Day 2/100: Dog Days of Summer


This week has been super hot, especially for here. Today it was in the low 90s and muggy, and hazy and gross. No clouds, all sun. It is HOT. all we want to do is stay inside, close the blinds and stay cool in the AC.

Even the dog!!

I mean look at this pup. She is so spoiled. cuddling on the couch next to me as I edit photos and work on editing a process video while watching Top Chef.

Meanwhile, the cat.

Thinks my craft room, is her palace.

What you may not know is my craft room is a really a screened in porch, and is a tad bit warm today because of the heat. It is semi cooled from the house, but on a day like today, when the sun is blasting in, it has gotten really hot by the afternoon. I literacy had to pick up her big fat butt and make her get inside where the AC is. She is the Queen of the house.

I love these spoiled rotten animals though.  They really have made this house our home. They make sitting on the couch watching Hulu, nice and relaxing with the purr of contentment.

So even though it’s too hot to scrap in my scrap room at my desk, and I am chilling at the dining room table tonight to feed my creative nature. My story is about the little things that can turn your day around.

Watching my puppy jump through the cool water sprinkler as I water my dying lawn. Hearing my kids make dinosaur sounds from downstairs where their playroom is.

It’s the little things that make our days perfect.

I love the little moments.



Also here is a fun little sneak peek of what I was creating today!!

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