For The Love Of Homemade Kits: The 4, 5 &6 Train

Aloha My scrappy Friends!! I hope this month is treating you well. This month is flying by, which is typical of this time of the year. Between school, chores and appts and then gearing up for the holidays we are busy doing something around my house. I am finding it hard to remember to take photos, because we do the same types of things throughout our week, but nothing amazing. There are only so many photos I can take of my kids working in the notebooks, or grocery shopping carts or sitting in the doctors waiting room.

When you get busy do you often forget to document the mundane or do you try to find things that are special throughout the week to document. I think in this up coming month I am going to try to use prompts to spice up what I am taking photos of. When I am not taking holiday or December Daily types of photos.

Okay enough yapping and on to the layout I want to share with you all today.


I have been participating in the series For The Love Of Homemade Kits for about 7 months now I think. This is Round 8 I think, is it bad I don’t remember?! I really enjoy making kits from my stash. Over the months I have really been able to dig into my stash and use up papers I never thought I would use. That feels oh so good too.


This months kit is so fun, we are using a city themed photo for the inspiration for making our kit. When I created my kit I had so many ideas of stories I wanted to tell about my adventures and experiences with living in or near cities all over the country. I have lived near New York City and near Honolulu. two of the coolest cities in our country. Yet so different and I knew this kit would get me telling these stories.

I will admit though that my mojo slump has made it hard to tell these stories because I wasn’t sure exactly how I would tell them. I don’t necessarily have pictures of traffic in Honolulu, or a subway train photo from New York City. This is where having a printer and ink at home really help with scrapbooking and storytelling. Also having good photo storage so you can find these photos that can help tell your story.

Basically this month (this kit) I had to remind myself that it’s okay to change to your style and how you tell the stories you want to document. It’s ok if for right now you don’t have a picture or your picture isn’t the perfect one. it’s okay to later add that perfect photo that is sitting somewhere on that hard drive, or to take one when or if I am ever in those places again.

That is how this layout for this week came about. I was really irritated that the flow of my layouts weren’t working with my kit. The embellishments weren’t working with the stories I was telling with the papers I was using. Then the light bulb went off. Why do I need a lot of embellishments anyway? I really just want to tell these stories. Why do I need a photo? Yes, photos are nice but it’s not always the case to have a photo of the things I am telling on my cardstock. This is okay. Just go with it.


This is what I came up with!!


This layout has tons of journaling. Which I love. I used my ruler to draw straight lines to write on. This keeps my lines straight and ensure that I actually have enough space. Which I almost didn’t. img_0898

I used some of the numbers in my embellishments for the title. I love how big they are and really stand out. I added tile alphas for the words in my title. I would have just used the black ones, but ran out of e’s. I actually am glad for this little detour because it really helps the title stand out more. It’s what this layout is all about. The 4,5, & 6 Train (subway lines) that I used to take once in the city to get to Mt. Sinai Hospital. I would ride from Ossining to Grand Central Station and then take the 4,5 &6 train back up towards Harlem. I have so many memories of being on the train since it was a trip I took once a month. I would either hit up a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for coffee and then go into a deli for a sandwich and snack for while I got infusion which would take about 6 or so hours. The smell of traffic and baking bread with coffee were always strong in the air. It is one of those experiences and memories that I did so often but not barely feel like it was a part of my life. This was about 10 years ago already. I wish I could share this memories with my kids. I love that my kids have had the experience of being submerged into cultures and places I really didn’t get until older. I want them to appreciate each place we have lived for it’s amazing pluses and not all the craziness that many of them can have too.

It felt really good to get this story down. To share just a little bit of what life was like before they were born.



I love this cut apart from the Dear Lizzy Saturday Collection. It reminds me of the subway signs that you see all over marking which trains are where.


I added the amberstand from my stash. (It was from a die from PinkFresh Studio.) I had one in my kit but it was facing the wrong direction and I really wanted a color of pattern that would stand out but not clash with the pattern paper I used up at the top of the white cardstock.


I also added a cluster up on the right hand side of the patterned paper that looks like the subway line maps down in the subway showing which line is where and where it runs too. The fun bright colors make the layout nice and cheerful!


These pieces were from my kit and matched the colors of the paper. I like that I was able to use a few things up and do a little something on the layout.

Overall I am really pleased with this layout. I feel like doing this layout I really have started to get over this mojo hump. It mainly was me changing the way I was doing things. Sometimes it is easy to get in this rut of doing things the same way. We either need to be ok with doing things the same or change it up. I choose to change it up every time.

I do not have a video for this layout. Because of my mojo slump I have been trying to create without always having a camera on. Taking my time. I am hoping that as my mojo comes back I can record more. because I think this layout would have been fun to see the process. I hope I have shared enough today that you feel like I shared enough of my process though.

Here is one last look at my finished layout.


We have one more layout left with this kit and I think we may try to do a mini kit for December to keep things nice and light. So look forward to seeing my other layouts with my kit.

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  1. I LOVE this layout!! I think the focus on journaling and numbers kind of expands traditional scrapbooking expectations. It makes me think about ways to tell stories I might not have photos for, but are important to tell. I also LOVE the work you and the other scrapbookers are doing with For the Love of Home Made Kits!! That series and your work have reinvigorated my scrapbooking and helped me look at my stash in a whole new way and helped me remember why I bought some of those stockpiled supplies. Thank you so much!!

    1. I am so glad to hear that this series has helped you!! When we started this series, I just wanted to have fun using my stash. I am surprised at how much I really have used over this year, and it makes me happy that it has helped others too. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you love this series Anne-Liesse!!! Have a great day!!

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