For the love of Homemade Kits: Kill a kit

Aloha Scrappers!! I am having so much fun using the homemade kit that I made with the recipe Megan and I put together.  We set out to make three layouts with our kit. I had a big feat because I made a pretty big kit with my stash. Do you remember all that I had in my kit. Here is a refresher… IMG_5456

I will say that I still have tons left of my kit. Which means I had made a really big kit, maybe too big. I think building homemade kits are fun, but there is a learning curve. After talking to Megan, I think we both had learning to do this round. She added to much pink in her first kit, which made it difficult when making layouts with a house full of boys. This made me really think about how i would go about making my kit next time. Keeping in mind what your own style and what you typically scrapbook about is really important to think about when making a homemade. The really nice thing about making your own kits, is that you really have control over what type of products go into your kit.

When starting out with a recipe Megan and I really went through and talked about the types of things we have in our stash. Having a good idea of the products you like and lean towards is good to know when making homemade kits. You really have the opportunity to add all these things in your kits. This is what we had in mind so that we can really make the most out of our kits.

I was a little disappointed seeing all I had left, it was really hard to make sure I was using my kit to the best. I found this kit and lately my layouts have been simpler and less product on it. This is not a bad thing, but it is another thing to keep in mind when also making your homemade kits. You really want to make a dent in your stash while making layouts that are your style and make you happy to use up your stash.

This is what I have left from my kit…


Now one thing I will say is that I did actually use a lot of what I had in my kit. I just wished I could have killed my kit more. In fact I still have my kit together in a drawer in my scrap space, so that I can try to get another layout done with it. I think that I could probably get another two layouts with what I have left if I tried!!

When I make layouts with the rest of the kit I will be sure to share it on here!! I definitely plan to be sharing more on my blog than my Youtube channel as I get closer to our move time in June and while we are in the moving process. But I will talk more about that more later, in another post.

Here are the layouts I got done with my kit. I am definitely happy with the amount that I got done with this kit.

Posted on April 5th


Posted on April 11th


Posted on April 19th



Here are the other layouts I made with this kit. These are layouts I didn’t do videos for as well.

For this first layout, I really wanted to play more with my watercolors. The watercolor was a big part of the kit, or at least to me, and I barely used it. I used the plastic package technique, to add my watercolors that matched the blossom paper. I also used the some of the cut outs from the cut file I used the week before. I really love when I can use both parts of a cut file, especially when I use pattern paper to cut them out. I feel like I made the most out of my paper that way. Especially when the paper is as beautiful as this pattern is.


I kept the die cuts simple, with all the pattern and color from the mixed media I thought it needed to be simple. I also decided to really layer my papers behind my photo. Here are some close ups of my layout. Including the journaling which I added later.









I love the airy feel this layout has even though I used lots of paper and watercolors!!


For this last layout I made I pulled a lot of product from a story kit I bought from Ali Edwards. I used the Tough kit I got last month. Th paper is one of the flip sides from the kit. The reason I didn’t share this in a video is I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to tell this story. I really wanted this layout to be about the story and not the product or even the kit I used.


I layered my papers at the top and the bottom. I used this floral because I thought it kept the unique feel that I was kinda going for. especially since this is a family photo of my mom and her siblings and my grandmother. I left lots of open space for the journaling because I knew I would need it. That I had a lot to say about this photo.


This acrylic word is from the Tough story kit. It is simple but I really like it for the title. even though everyone is smiling nicely in the photo, the journaling talks about we miss my aunt.


I like this simple flair and this phrase sticker as an embellishment.


I also added some layered ephemera (also not from this kit) with a chipboard piece. The enamel dots also add some color to the layout.


This phrase sticker was also from the story kit, and I punched out a circle with more enamel dots.

Like I said I kept everything nice and simple but focused on the journaling.

I was going to do my New kit share in this post but I think I am just going to make a new post up for it. This post ended up being way longer than I planned, in a good way. I am really pleased with what I did, and used, even though I want to use more.

I hope you check out Megan’s Kill a Kit video she is posting on Her Youtube channel.

I can’t wait to start another kit next week!!

Aloha, Hannah


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