FTLOHK: Lovely Details Recorded

Aloha My scrappy Friends!!

I am super excited!! I finally have posted my first process video up since moving into our new house!! I could tell as I was editing it, that I am very much out of practice!! But it was so much fun. I have missed doing process videos. It is where I started.

I started doing process video only a few months after I started scrapbooking, I was so inspired by all the creativity and talent that I had to share what I was doing as well. I have been filming so long, and almost every layout that I make, that it really is odd not to do a process video when I scrap.

After not making videos for a couple of months, as nice as it was to have a break I really did miss it. And miss that platform. I find for me as a scrapbooker I have learned so much about myself and my style through making videos that I have a hard time thinking of not making videos as a form of sharing.

Okay, so back to this week’s layout for my series For The Love Of Homemade Kits. I am loving this kit!! I know I say that almost overtime too. But it is just so much fun making my own kit, and finding stories and photos that I think go well to together for the feel of the kit. It’s a challenge capturing the essence of the kit and building that on a layout.

I have quite a few ideas for this kit, if only time was on my side to do them all in one day!!

Here is this first layout I made with this kit.


I wanted to scrap this picture I had taken in February, of my cousins and I when we were all together. I haven’t seen some of them in about 7 years and some it’s even been longer. It was so nice to have the afternoon to sit around, eat and tell old stories that we remember.

That’s what we do every time we are all together too, listen to the stories that may or may not have been told before, and many of them have been told more than once. But to be together and laugh and eat it’s what we do.

I choose to use the paper that had what looks like book ends on it, and cut them up and add them to my back ground like I was adding books to a book shelf. I really love this look with different sizes and lengths of strips of paper.


I wanted to keep it simple. So I added some strips of phrases throughout the layout. They added some interest without being really bulky.


This Dear Lizzy Sticker phrase was perfect, because it was clear. It made it easier to layer over some ephemera I had left over from the Open Book embellishment pack from a couple of years ago.


I love the circles too. They give some different angles with all the strips of paper.


I love how this teal on these brads looks with the mustard yellows in this kit!! And Aren’t those black hearts from Dear Lizzy’s new collection Saturdays so darling?!!

I used the Chipboard letters Lovely for my Title. I love the look of the different patterns on each letter. I added vellum right on top of them for the rest of my title.



Here is a look at the whole layout.


I am not completely happy with the color blue of the border on the layout. But I really didn’t want to tear everything else up. I really like how the rest of it ended up. So until I decide what I am going to do (I have thought about using some what tape in a different color)I will just leave it. I also journaled on my layout after I took photos of my layout.


Here is the process video I made for this layout.



Don’t forget to check out Felicia’s and Khristina’s Layouts too. If you play along tag us, so we can be inspired with the kits you make!!

Have an inspired week!! Can’t wait to see you later!! (Have I said how happy I am to be back !!)


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