SpiegelMom Scraps What About Wednesday: Changing a Sketch

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! Have you ever needed to change a sketch? Are you the kind of scrapper that likes to stick to the sketch? Either way is right!!

Come over to the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog and see how I changed the sketch we are using this week with our Team Up with Let’s Get Sketchy.

Cup of liquid pumpkin.jpg

If you are interested in any of the Sequins and cork stars in this layout, Use my code Hannah15 and get 15% off your order!!

Also be on the look out for a process video for this layout on my Youtube Channel later this week !!

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What About Wednesday: Laura’s October Sketch Challenge

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

It’s officially Autumn, I have had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte and this week I made pumpkin soup. I make this soup every fall. It doesn’t feel like fall without it. Boy, did it taste so delicious too. Perfect for the chilly and cloudy days we have been having this week.

I want to share with you the layout I made for the SpiegelMom Scraps Blog. I am tackling Laura’s October Sketch Challenge. I hope you check it out. You can see the sketch over at the SpiegelMom Scraps Facebook Group.

I should have a process video for this layout later this week too!!

Sweater weather SMS.jpg

I hope you are having a great week!! I will be around later this week sharing some more layouts and I am thinking I am going to have an update blog post too. One where I just gab away, because you all know how easy that is for me!!



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What About Wednesday: Life Is Sweet


Aloha my scrappy friends!! It’s hump day today, and my hubby’s weekend. So I am making the most of it, and spending some family time together today. This past couple of weeks is us getting into the rhythm of the school year and how that works with my husbands new schedule. It’s aways a challenge, but everything always feels right when we get into the habit and routine of spending time together, right?!

This week on What About Wednesday over at SpiegelMom Scraps I am talking about scrappy mojo and keeping my slumps at bay. With getting back into the routine of school and appts and my husbands schedule, it always effects my scrapbooking mojo.

There are some things I do to help make this process quick and hopefully painless so I can get the most out of my scrapbooking time. Because now that school is here I definitely don’t have as much free time.

Hope you check out my blog post and the layout I made to help jump start my mojo!!


I used the newest Citrus Twist Sketch from their blog to help me create this layout.


To read more about the sketch you can check out their blog.


Don’t forget you can also find inspiration over on the SpiegelMom Scraps Facebook Group 15 Minutes to Scrap.I love all the conversations we have over there. I hope you stop by!!

If you like any of the store supplies I used, the cork-fetti hearts or Happy Dance sequins, Use my code Hannah15 to get 15% off your next order!!

Hope to see you around my scrappy friends!! Stop by my blog later this week for some fun as well!!

Have an inspired week,


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FTLOHK: This Boy Totally Has Swagger

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! Happy Hump Day!! Today feels like a tuesday for me, having a monday holiday always throws me off my game. Throw in the Hubby’s new work schedule, new doctor appts this week and school starting this week too. It is super crazy and that’s just life, right?!

I am a little late in posting this layout and video, but I think you will agree that it was worth that wait.

I am loving the fun and bright colors in this new kit I made. (I have a blog post coming up later today sharing all that is in my homemade kit this round too.)

I was inspired by the plus paper from Amy Tangerine and this cute photo of my son wearing my brothers baseball hat!! He totally has swagger, with his button down shirt!! That boy knows how to look sharp!

I used a sketch from Citrus Twist to get me started.


Here is a look at my completed layout.


I ended up adding a few scrap papers from my desk on this layout to bring in some more black and white. And this blue paint splatters branding strip from a new Dear Lizzy Paper fits perfect on the layout too.


I love how this stamp really pops in this cluster!!


I outlined around my paper layers to draw your eye into the photo.


I kept the embellishing really simple this time. Using rub ons and black and white splatters ties all the neutral papers that I added to my page together too. I also used a journaling card instead of a second photo, which made my journaling stand out.


This title is so much fun!! I love the look of all the different fonts for an electric look!!

You can watch my process video here.


Hope you enjoyed this episode of For the love of homemade kits today!! I am loving doing this series and using up my stash! If you make a homemade stash kit with our recipe be sure to link or tag us so we can be inspired by your creations too!!

Have an inspired hump day!!


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Story time With Hannah

Aloha my scrappy friends!! I hope this week is treating you well! I have had a busy week, full of doctors appts, school works and a little fun mixed in. That’s generally how my life looks on a weekly basis lately. Then I try to squeeze in some creative time for me, because I love scrapbooking and getting my hands dirty with media.

One of the things I have moved towards this year a lot more is this desire to tell the stories of my life, my families life. I love history and I love that we are living history lessons in the making. Even if our life seems normal to us, one day someone will look back and see how we all did things. This urge to document my story has always been a part of me, whether I was writing in a diary, taking photos, and making videos of just goofy things with my cousin, I have always been interested in the ways we can document our lives.

Now that I am older, now that I have found scrapbooking. I see that this need to tell my story for the future (whether thats my kids, and grandkids or maybe some random person who happens upon my albums at some flea market or antique store) is really just a part of who I am. And it started with the ones I love. When I went back home to visit my family it really was the perspective I needed. I seen my Grandma’s shelves filled with photo albums from over the years. I heard her tell the stories behind the photos. Even though it isn’t traditional scrapbooking, she is a scrapbooker at the heart. I remember going through these albums as a kid, and i loved going through these albums with a different lens. The lens of time. I wish I had time to write all the stories, and people who are in our family albums, because I know when she is gone, a lot of those stories will be gone. (I think that is why know I feel it so much more important to tell the stories that I remember because life is to short to hold them all in for later!)

So last night when I sat down to scrap I decided it was time to tell this story I am about to share with you.  The photo I used to scrap this story, is not even from when my story takes place. But I am learning it’s not really always about the actual photo. I mean, this actual photo isn’t really all that important in the scheme of things. Except it shows us as a family interacting and having relationships like we used too. This photo could have taken place at any one of our family get togethers. Because of that it is getting used to tell my story.

I used a sketch from  Sketch class I am taking by Tracie Claiborne and Crafty Jen Schow called Ready, Sketch, Go. I liked the idea of not having to worry about the design by using a sketch. Using a sketch gives me the freedom to focus on the story, which is really what I want to do. Did I add me own twist?! Of course, I find that I just have this just who I am too. I am ok with that.

I also used the April Clique Kit I received this month, it had Simple Stories Life In Color collection has its main element. This collection really focuses on capturing life, stories. The colors are fun too. I thought it would be a good base for a story about my grandfather and his need to film.

I guess now is a good time to tell the story that my layout is about. My grandfather (who died when I was in junior high school) loved to take out his camcorder, which was huge because it was from the early nineties. When ever we got together for a holiday or get together, he would place the camcorder on a counter in the kitchen and press record. The videos would be a couple of hours of coming and goings in the kitchen. The kitchen was usually where most of us hung out, and we were a big family so usually someone was in there. Sometimes there would be stories being told on the videos, sometimes it would be jokes and laughter. There was usually at some point yelling at kids, to come or calm down too.

These videos could sometimes be pretty boring, but looking and thinking back at them, it captures our family and our relationship. We would get together many times, at every holiday, most birthdays and it was fun. I have lots of fond memories of our close family. (As an adult, and being so far away, I really miss having that closeness with my family.)

Now the fact that we have ten or twelve VCR tapes with chaos of our togetherness, makes me smile. To hear the voices of all of us having a good time is something we can cherish. Of course I don’t even know if any of us can play them, because VCR’s are hard to come by.

I think about my love for documenting and know that without a doubt, I got it from my grandfather too. Only he was crazy enough to document the everyday, the common. I think about how it was just part of what went on when we were together, us kids didn’t even think about it. I love that it is engrained in my past, that now grabbing a camera is like second nature to me too. I would love to thank my grandfather for that.

Okay, now that I have rambled on, I should finish talking about this layout. I decided to add tags along the left hand side. I was thinking about conversations and speech bubbles, and how I wanted the journaling to read more like conversations that may have been had on these videos.


I kept the layout simple and only added a few papers. I made use of the cut parts Simple Stories is known for too. This camera lens was perfect because I was talking about a camera. That card was also the perfect place to add a title. I decided to have fun with the title too, my grandfather was always joking and would have loved it.


Above this 4×6 card I added a row of simple embellishments. The acrylic camera was so cute I had to use that!!




I also added an embellishment cluster at the top of the photo and the other 4×4 cut apart card I used. I kept these simple too, the hearts made it easy to do.

I hope you enjoyed this journey down memory lane!! I hope to share more story inspired layouts as a series. I think the more I scrap the more I want to tell the stories of my life, my families lives, the stories we will want to tell at the holiday tables, or get together. Stories that when we look back at them in many many years will bring a smile to our faces.

Whether things stories tell of birthdays, holidays or just everyday things these are the stories of my family that I want to tell. And I hope I have inspired you to want to tell the moments and stories that matter to you!!


Aloha, until next time, Hannah

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Documenting My Morning Routine


Last week was A week in a Life, (a way of documenting your day to day routines that happen throughout the week, started by Ali Edwards) and I after reading all the blog posts this past week I really wanted to be able to join in. I just sure with all the other things I had going on if that was possible. I really did reading about what everyone else did throughout their regular week. I tried to keep in mind this thought behind a week in the life, how its about documenting what we are doing throughout our day, so we can go back and remember bits of our life that may or may not change throughout the years.

In order to document these things I tried to remember to take more pictures of normal routine things we throughout our day. With my children young and homeschooling there are lots of things going on throughout our day. I will imagine these routines will greatly change in the future. I even took some video clips, thinking maybe I would make a vlog instead.

The thought of a smaller project seemed so much more manageable to me as well. I mean I could piece some photos and a few video clips together in iMovie and it’s like a digital mini album, right.

In fact that is what I did, in the end. Here is the link to the vlog post I posted to my Youtube channel. And even though I could have probably took better videos, I really feel it gave a good feel how our school day looks like. I want these kinds of projects to look like our life, crazy and full of energy. Because that i what our days look like with three little kids.

I love scrapbooking 12×12. When I work on other sizes, I severely miss the traditional size of scrapbooking. I wanted to be able to incorporate this aspect into this thought of A Week In The Life.

I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks I can scrap more photos of what our day looks like now. I know I somewhat do Project Life style pages, but I really don’t take the extra space to explain these routines we have or why.

That brings me to this layout I made over the weekend, sharing what my morning looks like now that school has started.

The True Stories Shimelle collection with its coffee and fun colors were perfect for the feel I was going for. I started out by painting on white cardstock. Sometimes I just can’t resist brushing on colors that match with the papers I want to use. This technique is easy and really doesIMG_2674n’t take much artistic touch. I also used some black ink and stamped hearts on the painted area.

I had a7c0c12a17137e290cf0203c08b6ccbd8lready known that I wanted to use a sketch that I found on Pinterest as my inspiration.

I also knew that I was only going to use one photo and layer a lot. When in doubt layer, that’s my motto!!

Using a 6×6 paper pad helped keep my layers on the smaller side. Plus I don’t feel nearly as bad cutting into a 6×6 pad as I do when it’s a big beautiful sheet of patterned paper. IMG_2681The little 2×2 squares from the cut apart sheet in the new Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers collection were also fun and a good size for layering.

I really love how everything came together. It is so hard to tell they are from different collections at all. I think the coffee cup die cut is my favorite thing on the layout!! It is so adorable!!


On the other side of the photo I journaled. About our morning routine. This lined paper added to the fact that we started our roIMG_2680utine when school started but also helped keep my handwriting straight.

I added some old puffy stickers from my stash that were from the On MyDesk Collection by Gossamer Blue. The colors tied in well with both collections I used. I love the wood buttons too. Those are becoming one of my favorite embellishments to use.

I decided that I needed something at the bottom of my layout where I had painted and stamped. It looked bare done there.

I added a strip of paper and an embellishment die cut. The cup puffy sticker fit perfectly done there too. A little eye candy but not to much to distract you from the important stuff on the layout. IMG_2683

I didn’t make a process video for this layout. But here are some other photos of my layout!!





I hope you are inspired to take a different approach when scrapping your daily routines. Whether it is in Project Life Style Scrapbooking or a more traditional layout. I am really glad I scrapped this routine. I am already done with a nighttime routine layout and planning on doing a few more layouts that are based on things that could change in the future, but how we do them now!

Have a great week my scrappy friends!!

Aloha, Hannah

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You Gotta Love that Smile

Aloha Scrappers!!!  It’s been really hot here this week, so I have been busy getting ready for school (I homeschool) and doing lots of scrappy stuff. I have been doing lots of getting stuff ready when we start school and I can’t be online all the time for the new YT Channel I started. If you haven’t checked out The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel, you should, there is tons of inspiration and lots of scrapping and crafting going on. All the ladies from YT are so talented, and it’s a pleasure working with them.

But because I have been so busy, I have been scrapping without my camera on!! I know shocking, because I love doing process videos. It has been kinda liberating though scrapping knowing I don’t have to think about the time, or camera, not that it keeps me bogged down much. For a change it is nice though.

I want to share quickly with you a layout I worked on Wednesday for a sketch challenge over at the Victoria Marie Facebook Group Hump Day challenge. I love the challenges over on the group. I love that you can look through all the challenges and pick one and not have a time line too!!

Here is the sketch I used from Scrapbook Circle. It’s fun and simple, leaving lots of room to interpret it how you want to. Those kinds of sketches are by far my favorite. IMG_0525

I used cracked pistachio distress re inker with some water and used big paintbrush and swiped my brush across a piece of white cardstock. I didn’t use any gesso, I figured the little bit of media wouldn’t matter much as far as curling on the background. The light mint green color looks so nice on the white. It was the perfect starting point for this layout.

I decided on using an almost black and white photo, the coloring I used let a little of the pink in my daughter’s shirt peek through. It was a little fun playing around in photoshop to create an unique filter for this photo of my middle daughter beaming as she sat up.

Her smile is priceless!! I love that smile, it melts this momma’s heart.

I went easy on the layers, just using some pink Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy paper, some Websters Pages paper and a piece from the Maggie Holmes Confetti collection. I used a scalloped sticker left over from the Dear Lizzy Serendipity collection was a cool pice to layer in too. I liked that it added texture and was a little different then the punched school notebook layer the sketch used.

For the journaling area I die cut out a Stitched frame from Amy Tangerine. It was nice to contain my journaling in that box too. Allowing for a place to journal that looked pleasing. Many times I just add the journaling at the end where it seems to fit, so this sketch made it nice becIMG_2169ause it gave me a place that looked nice and fit into the design too.

Because I can’t help myself but to add more layers and paper, I added two strips of paper at the bottom of the layout. I used a Multi colored dot from the Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy collection and an old Amy Tangerine paper with plus marks, which I have to say I love this trend. The black also tied all the black throughout the layout together too.

For the circle element I used a craft doily that I used pink stamping ink on with a blending tool. I then layered a flower sticker form the Serendipity collection.

The bottom paper had yellow dots in it so I used some wash tape strips from the Amy Tangerine Rise and Shine collection. I scattered some pieces throughout the layout so I could build some clusters of embellishments.

I used lots of circles from die cuts I cut out for another layout. Some of the circles had hearts, some circles were small and filled in, and some were thin. I used colors that matched the layout and added them randomly to the clusters.

IMG_2167I made a banner and paired it with a Poolside banner sticker and some circles for the top cluster in the sketch.

For the Title I wanted to use different fonts, so I used mint Elle Studio alpha’s in mint to tie the mint from the background. I used a Poolside sunshine transparency and some block alpha’s in black and white. I love how the colIMG_2170ors in the title match and tie in all the colors I used on the Layout.

I finished by adding some wood buttons from the Poolside Collection and the new Shimelle collection. I added some enamel dots and black color shine splatters.

I roughly outlined the border of the layout to bring your eye into the layout, plus it just seemed like a cute touch to this layout.

I hope you scrappers are finding inspiration in the photos you are going to scrap!! I love looking at old photos of my kids and being inspired to scrap them in a fresh and fun way.

Have a great week!!!

Until next time,


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