Living from a Hotel

Aloha my Scrappy Friends!!

Aloha from Washington!! What can I say, It has officially been a month since we have left Hawaii and it feels like a lifetime already. We are currently in our third hotel here in Washington and man I am so ready to be back in a home. The fun of eating out, staying up late watching cable television and having a cleaning lady clean your towels has worn off. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice not having to cook everyday, or fold large amounts of laundry daily. But being in a one room hotel room with three kids is interesting!!

Maybe if it felt more like summer this past week things wouldn’t seen as weird. It’s been kinda chilly and cloudy this past week too. I miss the sun, my scrappy friends. Today has been this first day in a few days that I have caught sneaks of that glorious sky blue that calls out summer. I suppose next year I will be much more used to this slow ease into summer.

It’s just kinda odd going from summer and then back to a hawaiian winter plus even cooler. I will see though my friends, it is gorgeous here. Despite the cold rain, and all the fluffy dark clouds, the trees here are huge and green.

Last weekend we drove to the local Zoo and drove along the coastline a little, and seeing all the dock area’s with dock poles sticking out and seagulls perching or waiting for a fish to call a snack. The little rock beaches. It is so pretty and in a whole different way than Hawaii.

I am really getting inspired by this new atmosphere. I could see us calling this place home for a while. Will that happen, one can hope, right! You never know when you are in the military how long one home will be yours, but I really do love that fact that country meets city here.

Moving around and being in the military you get used to living near bigger cities, having stores and Starbucks (or Dunkin Donuts) and all the things that cities have to offer right near you within a 5 minute drive. Going back home, I loved driving around on the open roads of the towns I grew up in and driving miles without seeing but 2 or 3 cars on the road with you. You miss the quiet of nature in the city. I love that here we have the chance to be a little bit away but being able to get the things you love still within a ten minute trip. All with the view of pine trees really tall.

Life in the hotel is a little crazy. I keep thinking I can make a routine in the hotel, and I can actually get things down, creatively done. It has not happened! Every day has been different. Some days the kids are driving me nuts and we have to get out of the hotel room. Some days we have to run errands and don’t really want to leave the room because we would rather stay in PJs all day. Some days we go out for dinner and end up being out all evening because we find we are really enjoying being out. Some days we go out in the morning and realize that we really just want to relax and chill and watch netflix all afternoon.

I had all these plans to blog regularly and even Vlog. Believe me things are super boring in my life. So not much Vlogs have been made. The ones I have done I really just not need to edit up so I can try to post them to Youtube. Internet isn’t always top speed, I have realized just how much I really enjoy my internet.

Surprisingly I really haven’t even scrapbooked that much too. I think I realized how much my space (at my home) has been a safe haven place for me to create. I know when I am in my space I have things in a way that helps me get creative. And that this chaos of being in different rooms and different light and being cold makes me not want to create. I am very much ready to get into my own space and get scrapping!!

Of course that can’t happen yet. So I am really hoping these next few weeks while we are waiting for our house, that I can get into some creative routine so that I can get mojo and create some things. I really enjoy when I get play with my goodies that I packed. I also am looking forward to playing with my stash when I get it back.

Well My scrappy friends, I hope your summer has been fun and interesting. I hope you are taking the time to documenting your summer in whatever way works for you. I am getting itchy to share the stories of my summer even though not everything that is going on is amazing!! (I am thinking I am going to use my Midori notebook to document our summer. I ca make it simple and fun)

Have a great week and do something different this summer too!!



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