Day In The Life

Last week I did Day In The Life by Ali Edwards for the first time. In the fall time when everyone was doing A Week In The Life I watched with interest, but just couldn’t commit. I think the thought of taking pictures all week was a little intimidating. This year I will have switched to a much more story driven style of scrapbooking. I really have started thinking about the stories I want to tell with my layouts, the story of our live.

When I seen the talk about Day In The Life a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking if it was something I wanted to invest my time in. The more I thought about it the more fun it sounded like fun. I really hadn’t been doing project life this year, I honestly haven’t decided if I wanted to do it this year yet. Then the night before I finally decided that I was going to give it a try, at least taking pictures and start the journaling. I figured I could start it and see how I felt about it.

I am so glad I decided to do this. I really had fun looking through a different lens at what we do everyday. I am also glad my first time was on a normal day too. I now can’t wait until Week In The Life to do this on a bigger scale and get even more details, because there was definitely things left out that we do normally.

I took tons of photos, both with my iPhone and with my new DSLR camera too. I really wanted to get good photos, and I tried to think through the shots I was taking. This definitely made my day harder, as let’s face it, I am busy daily. But it was worth all the thinking and prepping too. I think next time I do this I will think through a plan too, just so I know maybe different times of the day that I know will be better to use my DSLR or my phone. This would be maybe because of light, busyness and things like that.

I learned a lot about our daily routine that I never even thought I would learn. I seen things that I never seen before. Mainly I really realized just how much I do each and every day!! I will talk a little more about these thinkings as I share my photos and a glimpse into our routine.

Here is a look into what the Lemieux Household looks like on a typical day:



Definitely not the picture perfect first photo I was hoping to get. But I think this is my favorite photo of the day. Probably because it is my favorite part of the day. Especially because it doesn’t always happen which is why it’s so special. when Ben gets home after PT in the morning he will come in to cuddle with me. I like waking up with his arms around me. It is a good way to start the day.



Ben has already left for work, and it’s time to pull myself out of bed. I admit it’s hard especially when my bed mate is being extremely lazy this morning!! Talk about being cozy!! (And just for the record he is halfway under the covers too)



Finally out of bed after a quick check on FB and Instagram. I know it’s a bad habit, but I can’t help myself. I like to see what is happening on the Mainland, what did I miss?! It was fun seeing the pics other scrappers were sharing of DITL.

I find the kids playing in their rooms, which is very normal, except thankfully there wasn’t to much fighting. That is often what I hear from down the hall. Not to fun, especially since I haven’t had coffee yet. I have to remind the kids it’s a school day and get dressed. It’s something we try to do everyday even though we are staying home to do school. I think it is important to start the day off with clean clothes and faces, that means bugging them to brush their teeth too!!



Time to head down stairs with the dog!! He hasn’t went pee yet which means he is acting all spaz like. He may not look like it but he is actually trying to play on Sam’s bed.




Yuck!! It’s chilly 74 degrees and raining!! But the dog needs to go pee. (I guess it looks like I am gonna have to mop today, because without fail Espo will track red mud into the house)


IMG_1230 copy.jpg

It’s breakfast time. The Kids are downstairs and STARVING!! (I swear it feels like they never ate dinner last night) Sam and Leilani pick out what cereal they want. Cheerios is the popular decision. Cayden like always in the morning still hasn’t made up her mind. She really isn’t a breakfast person, I think this is why she has a hard time deciding what she really wants.


IMG_1232 copy.jpg

Leilani realizes she doesn’t like the plain Cheerios. (she is already in a funky mood, I blame it on the chemo she used to have. She can get really emotional still sometimes. It makes me wonder if she will ever get out of this phase of whining about everything she doesn’t like.) Today I decide not to fight here and let her change her mind. I try not to do this but I still haven’t made coffee so she wins this morning. At least Cayden has finally decided what she wants!!


IMG_1233 copy

Finally I can get started on making myself coffee. Some mornings I make the kids wait until I make coffee before I get their breakfast. Today I did choose to wait, so really it is my own fault for not having coffee brewing earlier. But now I am thinking I may really need it. I get Cayden her breakfast of oatmeal, which requires the microwave. This gives me time to multitask. This should be called my middle name, because most days this is all I do!!


IMG_1234 copy

Getting down to business. My coffee is all brewed (Today I am drinking Dunkin, it’s a little piece that reminds me of back home.) Laptop is at the dining table. I like to set up there. I am going to check my emails (because I always have a tons) and get things situated to maybe blog. Today I need to work on a Crafty Maven Getaway blog post that I needed to do Sunday, but didn’t get too. I am trying this month to really start into the habit of doing something on my blog everyday, whether it is adding photos, back end stuff or actually writing a blog. I really want to get better about this. I admit I check FB now too. Another thing I want to work on, creating an atmosphere of creative talk on The Crafty Maven Getaway group. I really love getting to know all the scrappy ladies who are sharing.



Expo is stealing Ben’s shoes this morning. He does this a lot when Ben leaves his stinky sweaty PT shoes out. I think the dog knows I just want to enjoy my coffee without interruptions, so I will have to get up and focus on him. Thank goodness he is cute!!


IMG_1239 copy

Sam and Cayden are finishing up their breakfast, but Lani says she is full. She rests on the couch. The dog thinks he is safe from the shoe stealing so he lies with Lani to protect her. It’s his favorite place though, laying on the couch with whoever is there.

Lani tells me me she wishes she had her Furby. It was taken away before I got out of bed, because Daddy caught her calling her brother and sister stupid. We talk a little bit about name calling and how it makes us feel when someone else calls us bad names. How if we don’t like it then maybe we shouldn’t do it to others.


IMG_1240 copy.jpg

I am listening to a Vox with my scrappy friend Megan while working on the blog. Megan and I talk almost everyday. She has really become my best friend. I love how we can talk about scrappy stuff but also everyday real life stuff too. It helps me not feel so lonely, since most of my friends are on the Mainland. (this is one of the downfalls of being in the military and moving around a lot. Many of your friends are spread out across the country. It is one of those things I have just learned to deal with. They is a season for everything, right?!)


IMG_1242 copy

IMG_1243 copy

IMG_1244 (1) copy

It’s time to start school. I love homeschool and the freedom it gives us, if we want to start later in the day we can. Though I do try to keep a routine and start by 10 everyday. Other wise it will take us all day to get everything we need to do done. This morning the kid’s really don’t want to start school, we are just starting back up after 10days off. I am hoping today will go smoothly. I really don’t like it when I have to force the girls to do their work! Where is the fun in that?!

Lani wants to do math first so I let her. She is learning multiplication already. where has the time gone?! It really is almost the end of the school year and she will be finished with second grade. She has really improved this year!! It amazes me when I see all that she has learned.

Cayden is doing English. That girl can whiz through her lessons, I really have to slow her down so her lessons have time to sink in though. She is also learning about George Washington which she is mistaking for Abraham Lincoln, because she learned about him before break.LOL. Recently I am realizing how finally reading is easier for her. She is so smart but struggled a little with reading this year. It still however takes her for to do her writing exercises. I think it is just too easy for her.


IMG_1250 copy.jpg

Dog Shenanigans!! Espo is trying to bury a bone we got for him this weekend in the couch!! My cushions are all discombobulated!! Silly dog!


IMG_1247 copy

Stupid WordPress!! It’s giving me a hard time. I would be done with this post if my photos would just load up. I am thinking maybe i will just pour myself another cup of Joe and try again. Coffee fixes everything!!



It’s Lunchtime!! Sam is telling me he is STARVING again. I swear all he wants to do is eat these days. He must be going through a growth spurt or something!! Sam helps by getting me what he wants, his favorite lunch choice. Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwich.



Lani can’t decide what she wants to eat, so instead of just waited for her to make this decision. If I let her she would take a long time. I make her do her daily chore, put the dishes away from the dish washer. I figure this will give her some time to think, but at least it’s one less thing that needs to be done today.



While the kids are eating and playing. I take this time to make my bed. I really almost always feel better and more together when my bed is made. It isn’t always easy, the dog thinks it is some kind of fun game to try to unmake it when I am making it up.

I also start folding some clothes that need to get put away. I am always waiting until I need the basket to fold. I think Laundry is my nemesis or something. It just grows. and never ends!! I am hoping to get through most of what needs to be done today though. Then that means I will have a break for at least a day, for laundry at least. If i don’t finish it though, at least I can finish it tomorrow right?!!

To help the time go quicker I am listening to Megan on Vox. It helps get through this chore. Today I have a ton of messages. I feel so loved!!



I finish getting dressed. (yes that means I was in my PJs, but hey I didn’t have anywhere to go, so it’s all good. Even though I do kinda feel bad that I make my kids get dressed and still am in mine. It’s a double standard I know. Maybe I should change this) I put some make up on today. Some days I do and some I don’t, but today I am feeling like I should. I am noticing how much hair has fallen out lately, man having LUPUS sucks sometimes.


IMG_1252 copy

IMG_1253 copy

School Time Again. If I let the kids play to much we will never get started back up. Leilani is going to work on Spelling. She is really getting a good hang of spelling words right.

IMG_1254 copy

Sam is coloring while his sister do school. Sometimes he does some Pre School work sheets too. He is really bad about doing writing though, he just doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over even if he doesn’t remember the answer. I think it’s just at 4 years old he just wants to play instead of sit still.

I take this time to get another cup of coffee and myself some lunch. My tummy has been acting up a lot lately and I have been craving soups. I love this instant Pho, it has a bit of spice to it, but the liquid just hits the spot though. Yum Yum!! We are surprisingly staying on track today, which I am happy for.


IMG_1257 copy

Stalling is now occurring! Cayden is taking to long to bring the dog in (that is her chore, letting the dog in and out to go to the bathroom or play outside), So I have to encourage her to come back in. I know this is her way of saying she is done doing school for the day, the thing is she isn’t quite done yet. The dog re snuck out too, which means he is running around like a maniac. I notice just how fast the grass grew over the weekend. I need to remember to let Ben know he needs to mow, before housing calls to remind us. I am happy the sun is starting to come out now though!!



Uploading photos to my laptop and editing some photos to post to Instagram. I am trying to stay on top of all the photos I am going to be adding today. Journaling as I go. I think this is helping!! I have so much in front of me, it’s always like this lately too. I just move from thing to thing, it’s like I have ADD or something. My task is to stay on target to finish each task before starting a new one. But like a lot of moms I have learned to multitask. Cayden is the only one left finishing up school. She is finishing up her Math. She is almost always the last one done with school.


IMG_1261 copy

The kids are playing and it’s chore time for me. I am mopping the floor while listening to Scrap Gals. I might as well grow my scrappy brain when doing the things that need to get done around the house.


IMG_1262 copy

More Laundry!! I am still listening to the Scrap Gals!!


IMG_1268 copy

The kids are watching a little TV. They are loving Scooby Doo right now. We even bought them the old version, though they like the version from Netflix better!!

IMG_1271 copy

The dog has been so intrigued by my new camera lately!!


IMG_1273 copy

The dog loves people watching from our dining room. This usually involves lots of barking and jumping up the sliding glass door. I love the way his tail looks here as he starts to see someone walking on the other side of the fences.


IMG_5847 (1)

I make the kids turn off the TV. This usually makes the kids whine. They really like tv. Because it rained earlier our grass is all wet too, so the kids can’t play outside.

IMG_1275 copy

I need to wash the dishes. I have put it off until later today, because one I hate doing the dishes. Plus there isn’t to many pots and pans, so it could really wait. As i look ahead I see I forgot to water my basil the other day. It looks so sad. I should just use it up soon. I like using fresh herbs when I cook, and I love that I can have some inside.


I’m doing more laundry. I am not gonna lie I am sick of looking at laundry so there is no picture!!



Cayden and Sam have decided to play upstairs together. I like the quiet, so I let them, knowing there is a big chance they could get into a lot of trouble together upstairs.

Leilani is playing school with her My Little Ponies. She is getting so big, I love watching her play!!

5:14 pm


Time to start dinner. I also make some tea too, I have been starting to cough a lot from running back and forth doing laundry. I am hoping to kick this cold before it really it’s bad. While drinking my tea, I watch some Youtube Process Videos while folding the last of the laundry for today.

5:31 pm


Finished cooking dinner, Country Fried Steak with sausage country gravy and fried eggs. YUM!! I know it’s not really all that healthy at all, but it tastes so good. Plus it’s one of Ben’s favorite meals, and we gotta give Daddy some good food every once in a while.


The kids set the table as I get their plates situated. It looks so good, I am hungry!!



The kids are finishing dinner so Ben and I chill on the couch for a few minutes. Let’s take a selfie, I say!! We barely have photos of each other. So we take some selfies.


Ben is in charge of pressing the button. We apparently need 15 or so photos!!


Seriously Ben kept pressing the button. And I couldn’t help but to laugh.


I love when Ben is goofy and tries to make me laugh!!



Sam and Lani are still eating. Sam is trying to be a comedian so I won’t notice that he still hasn’t eaten enough food to get down from the table.


IMG_1286 copy

Letting the dog out. I love this time of the evening! I love how every night the sky can look so different. I could never get tired of looking at these mountains!!

IMG_1288 copy

Expo of course gets distracted and is hunting for geckos. This is his favorite pastime!! It always is so hard to get him to come in because he just wants to hunt.

Now it’s time to finish up some laundry and listen to Voxer. Megan has sent me some messages. I also have the kids start to get ready for bed.


IMG_1290 copy

We are starting something new in our house. Using beans to show the kids how doing there chores gets them points which turn into allowance.


Ben is explaining how this system will work. Each night with their vitamins the kids will get beans for doing their chores, behaving without whining and complaining. Each of them have a chance to each of getting an extra bean for doing something over what we ask.


IMG_1291 copy

It’s Bedtime. I tuck Sam in first. He is playing around like always.

IMG_1293 copy

Expo joins us on the bed.


Sam makes sure I hold his hands while we pray. He likes to repeat after me when I pray.

IMG_1302 copy

After hugs and kisses Sam looks so tired.


IMG_1304 copy

Time to pray and tuck in the girls. Cayden is rolling around in b=her bed. That kid just has a hard time sitting still.

IMG_1306 copy

I had to make Leilani put her book down to pray. She really just wanted to read. Lately when I get hugs from her she won’t let me kiss her. It’s just not cool anymore. So I make her give me a hug and kiss or I will kiss her. That usually helps. Tonight is no different.



I am wasting time on Facebook and Instagram. I also am FB messaging a scrappy YT friend. It is nice to have a few minutes to do nothing. Even though I do want to scrap.



Medicine time. I like to do my SUB Q medicine at night. I have to take benadryl with it so I don’t have an allergic reaction to my medicine.


My medicine (which is a blood product, it’s immune globulin. It basically the stuff that isn’t in my immune system) is all set up, in this funky looking pump. This pump will be my friend for the next hour or so. It has three needles that I had to insert into me. Once again having LUPUS and autoimmune illnesses suck, but I feel super lucky for modern discoveries and people who donate blood that can be used for medicine like this.



I was going to scrap but the dog is trying to round me up, to go upstairs. Ben is getting dessert and the dog also thinks he will get one!! Silly puppy! I think I will end up going upstairs. It has been a really busy day.



I am getting dessert. We have leftover ricotta pie from Easter. After I get pie, I am gonna relax with Ben.



Espo stole my spot in the bed!! Sneaky dog! It is a common thing to have to kick Espo off the bed so I can have my spot. We are going to watch NCIS tonight, one of the shows we really enjoy watching together.



(I am cheating with this photo because technically I took it before heading up to bed, But I still wanted to share it. I jotted down all of my thoughts and journaling, or starts of it, on this notepad all day. This really has made doing this project so much easier!!)

I take out my medicine needles and get all bandaid upped. I know that is so not a word too, but really I take out the small needles and put bandaids on the spots so the medicine doesn’t leak out before the spot has time to clot.

The reason I don’t have any more pictures, well i will be honest. I really try to turn off my phone at night. when I go into bed with my Hubby, that’s our time. I turn off my phone, I sometimes will read on my iPad after he falls asleep but I really try to give him my undivided attention for cuddle time with him. Since I spend a lot of time on social media and scrapping, I feel that sticking to this rule is important to us having a better and strong marriage. So I have no more pictures of the night.

After I hop into bed without being leashed to my medicine pump, I have taken my medicine and made a new cup of tea. I join my hubby, who at this point is almost sleeping. I tend to fall asleep fast now, because I started taking melatonin at night at the beginning of the year, because I wan’t sleeping. This really helps with my routine at night, getting all comfy and watching more NCIS.


Like I mentioned earlier I really loved doing this project!! I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much. I think journaling throughout the day as I was taking photos really helped it work. SO even though it took over a week to finish editing all my photos from the day, I still has my main thoughts recorded. When I do WITL i am definitely planning to do this. I will be making sure I plan ahead maybe for the busy times during the day or days where I know there is tons of stuff. If I can mentally plan for those times, I can still get good shots and pictures documenting those times without it taking a lot of thought.

I haven’t thought too much about what sizes I am printing these pictures off for the album I want to make, but really the hard work is all done right. I think journaling and having the pictures edited is what comes first.

I am really looking forward to doing WITL now too. There was so much stuff that didn’t get documented during this day, that I would love to include. things we still do every week or on a regular basis. SO This week I am taking the time to mark my calendar for WITL and start planning.

Doing DITL really has me thinking that I am not going to be doing project life at least this year. I really love the idea of doing DITL twice a year and a WITL during the year to see how our routines change over time. Because we homeschool and are home a lot of the time, I feel a lot of project life is taking photos of the same things all the time. But spanning them over a longer period of time really gives me a chance to see the change more easily.

I hope that this inspires you to think about how you document, and see if the way you do it, is working for you and why or why not. I hope you are inspired to look at your life in a different way, from a different angle.

Aloha, Hannah








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