Climbing High

Aloha my scrappy friends!! How is your weekend? I have been relaxing this morning, reading, watching cartoons with my kiddos, and drinking coffee. Just a nice Saturday morning.

I may have mentioned, I may not have, but this week as part of my One Little Word process, I have challenged myself to blog everyday this week. My word is Intention and I want to be intentional about the things I want to do. Like blogging, has been really on my heart do be an important part of my voice. I love blogging, even though I put it off all the time. Probably because it takes a lot of time. I really love the continually conversations, and blog type relationship that can grow over time. I also have found that I really enjoy looking at others blogs this year.

I have been happy that I have been able to do it. I think that I want to focus more on blogging as time goes on. I just need to figure out how I want to do it, how I want to blog. I don’t just want to share layouts. I want to share photos, stories and my life as it goes along  with scrapbooking.

Today I want to share a layout I made for Mercy Tiara’s all boy challenge in here FB group. I love the fun atmosphere on her new group, and her fun monthly challenges. I find it hard to keep up with all the challenges going on around Facebook now days, on top of the extra online class load I have created for myself.  I love that she just focuses on one challenge a month. It makes it much easier to join in the fun there.


I used my February Hip Kit. I have been really bad about using any of my kits that I have been getting. I love them, but for some reason I haven’t just picked them up to use. I have been grabbing my new collections. And I really am mostly ok with that, except that I have kits piling up that I really should use, because I paid for them!!

I also added some of my new Paige Evans Fancy Free paper, notice the circles with fun phrases in them. I swear it feels Paige was thinking of me when she made that page, because the phrases awesome sauce and cool beans. I thought I was the only one who really used those!! Who knew?!!


Those circles though are the perfect place to build embellishment clusters!! I used the Dear Lizzy word phrases and other small embellishments. Keeping it really simple.

Which is apparently my thing lately. Simple and I am not going to lie I rather like it!!


I stuck with the different tones of blue and green to fit with the boy theme, plus my son Sam loves the color blue. It’s his favorite so it seem appropriate it use. It even happens to match the color he is wearing.



I love these pictures. Sam had been wanting me to take pictures of him doing everything. And as a mom how could I say no, especially knowing maybe one day it won’t be so easy to get pictures of him. Plus I love these type of pictures, my kids playing having fun.

Sam was rocking (no pun intended) climbing up these fake rock cliff to get to the slide. The slide is his favorite, has been since he was so little. When his sisters were scared about how high the slide, Sam would go down that slide no problem, over and over again!!

To try to change things up, I tried to capture the perspective a little different with my camera for these pictures.


I used Thickers that you can color yourself from a past Hip Kit and tried to mix colors to get a shade of blue that was close to the background Amy Tangerine paper. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good match but that’s ok because they still worked and i still love the color.

I really like mixing fonts for titles. I made sure my tile alphas were staggered to match to the fact that my son is climbing and the rocks that go up. Plus I have the hardest time getting them straight so why not just make them un straight on purpose?!!

I did not do a video for this layout. I have been trying more lately to just do a layout without the camera rolling. Just to have fun creating without having to edit the video and upload it. It takes a little less pressure off. Which is something I need to do for me. Though I sill say it’s weird to do at first when you are used to taping every single layout.

I hope you enjoyed this layout, and the fact that I am blogging more. I am planning on posting two more straight days and then seeing what else I want to do. Whether it’s blogging a few times a week or what. This time though I am just going do what feels right and take it from there. No Pressure!!

Have a great weekend my scrappy friends!!


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