Let’s take a hike: Waimea Falls

Aloha My scrappy friends!!  As it draws closer to us leaving the island I have been adding places to this mental list of adventures I want to take and see. Hawaii is amazing, and has so many things to do and see. I want to visit them all so I can have a mental memory of them. Even if that’s not really practical!! Even if I should be starting to clean and organize.

I decided that once a week the kids and I would take one day a week to go on an adventure. See and do something here in Hawaii. Maybe re visit a place that was magical or visit a place we haven’t been yet. I am taking along my DSLR and capturing our adventures.

I will be sharing each week the adventures we went on and talking a little about the things we seen. Things we did. Revisiting and sharing just the photos from the day.

This past week I took the kids to Waimea Valley and Falls. It is a trail on the North Shore that used to be a living area for some of the local native Hawaiians. As you hike the trail you can go down other trails and see rock buildings and huts the Hawaiians built so many years. The trail eventually leads to a Waterfall that is fun for swimming. (We didn’t swim, since my kids are still quite little and I didn’t trust getting into the water with three kids barely knowing how to swim. The water did look refreshing though!!) The thing I really like about this hike is it’s fairly easy for kids, and there are tons of flowers and cool trees to see.

I didn’t really take pictures of the huts, though now looking through my photos I wished I had, but I will say with three small kids there is only so many pictures they would let me take… and this is where I share pictures I took of the kids waiting for me to take pictures.

waiting for mommy to stop taking photos

bored kids

Sam wasn’t too fond of the hike. He kinda whined the whole way, so stopping often was good and bad. At the end of the day though he said he wanted to go back. Go figure huh?!!

Along the trail there were glimpses of a stream. This stream is from all the rain water that flows down the mountain. The waterfall helps feed this stream.

Where the wild things are


Am I in a Jurassic Park moviecopy

It definitely made me feel like I was in the second Jurassic Park movie and any minute a dinosaur would be spotted drinking from the stream.

big gecko on leaves.jpg

We did see some lizards though!!

gecko hiding.jpg

And birds


And bees

two sunflowers and the bee

We even made friends with a local (chicken).

our chicken friend.jpg

We took time to smell the roses (or should I say hibiscus)

Leilani smelling the roses.jpg

The flowers along the way were really pretty though. Here are a few that caught my eye.

yellow hibiscus smallpurple flowers with dewRed Yellow Hanging flowerclose up of orange flower near the waterfall

Yes that is the Waterfall in the background!!

The walk is about 3/4 of a mile.

walk in the park.jpgWhen that waterfall comes into view, it is breathtaking!!

waterfall from Bridge.jpg

It’s not really big, as far as what I think of as Hawaiian Waterfalls. The rocks and foliage around the waterfall really creates a cool atmosphere though.

rocks near WaterfallsWaimea falls

close up of waterfall.jpg

There is just something cool about Mother Nature!!

full shot of weird flower tree

We spotted this really cool looking tree along our hike!!

Bee on Sunflower

The Sunflowers were a fun treat. This bee is help pollinate the flowers, He visited each Sunflower in this cluster!!


These are one of the coolest flowers I seen along the way!! They are star shaped but the color is so pretty. There kinda look like mushrooms before they open up, don’t they!


After We finished hiking the kids got ice pops, because I am not gonna lie. It was getting hot!! It’s summer weather here and that Hawaiian sun can be bright!! After ice pops I stopped and took advantage that the shrimp trucks weren’t to far. IMG_6430

The Coconut Shrimp are my favorite!! Yummy!!

I hope you look forward to my next little day trip and mini adventure. (Though with all the photos I take and share it doesn’t quite seem mini does it?!!)

I can’t wait to share with you! Until next time,  Hannah


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