Crafty Maven Getaway: Stash It Monday: Sleeping Beauty


I am up this week for Stash It Monday. I love using my stash. I love revisiting products that I loved and re falling in love with them.

Also for this layout I used the SpiegelMom Scraps Exclusive cut files for this layout as well. They were siting on my desk, yelling out to me to use. They were perfect with a photo I found of my daughter Cayden when she was a newborn.

She was so cute, and she loved to sleep. When I first brought her home, I used to have to take off all her clothes to get her to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. I would wait four hours, because I was thrilled to have a baby that actually slept! I mean what parent isn’t thrilled when they realize they don’t have to feel sleep deprived.

My oldest daughter, Leilani, used to get up every two hours when we first got her home. In fact she ended up not sleeping well at night at all. I think I slept that first month on the couch sitting up holding my daughter. SO naturally when Cayden slept through the night, if I let her I kinda wanted to savor that. I did realize at first though that she did need to eat, newborns need a lot of food. They need sleep too, but when she would take two bites of food and fall back asleep, the pjs came off. I would also try to tickle her feet, I would sit her up, and still she was persistent and tried to sleep.

Even at a very young age, I could tell this beauty would be stubborn. It’s fun seeing their personalities even as a newborn. Even though it is often difficult I am glad she has such a big personality.

It makes me a better parent.

I love this picture though. Now that it has been 7 years, I can remember the cuteness and those memories of the sleepy mommy doing everything she could to get up with an alarm and do what she needed to wake her little sleeping beauty for a midnight snack.

I hope you check out my process video over at the Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel. 


Here is a look at my finished layout.

CM Stash Monday.jpg


I hope you head over to the Crafty Maven Getaway Facebook Group and see what the other Design Team members are making with this week’s inspiration piece.

CM April 2-8 2017

I hope you have an inspired Day!!!


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The Crafty Maven Getaway: In Your Pocket Tuesday


This year I am retrying Project Life. My goal though is to keep it simple. Do one pocket page at a time. Whether that is a week at a glance or 3 days. I know I don’t need to share every photo I take in my Project Life spread but I want a good look at what my weeks look like. I want to look back and see our routines, our day to day stuff, the normal things we do, that often get overlooked in my layouts.

Today on the The Crafty Maven Getaway I am sharing my process video for a page I made for the middle of January. I kept it simple, Lots of pictures and little embellishing with lots of journaling.

Take a looks at my process.


Here is what my spread looks like…



(You can only see this process on the Crafty Maven, so make sure you subscribe to that channel to see future process videos that I only share there. Or subscribe to my Blog to catch my posts)


Have an inspired Week my scrappy friends!!



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The Crafty Maven Stash It Monday

Aloha!!! It is my personal goal to blog more this year. I am very happy that last year I really up’ed the amount of posts I did and how I was more consistent, even while I was moving. I have some fun ideas for how I think I want to change my posts up a little more. Some it is because of choices I have made this year, and thinking outside of the box to tell my stories better. I really love having a story driven blog and layouts.

Not that I don’t like fun fluff layouts. Because I do, I love taking photos and often there is n’t much of a story behind that image except that it is pretty. I think I have some ideas for those kinds of pictures this year too.

Now that I am completely of topic, let’s reign you back in…. I want to share a layout I made for The Crafty Maven Getaway yesterday. If you didn’t realize, I am the creator of that channel. I love that there is a place where you can expect to see something inspiring every day or just about everyday.

The mood board this week is this,


It was created by Sara Scraps. I love that The Crafty Maven can inspires my peers in the community to be even more creative in different ways!!

This piece really inspired me this week. I love the colors and how they pop. I wanted that for my layout too. I wanted a big POP on my page.

One way I did that was to use a Black and White photo. IMG_2055

I love the story behind this photo too. My oldest daughter was in love with bees this summer. She was hoping to get the bees to meet her on the Bee Express. It was really cute. I love this age of discovery in my kids.


On the bottom of the layout I layered some embellishments and papers to create some interest under the journaling.


I collected lots of my die cuts and stickers that were similar colors. This kind of layout is a great way to layer and get rid of pieces that have been in my stash for a while.


I added doodling along the whole layout in silver to match the silver in one of the branding strips I used on the layout. This helps tie things together.

Here is a look at the finished layout. I really love how it turned out.


You can also watch the process video for The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel here.


Hope you come back later this week for some more inspiration!!

Have an inspired Week!!


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Free Flow Wednesday Nov 16th

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

I am up on the Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel today for Free Flow Wednesday. I am making a boy themed layout with the Crafte Paper Cool Kid Collection.

Here is a look at my process video.


Here is a look at the finished layout. I love how it turned out!!


Hope you were inspired Today!!

Have a great week.


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The Crafty Maven In Your Pocket Tuesday Nov 8

Aloha!! I am up on The Crafty Maven Getaway Today!! I am excited to do a spread in a pocket page, it has been a while. As many of you know who follow me, I dabble in pocket pages but I do not consistently scrap in pockets. I would like to think that this helps me be more creative in my pockets when I do use them.

If you would like to watch my process while I make my cover page for my December Daily Album you can watch it here,


If you want to see more Close ups You can also visit The Crafty Maven Blog.

Also if you like the sequins in this shaker Pocket, check out the SpiegelMom Scraps Store. (Use my code Hannah15 and you can get 15% off your order)

I hope you all have an inspired Week This week!!


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The Crafty Maven Getaway Stash It Monday


It’s definitely feeling like Autumn here this week. low to mid 60s during the day, lots of clouds are rolling in and the leaves in my yard are really start to change their color. It is so nice to have this season changing, but it is also hard to get used too as well. There are moments i sit and think, it wasn’t all that long ago that I was in Hawaii. Not Cold!! I have a feeling I will have that feeling many times this season and next!!

I wanted to get on real quick today and share with you the layout and video I posted for Stash It Monday.

I love looking at all my scraps!! They are just so pretty. Sitting in the drawer that is overflowing. I pulled out a few pieces that I thought went with the pastel inspiration piece.

I pulled some older Dear Lizzy and some scraps from a past scraptastic kit and went to town.

Here is my layout.


If you head over to The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube channel you can watch it over there.


I hope you have an inspired Week!!


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Scrap lift Saturday on The Crafty Maven

Aloha my scrappy friends!!

Fall is definitely on its way here today!! It’s a whole whopping 66 degrees here in Washington in the afternoon. Which means it’s probably not getting warmer today. But it’s a good day to wear fuzzy socks, drink a homemade pumpkin spice latte, and watch process videos!! Or at least that is what I am doing today.


I did want to let you know that today I am up over on The Crafty Maven Getaway Channel. I decided to scrap lift a Fancy Pants Design Team layout made by Nicole Nowosad. Even though I loved the hearts I decided to change it up and use scribble circle elements. I also rotated the layout so my circles were on the side instead of the bottom.

Here is a quick look at Nicole’s layout that I found on Pinterest.



Here is some sneaks of my layout and how it turned out.



I love the way this title looks with the different fonts cut from the silhouette.




I also used some mixed media on the background. It makes the layout feel more summery and creates interest behind the scribbles.


Her is a look at the whole layout.


You can watch the process video at The Crafty Maven Getaway here,


I hope you have a great summer!!!


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Free Flow Wednesday on The Crafty Maven Getaway

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I wanted to let you know that today I was also sharing a layout on The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel.

I love Free Flow Wednesday because it’s a chance to scrap my style and have fun. I love how on this day that channel showcases so many different kinds of styles and ways to express through scrapbooking!!

Take a look at the blog post I wrote about my layout, on The Crafty Maven Getaway blog.

Here are some close ups of my layout.


The cut file I am using came from The Cut Shoppe. I love how it lets the paint peek through.




I love the way these layers turned out!!



Here is my full layout



You can head over to The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel to watch this process video!




I hope you have an inspired day!!

Aloha, Hannah


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Art Party Friday on The Crafty Maven Getaway

Aloha My scrappy friends!!

Tis been hard lately, I am not gonna lie. The sunny is shining here in Hawaii and I have had no desire to create. I hate when that happens. Life is busy and at the end of the day, I am too tired to use my brain.

I am trying so hard not to punish myself for not wanting to scrap. We all have lulls. We all get busy, and we definitely all get tired.

Well this week I was up at The Crafty Maven getaway for Art Party Friday. I didn’t even know where to start to tell you the truth. I made a total of two layouts within the last 7 days. So I decided to do a technique I have done before and really like the way it turns out. It is easy. You splatter watered down paint on white cardstock, then use a paintbrush to dab the splatters. You end up with a pretty airy and artsy look. It also is really forgiving.


I then used a stamp that had x’s for a little more something going on. I was also hoping the black would tone down the fact that I may have overdid it with all the different color paints I used. I really couldn’t help it though. I was inspired by the rich bright colors in the inspiration from The Crafty Maven Getaway.

February Inspiration 1

I love these colors I just didn’t want them so bold on my page, if I could go back I would have not added the orange paint, but in the end I really love how all the colors look on the back ground.

I decided to use the Maggie Holmes Bloom collection, for two reasons, the main reason, it’s brand new and I was hoping that would get my all excited. I love breaking into a new collection and cutting up new papers to layer on a background. this excitement really gets me excited about scrapping. I also really liked how the colors of this collection matched the splatters on my background. Sometimes when they seem to work you need to ride that train. I find thats when a layout starts to make itself.

To be honest that is really what happened with this layout too. I didn’t have the die cuts from this collection, which I am soo bummed about, but it made me have to dig into my stash and find embellishments that could match this collection and feel like they were meant to be together.


I picked out some teal Color Cast Designs acrylic hearts. I picked out a gold glitter chipboard frame from the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. I also took a couple other chipboard pieces of that sheet as well. I grabbed some black and white puffy geo tags from the new Pink Paislee C’est La Vie collection out too. They just worked together, and fit like a glove.


When I started working on the layers I knew I wanted them to not be so tight. Lately I have been trying to bring out my inner Jill Sprott and really use layers in a funky trendy way. I cut my layers in different lengths and sizes and almost fanned them out under my photo.


I did stick to less colors in my pattern papers since I have so much going on in my background. I really also went for different textures and patterns that were bold, like in the inspiration piece.

I love how the chipboard looks tucked under the layers too!! It gives the layout some height which I always like. It helps let you see different angles of the papers and ephemera that maybe you would see if if was all flat.


I also think it helps with the playful tone of the story that I journal about. This picture is my oldest daughter using a walkie talkie we gave her for christmas last year. We gave one to each of the girls, but the girls weren’t really interested last year at all. The other weekend the girls were cleaning their closest out and found them. They are really into the My Little ponies right now so to have another thing that had pines on it was really exciting. Then they realized they could talk to each other from different rooms, and boy they couldn’t get enough of these walkie talkies!! All weekend long all they did was try to talk to each other from other rooms, up stairs and downstairs, they even tried talking for outside too. It was fun watching them play with these toys, so simple but complex at the same time! I really wanted to tell this story, and put to paper this photo, this smirk of delight that Leilani has!!


I am really glad I ended up keeping it pretty simple as far as embellishments goes. It really made me have to focus more on how to be playful with the layers. Also with a busy background it really didn’t need much more. I tend to not know how to stop, and I am glad I feel like I am really learning this concept, of less is more!!


You can watch my process video, over at The Crafty Maven Getaway Channel.


Doing this layout, even though it was a technique that was simple and something I have done before really did help me feel like I am catching my mojo. I feel like I want to try another layout to see if that one makes me want to create more. I think that is how mojo works sometimes too. The more you use that muscle of art and creation the more you get that itch to create again.

I am ready to pull out another piece of white cardstock and see what journey that piece starts to take me. See where I end up with that piece of paper, what story I end up telling too. I think that is a good place to be when you end a layout, if you ask me.

Here is one last look at my layout.


Have an inspired Day My Scrappy friends!!

Aloha, Hannah

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