quick and hopefully painless so I can get the most out of my scrapbooking time. Because now that school is here I definitely don’t have as much free time.

Hope you check out my blog post and the layout I made to help jump start my mojo!!


I used the newest Citrus Twist Sketch from their blog to help me create this layout.


To read more about the sketch you can check out their blog.


Don’t forget you can also find inspiration over on the SpiegelMom Scraps Facebook Group 15 Minutes to Scrap.I love all the conversations we have over there. I hope you stop by!!

If you like any of the store supplies I used, the cork-fetti hearts or Happy Dance sequins, Use my code Hannah15 to get 15% off your next order!!

Hope to see you around my scrappy friends!! Stop by my blog later this week for some fun as well!!

Have an inspired week,


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My Heritage Series: Grandma Cook and her always fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aloha Scrappers!!

This video is up a little late today. I am finally able to upload videos on a regular basis. and boy it feels good. I hated being so far behind, or not even having anything to share with you.

My Family Heritage series, is so dear to me, because it’s all about my family. It is also part of the main reasons I scrap, to tell my family stories. I don’t think it matters if you are telling stories from current or a hundred years ago, these stories are helping to create and make your family who they are. I love seeing this journey of how we got to where we are now.

This genealogy journey is often rough, no pictures for the stories we want to tell or no stories for the old bad quality photos we do have. This is a struggle.

The layout I am sharing was a fun one to make and mostly because of the story behind it. Last summer my family had a family reunion and tons of photos were shared. When my family shared a bunch of these photos with me, they started telling me a little about some of the photos. Most photos, I didn’t get much info, except this one of Grandma Cook.



All everyone could remember about Grandma Cook was that she always had amazing Chocolate chip cookies at her house to give out to whoever was over at her house. Then they mentioned Grandma Cook wasn’t even in our family.

I wonder if that is even her real name?! This is what I love about family history, is that somewhere in our photo boxes we have photos of the people in our lives. These stories are remembered and then these people become part of our family too. Sometimes these are some of families most told stories.

These stories are hidden gems to me as a historian, even if it doesn’t really tell use much about anything. Except that this person was loved by everyone in my family. She must of had a nice and loving personality.

When I made this layout I was in the middle of my mojo funk. So I admit this is not my favorite layout in my album. I am ok with that though, because I still love the story I tell on this layout.

I started with some mixed media. I used spray on the background and used a straw the blow the ink splatters. I like how this creates an unique pattern overtime you do it. The soft pink I used helps tone down the craziness this technique can have. FullSizeRender.jpg

I also added a little copper acrylic paint as well. I used a very pretty paper from Pink Paislee  as a reverse border on my layout.

I layered some of the papers from the C’est La Vie Collection, Hello Love Collection, as well as some vellum from Webster’s Pages (that was in my stash). I was going for that country flowery feel. IMG_5183

I used tons of ephemera pieces and frames. IMG_5184

I clustered a few embellishments at the bottom of my layout, under my title.


I also liked tucking some things in my layers for interest.


For the title I mixed Thickers with embellishments with words on them along with other alphas. I really love this mish mash of different fonts and colors in the title, for a layout like this. I think it adds to the idea of collecting things.


And don’t you just love those gold glittery Thickers!! They are my Fave!!

Here is a look at my process video.


Thanks for joining me!! I hope you were inspired today. I hope you are inspired to tell a fun story for your album and your family to see throughout the years!!

Aloha, Hannah


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My Heritage Series: Pangburn Family Portrait

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

This week I have been working hard! working hard getting back into the routine of life after the holidays, and that is tough!! I love that at the end of my day, I can play with some cute embellishments and pretty paper to destress. Even though this week I haven’t scrapped as much as I wanted to I have been so productive!

Today on my Youtube Channel I am sharing a layout I made for my Heritage album. I love this series, seriously besides all the new scrappy goodies that I love to use. This series really makes me happy to scrap. I think it is my love of ancestral history has always really intrigued me. I love hearing or digging up these stories!


Obviously not all my family photos have an actual story like the picture I used today. I love however if you look at history in general it is kinda cool to see a story emerge. It’s a cultural history story. This concept of taking a family portrait together, was a cultural norm in the early 1900’s. All the family got dressed up in their best Sunday clothes, and sat together and had one nice shot taken. That photo was put on a mantle or on the wall, so no matter how far the members of that family were they were held dear to their hearts.


It is interesting that with technology so advanced as it is, this concept has been lost. We are too busy, to fat, don’t like that posed look, or we just don’t take the time to make sure everyone gets in our pictures often. Or at least this happens in my family. And it is sad, because as many photos as I have on my camera roll, there are truly not many cherish family photos.

This year I plan to change that. I want my future family to know who each one of us is. Me and my husband included, and not just a photo of a book, my feet or even a selfie. Don’t get me wrong, I like selfie’s even if it is because at least I can now be in my families album. But this doesn’t really completely tell my story does it?! I want to have these photos that show us all together being us. Whether it’s posed or natural!! We are all apart of this great family, just like in my photo that I scrap.


In this picture, which I think was taken sometime around 1928, is my great grandmother (Hazel) and her parents and siblings. The hardest part of scrapping this photo was that I didn’t know who each of the kids were. But I am glad I at least know exactly who my Great great grandparents are.

I really love how this layout turned out too. I mentioned this on my voiceover, but when I decided to do this album, layouts like this was really what I had in mind. I really wanted a modern feel to it, even though I am using black and white photos. I wanted to make these photos come to life and fun.


These colors and patterns really helped me achieve that. I even added some mixed media, in silk screen form. A silk screen is similar to a stencil but the media gets pushed through the silk material. It leaves a thinner layer of media on your page or project. Which is nice on a layout because it warps less and dries really fast. They work best with acrylic paint because it is thinner.


I love the embellishment clusters with my great great grandparents initials in the layered clusters.


And that gold glitter, who isn’t still in love with gold?!


Here is the process video, if you want to watch me make this layout.



I did notice that I misspelled my Families last name on my process video, and didn’t catch it until after I took photos and posted everything. Silly me, good thing I don’t get graded on spelling! I did go back and fix it, thankfully I had a g in my alpha pack.


I hope you were inspired today!! I really enjoy sharing my layouts with this community. I love that I can give back after being so inspired by everyone else that shares their layouts!

Have a great week!!


Aloha, Hannah

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