Happy New Year!!

IMG_2040Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

I hope everyone has exciting and blessed things planned for this upcoming year!! I love how in the New Year you get this chance to reflect on the last year and things that worked and things that didn’t. Then we all make plans to change. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t.

This Year my plan is all about Focus. I have been thinking about the things I didn’t like that I made habits of and what I do to change, but for the better of my life. In all reality many of the habits, and things I did this past year weren’t really bad, and some not even really my fault. I did however let things be as they were many times.

I want to Focus on my family more. They are the ones I love, right?! These years with them at this age are going so fast. Before I know it they won’t be as big part of my daily life. I don’t want to look back and say I wish I enjoyed them more.

The hubby and I have made some family goals to help encourage this Focus on Family. like unplugged days once a week, monthly outings and some other goals that focus more on being together.

I want to Focus more in my scrap room. This one may seem odd, since I am pretty prolific as a scrapbooker. I have made lots of layouts on a regular basis. So many that I don’t have enough albums to fit them in. The true hard fact is, I spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing in my scrap room.

This year I was lucky enough to get an actual room, more of a me space, not in the living. Close enough though that I can still see the comings and goings of my family. I seem to be more distracted in there though. I want to Focus on getting into a routine that encourages me to be productive while I am scrapbooking. I want to get back to playing music while scrapping, recording and editing my layouts and finishing a layout in one seamless session.

I have a few goals when it comes to scrapbooking, like spending more time working on The Crafty Maven Getaway and working on starting up classes later this year. Being productive and having a routine that works with the lifestyle and work flow we have now will make me just feel good.

I want to Focus on Relationships this year. I am a people person!! There are no ways around that. This past year I really have been in my own bubble. I see whats going on around me and I have some close friends, but I really want to work harder to keep in contact with the people that matter. I want to do some meet ups with local scrapbookers in my area. I want to message and call old friends I don’t keep in contact with as much as I would like. I also want to make and spend time with some newer friends in the area. I love the online community but I also need real relationships in person as well.

I want to Focus on decluttering this year. We still have a buttload of boxes in our garage that need a home. Whether is because we need shelves for all the books we own, or whether its old kids clothes we need to get rid of. We just have a lot of stuff. I want to try to get through most of it this year and start trying not to keep things we don’t need. Being in the military, we move on a regular basis and this past duty station we were bad about getting rid of old stuff, toy and clothes. I don’t want to go into another move (whenever that is) with a lot of un need amounts of things.

I want to Focus on Training our puppy more. She has grown so much in the time we have had her. She is very active and needs lots of exercise and I want to Focus more time to making sure she gets all that and start training her. I would love if eventually she is trained as a service dog for Sam. Since she has been with us since a puppy I think this would be a good goal for her. To help us recognize when Sam is too low or too high.

I want to Focus on my photo taking. I love pictures. I may at times take too many 😉 I want to take photos with more purpose. Practice taking shots that are fun and cool. I also want to get better at editing and keeping my photos organized. I have tons of pictures from the summer until now, that I advent went through because I am not printing photos at home. I need to change that.

I want to Focus on Clean eating and a more healthy eating style. Especially with my son being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I know how important it is for us as a family to eat right. The past 4 or so years I have slowly changed some things about the way we eat. This year though has really hit home in how important this change needs to be made and a better incorporation of this healthy eating. That means less processed food. Way less. Especially in the morning and at dinner. I want to make more homemade sauces and carb friendly sides. This summer we are going to have a garden in our yard I want to use all that goodness and maybe even try my own at some canning. Buying more local produce and buying foods that help our bodies. Hopeful this will translate into some recipes for you readers too!!


What are some things you are doing this year to make your life better? More productive and more Creative? I hope that no matter what you are spending the time with those you’ve and focusing on the things that really matter to you. Whether you planned them or not!!

Happy New years my Friends I look forward to sharing so much with you this year!!


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Scrap Room Tour


Aloha!! I thought it would be fun to share my new scrap room. It is mostly organized the way I want it (for now at least) and then I will tweak it as I scrap more in it and see how things need to be re arranged.

This is a photo I took when we first moved in!! It’s all mine! When I first saw this room I knew it would be perfect for scrapbooking in. Lots of windows and natural light!! Amazing.

In our old place I didn’t have a room either, I scrapped in the living room. I had part of the room to store all my stuff. And then not all of it fit. (isn’t that how we scrapbookers are though we buy or have more than our space really should have)

It is glorious to have my own space, I can see the kids when they are in the yard playing. I can hear them in the living room. But I still have me space and it’s nice because I spend a lot of time in my room creating and watching youtube videos, or watching class videos on scrapbooking.

Now that we are mostly all settled in the new house, I really wanted to share my space. It still is quite small, but I like it that way. I have to be smart with the purchases I buy! I have to be smart with how I store my supplies.

Here is a picture of my crazy room, before I put the albums away and got it all organized!! Isn’t a little chaotic? I thought so. (I will admit though, most of this clutter is from the albums and layouts that needed to be put away)


This is what it looked like after I cleaned it up. Everything is within arms lengths reach while I am scrapping, which is nice!



Here is a more up close look at my window sill and desk. There were a few projects out, when I took this, but I feel like it gives a real look at what my desk looks like when I am creating and haven’t finished a layout or project. It is nice to be bale to leave it out knowing it won’t get touched, right?!



I also have a video on my YT Channel showing off my room and how things are stored right now. Things will probably get changed as I get using my room and i find out what works here and what doesn’t. That is the fun part of scrapping and having your own space, figuring out what works. How the space is organized and how much you use when it’s that way.



Thanks for stopping by!! Have an inspired week!!

Also I would love to here some fun tips on how you organize your space to be more productive!!


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Scrap Gals Podcast

Aloha My scrappy friends!!

I am super excited to share with you this morning that I am on as a guest on The Scrap Gals podcast with Tracie and Tiffany!!

We are talking about two page layouts, why aren’t they being showcased as much, how you can find more of that inspiration if you are looking for more two page layout inspiration. We also touch on different approaches when it comes to scrapbooking.

I hope you check out the podcast, it is a good one.

Here is the link to listen to the Episode: The Death of the Double Pager

Have a great scrappy week!!!


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The Great Discussion: Two Page Spreads

Aloha Crafty Mavens!!

We all have certain styles in scrapbooking that we love to fall back on , or that we just really enjoy doing. A certain way we like to share our memories in our albums. It is so specific and tailored to each one of us individually.

Lately I have seen lots of comments by the lovers of two page layout spreads looking for new inspiration. This industry has changed..is changing so much, all the time. It is hard to find inspiration once the style you love to scrap in isn’t trendy anymore.

I am always so interested in why inspiration changes so much when our end result is to have our memories down on paper. But let me tell you the people who share there inspiration are always trying to up their game. It is often hard to keep up.

I thought it would be fun to take up a challenge for myself and do a series on my own YT channel, and create some 2 page layouts to help expand my scrapbook style and thinking. Also I really think it is important as one who shares their own work to try to listen to what inspires others too, and fill that need if I can fit it into how I create too.

Starting Next Saturday August 20th I will start posting double page layouts on Saturdays on my YT channel. I hope you are as excited as I am about this series. I am really hoping to do a variety of double page spreads that are inspiring for everyone.

I thought it also would be fun to share a few double layout spreads I have made in the past too. Since I have done a few on occasion. (I actually started off doing double page layouts when I started scrapbooking in 2014)

Layout I made in May 2014


Spread I made with PL spread as 2nd page (For Shimelle Class) Summer 2014


Layout with a 6×12 as 2nd page Feb/March 2016


Layout From April 2015


Double Page Layout I made in Fall 2014



Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my work. And many of the older layouts I haven’t even really shared before, an extra bonus for you!!


See you scrappers later and stay inspired until next time!!



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The Joys of Moving

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

I feel like it has been forever since I last did a blog post. Looking it was the the end of May, and let me tell you so much stuff has happened since then too. Moving!!

What can I say about that?!! It has been a crazy ride. Moving is always interesting and there is always a bit of the unknown when it comes with moving. Even more so when you are moving because of a job or the military. You are often moved to an area you have never been, and don’t have the chance to go there before hand to check out the area.

Moving from a place like Hawaii really adds another set of problems too. You need to plan on your vehicles getting shipped, your household goods getting packed and shipped, figure out how you are moving your animals, what you are doing about living arrangements while cleaning the house you were in, cleaning and getting out of that space, then living in a hotel until you fly out. All your belongings are limited to your suitcases. Because you don’t know where you are living in your new city, you can’t just ship some boxes ahead of time.


Then when you get to your new city, you need a rental car until you get your vehicle. You need to get into a hotel, hope it has a little fridge, and a microwave so you don’t have to eat out every meal. You need to look for housing, you need to learn driving in a new area, and then the hubby is having to go back to work.

This doesn’t account for any little (or big) things that may arise during the move.

The thing about moving though it can be so exciting. You get to see new things. Meet new people.

Can I just say this move feels so much different then the other moves. I don’t know if it’s because I am so connected to the scrapbooking community in a big way. I really enjoy the friendships I have made, I really enjoy seeing what everyone is up too and making. I really love being apart of something so much bigger than me, by helping others be inspired.

This move has had it’s share of challenges. First my husband’s vehicle dead before we moved. Then when we got to Washington, our son Sam went into the hospital and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Thankfully we caught things when we did and he recovered quickly. Now we are just learning how to change how we do meals and a little difference to our daily routine.

We are enjoying the new environment so far. When it isn’t raining it has been beautiful. The mountains here are gorgeous!! Our view of Mt. Rainer (when it is visible) is jaw dropping beautiful. It is the perfect summer temperature too. Not to hot and not to cold. I am glad we got to move in the summer so I can ease into the cooler weather too. Even though can I tell you I am so looking forward to fall time and all the leaves changing and pumpkin spice lattes.


Now the biggest and hardest thing is being in the hotel most of the time. Since I am waiting for my vehicle, I am limited to this room. I am hoping as routines are being formed I can get lots of crafting done. Since I still have all my crafting stuff with me. I have only had time to make two layouts. But I am really looking forward to spending this month, creating, and hopefully (if the internet keeps up) watching youtube to find inspiration too. Blogging is something I am hoping to get too as well.

I think sharing the challenges I am facing through this move could be helpful. I also look forward to having this time to help get a routine that I can continue when I get into my new house. And to be inspired by what is going on in the community by staying connected with less distractions of having a huge house to take care of.

I hope you all are having a great week, and looking forward to your summer or winter if you live in the other hemisphere. If you are traveling I would love to hear how you stay connected and how you get inspired to create on the road.



Also, I had posted an update Vlog on my Youtube channel. Here is the video if you haven’t seen it.



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Ramblings of a scrapbooker

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I have tons to share with you!! Thus the title Rambling, which I am really good at, by the way.  First off, I am really excited because for the month of March I am the Guest Designer for Clique Kits!! I love Clique Kits, the owners so amazing. Plus the products and kits they offer are super fun. I have been subscribing to Clique Kits for about a year now, and I am never disappointed when I get my kit in the mail! To share my work with their kit on their blog, is so incredible!! Keep a look out on my Youtube Channel and here for the layouts I have made with their “Hell Yeah” March Kit.



As many of you may have heard I made a trip to the US mainland unexpectedly. I had not been to New York (which is where I went to see my family) in about 6 years.  It was quite a culture shock for me, to be back in the country with little internet and spotty cell phone service. To tell you the truth, I was going a little crazy without Youtube!! I did very much enjoy seeing all my family though. It was just what I needed.

Before I left I was really struggling with finding mojo. I would sit to create and nothing would come. I think my focus just wasn’t in the right place. It is always a struggle to stay connected to the community and find new inspiration to create. I want to be more productive so I need to spend more time off social media and more time, creating, editing and blogging. The editing, blogging and organizing of these things things tend to drain my creative side too though. And I have been having a hard time finding the balance in it all. I am such an social person too, I think my lack of interaction in the community was a big part of my mojo issues.

I wish I could give some advice as to all the things that work to stay on track and create and be productive, but I am so human that I just have to tweak things each week, and try again the next week. I will say having a routine of things that I do everyday does help. But that is me, and I know routine and schedules can kill mojo in some people too.

I am learning this year that “Intention’ is something you need to keep in mind throughout the day, the week and on a regular basis so that you are aware of the things that need to change and things that are working. I hope that by the end of the year I will have tweaked or ironed out my routine and what works more for me. Or I could learn that in the end if I am having fun and meeting deadlines that need to be met, why stress out about it.

I am working this week to get back into a regular Youtube posting schedule. I am still hoping to post 3 days a week. Then add things as I have certain Design Team posting too. This three postings a week I believe means that I can make extra layouts for upcoming projects or just to be a little. I also have time to have down time to have fun.

My next rambling has to do with pictures!! Lets talk a little about this. One thing I realized while I was gone is that I need to focus on more picture taking. Sometimes I feel like the worst picture taking scrapbooking. I don’t take pictures everyday. There sometimes are weeks where I take a couple pictures all week, besides pictures of layouts that I have made.

As a scrapbooker pictures and stories are the two most important keys to what we do. I need pictures to scrap and I need to tell my families stories. If I don’t take the time to focus on these two things, I can’t make layouts.

I also am the kind of scrapbooker that needs to be inspired by the photos or stories that I am going to put on a page. If i am not connected in some way to these two elements my layout suffers.

Being so focused on the back end of the creating process I had lost focus of the most important thing to what I love to do. And I had became so caught up in things I didn’t even realize that this was the case. Thats bad, really bad. I am so glad I could take a step back and refocus my camera lens of life!! I really love being a memory keeper. I love capturing the moments in our lives that hopefully will mean so much more later in life. Even if it’s just a cute smile, or something we do everyday.

My goal this month is to take more photos. Taking photos with more intent too. I really want to think about the stories I haven’t told that I want to see/read about later, and take pictures that can help tell those stories. My kids are at that age that the are growing so fast. I really want to remember and tell the story of their childhood while we are living it. Then they can look back later and see who they are.

I also realized if I don’t take those extra few minutes to take a picture I may not have time later to do it. I have to take the time to capture what inspires me. It was so hard to be back home in New York and not be able to stop every five minutes to capture things like hay bails and cows, and old brick farmhouses. The fact that my time was limited back home and in order to spend time with those that I love I couldn’t take the time to take all the photos I wanted felt so crappy. But I realized it really is a choice, either I take those extra minutes or I enjoy the time I have. Coming back to Hawaii I really have tried to take time to get a few extra shots with my camera.

Thanks for sticking around for my ramblings!! I hope you are having a productive week, or at least fun week.

Can’t wait to chat with you some more about scrapbooking journey!

Aloha, Hannah

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Just Because You Plan it…

Aloha my scrappy friends!!


It is getting closer to the end of January. How has your month gone so far? Have you been able to stick to the plan you thought up? or have you struggled to stay on top of all those goals you wrote down hoping to obtain?

I am slowly and sadly realizing that just because you plan it, it doesn’t matter that you can really keep up with all that you hope to do. Appointments have you tired early in the evening, the kids struggle with you get finish their school work, the dog keeps stealing shoes and the kid’s toys to get your attention, and so many other things that are just apart of life happen. It’s natural.

I keep thinking about my One Little Word I choose for my year, Intention. Are the things I am doing this month, now that it is the end of the month, acting on this word? What changes do I need to make for the next month so that I can fully live out this word, Intention.

It is hard for me, to be honest. I want so much for this year!! It’s only January and already things are changing tracks from what I even imagined could happen and in a good way. (One of these things I will be able to share coming up really soon!!) I hate to think that it is only one month in and I need to slim down what I had hoped to do, but also being honest, if I want to get more out of this year I need to be easy on my myself.

So want does that look like for my channel, remember that amazing list of days I shared that I would be sharing?! I do, it has been yelling at me all this week. YELLING!! I have been struggling to post everything I really want to, and I even wasn’t able to finish my Podcast Inspired Layout. It is started at least, but I don’t feel like that really matters.

I am thinking I really can only commit to posting on Youtube Three days a week. So I am going to be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am hoping to share the series that I planned to on those days. I may some weeks, when I have less DT stuff due, be able to post an extra layout or two. This week I do have a Midori PL video to share and a Bible journaling video too. Those will be posted this weekend, but my Scrap Bin layout may be late this weekend.

I know you scrappy fiends are happy with whatever I share with you, the pressure is very much the pressure I put on myself. And it’s strong, I want to give so much, that is just me. Though, I also need to be able to give to my family and myself too.

Today I signed up for Big Picture Classes, I really want to take some classes to learn more this year. The more I learn the more inspired to create. And that is a very good thing!!

Especially since I want to create a class this year too!!

I hope you are taking it easy on yourself and giving yourself grace to change your goals and plans this year to match what your life really needs. It is so necessary for us to do this on a regular basis.

I look forward to seeing you friends around this weekend!! I have a few things ready to share with you and I am excited to share them!!

Have a great and inspired Weekend!!

Aloha, Hannah

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Happy New Year

Yay it’s a new year!!I mentioned in my previous blog that I have taken a lot of time to really think about what and how I want to go about doing things in the future.

I have had an incredible year last year!! Leilani finished chemo!! The kids are doing amazing in school, learning so much. We have really connected with some families on the island. Then you add in my crafty things. I took an Amy Tan class!! I started The Crafty Maven Getaway. I started a podcast. I also scrapped so many moments for our family albums. I also have made some amazing friendships in the scrapping community this year as well.

It is hard to think I could top all the highlights from this year. And yet I would like to think I could try!!

This year I have decided to do One Little Word, with Ali Edwards. (If you don’t know what it is, I will try to explain. You pick a word for the new year to focus on and incorporate that word into your life throughout the year. Ali has an amazing program where she gives prompts to better do this.)  I am really excited in do this. I have been really bad in the past about resolutions. I think by thinking in this in terms with a word, I think it will be able to see my goals, plans and hopes come to fruition.

My word this year is Intention. Crafty and personally I want this word to be in the forefront on every decision I make. Whether it is putting my kids first, or setting and sticking to a schedule on my Youtube channel.

My husband is in the military and we are planning on making a move to a new duty station this year. Sometime in the middle of the year. It’s exciting and scary. It will mean many unknowns for us and for me. I will have to take more time away from my scrappy supplies and even social media, to move.

As sad as I am to leave such a magical place, we are exited to experience a new place too. Even though I have so many plans in my brain that I want to accomplish, I will have to do things intentionally this year. Think through my decisions, which may mean waiting to do some of them.

With that said there is plenty of things that I can do, and plan to do. I really want to focus on learning this year!! I plan to take a scrapbooking class each month. I want to scrap as much as I can. Using up all those pesky scraps I have sitting in a drawer!

I also want to get more organized. I want to start actually setting a schedule and then sticking to it on my Youtube Channel. My hope is to post 4 times a week on my Youtube Channel.

Here is a quick rundown of the series and types of things you will see on my channel and when.


Podcast Inspired Series layouts (This series are layouts that are made and inspired from the talks on The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast) Every other week starting Jan 4th

My Heritage Series Layouts (This series I using vintage family photos or old family stories to make a layout. These layouts are done in a more contemporary style.) Every other week starting December 28th. (there are a few other layouts in this series done already)


Kit Club Layouts (Every Week)

These layouts will be featuring the kits I get from the kit clubs I am subscribed too. Currently I am subscribed to Clique Kits and Hip Kits. There is playlists on my Youtube Channel for whatever Kit Club I do use for that layout.


Hannah’s Scrap Bin Series 

This series I use scraps to create layouts. Some videos in this series will use some sort of inspiration to pick my papers in my scrap bin. Some will not. I will be posting layouts for this series once a week. Starting back up again Jan 8th.


Midori/Pocket Page Scrapbooking layouts

I will be posting Project page spreads or my Month in a Midori Style Notebook. I will be posting these every week.

Sundays: Every other Sunday I hope to share a Bible Journaling page or a Planner page spread. (this day may or may not be as consistent depending on how much is going on in my life or what I feel I can share.)

I also hope that I can share some other layouts I am working on too. But that will depend on how ahead I can scrap. I also hope to take extra time this year to have videos ready and scheduled for viewing when I am moving. I really want to make my channel fun.

I am also hoping to have ready before the end of the month some fun little inspiration prompts that I share weekly. I have been thinking about this concept for a little while and I think it would be have to share some little prompts that help us think outside the box, scrappy wise. Some prompts will have you create a layout, some may be more about journaling or just pondering a concept. I am hoping to use videos to do this sometimes. I will be strictly sharing these prompts on this blog though. So if you are interested in this it will be helpful to be subscribed to my blog or at least have it bookmarked so you can check for the prompts. They will be located on its own page on my blog. But thats getting a little ahead of myself I suppose.

I really want to have a class on my blog at some point so this is really one first step that I can do to get a taste of that, but still keeping it easy for when things do start to change in my life and it gets crazy. Because moving is crazy!!

Well my friends I feel like I have gabbed enough for now!! Hopefully I haven’t lost you completely. If I did, I have a video that is going to be posted on my Youtube Channel explaining some of these changes!! When it is up I will post it here too.

Have an inspired Week!!

Aloha, Hannah


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