Holidays are for friends

Aloha!! Can you believe it’s December already??

This time of the year always has me thinking about the ones we love. Being an army family many times our friends become more than family. Many times we spend more holidays away from real family than with them. It just becomes part of our lives.

This means friendships are so important and they become your lifeblood. They help you get through those rough places, they help you celebrate your accomplishes, they give extra hugs and bedtime stories for your kiddos, they literally become your family.

I am always amazed at how God has provided the perfect people at the right times in our lives. No matter where we have lived, no matter what state, no matter how close or far from real family we are there has been amazing people near us that we have adopted into our family.  When we moved far in Washington, an amazingly funny and awesome thing happened. God placed a lovely couple nearby, one who we had actually knew more than 10 years ago.

I am sad to say, I wish I had taken more time getting to know her back than. But I was too absorbed into the young adult life I was living to say more than hello and how are your classes going. I have realized in my life, never overlook the people God place in your life. They could be just what you need. I am so lucky because now I have the privilege of getting to know this amazing woman of God now. I get an aunt (and uncle) to dote on my children. I get a coffee partner in crime. I get conversations about our love for Hawaii (this is very important)!! I also get a scrappy buddy.

I love that this couple has come into our lives and filled it with joy and dinner conversations. I look forward to all the holiday memories we will make.


This year this friend of mine is taking  brave risk and going back to college in her 30s, I can even imagine how much your life has to change from what it looked like to what it will now be. She is starting a blog as one of her assignments, something this amazingly talented writer really should have done years ago!!

I hope you will check out her blog today, this week and give her some feedback.

She is documenting her story, memories and dreams with words instead of many photos but who needs photos when the words can form those images in your mind’s eye. She focuses on sermon notes applied in her life, movie reviews and social media. She also has this really contact form where you can post anonymously questions to God that are things you are curious about. Don’t we all have these questions of life, like why do kids get cancer? Or, how do I share the love of God with my coworkers without being pushy or politically correct? Or Why can’t I find a movie that really portrays what married life is really like, like FOR REAL? Things that when discussed really don’t seem as hard as they appear to be.

Here is my Friend Cheryl’s blog, “Read.Write.Blog”

One of the things I love about the blogging and creative communities is this sense of family and helping out. I hope you check Cheryl’s blog out and give her some feedback.

I hope you hug and enjoy the friends and family that have been a big part of your life this holiday season!!

See you later and have an inspired holiday season!!


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