Mix It Up Monday: Packing for a move or traveling

Aloha My Scrappy friends!! This Week I am up on The Crafty Maven Getaway. I am posting for Mix It Up Monday. basically this day is for cards, mini albums, projects that don’t fit into the other days on The Crafty Maven Getaway. Since I am moving soon, I thought it might be helpful to share how I am packing for my upcoming move.

As scrappers we like to be prepared. I think that is why there are tons of videos on packing for crops, organizing our scrap space. But what if you are moving and want to pack a few things to get you through until you have your space (and house) organized to fully scrap.

I don’t know about you but the thought of going 4 to 6 weeks without scrapbooking makes my eyes bug out! I start to stress thinking I won’t have my main form of distressing after a long week, or day. I knew I would have to pack some things to help me get through this move.

I am pretty limited on space though. And we are going to have to fly on a plane, which definitely makes things more difficult. I am only bring a small amount of liquids for this fact. I don’t want things to spill in my bag or on my other scrappy stuff. Basically I am only bringing a couple of 1 oz Heidi Swapp Color Shine bottles and a couple of watercolor brushes that you add the water to the barrel. I will pack my watercolor palette but that is it for mixed media type elements. This my make things tough for me, but when I get my stuff back I can pull those items out and use them again!!


I have some pre cut silhouette cut files with me too. This will help stretch my layouts more, and add some fun elements. I just spent a little extra time, mass cutting out files I thought I could use for future layouts. By cutting them on white card stock they should match with whatever papers I use too.


I also added to my 12×12 box (which is what I am using to hold my stuff) three scrapbooking kits. Two are my latest current Kit Club Kits (I subscribed to Clique Kits, Hip Kits and Ali Edwards Story Kit. Two of these I am stopping in May while I move. This will help me save money and help with mailing issues as I get situated in my new place.)

The third Kit is a Stash Kit that I put together for a stash kit series I am dong with Crafty Meggy and Felicia. These three kits should get me a decent amount of layouts. I figure I can make about 5 layouts at least with each kit. (My stash kit and Clique Kits I may even be able to make 7 with depending on my I use my paper.)

I added a 6×6 paper pad to add extra paper. I added two extra alpha’s one that had word phrases and a thicker that I barely used. I also have an old package from an embellishment kit I used to get. I am filling this with some random embellishments I think will go with my kits and papers I already have, I have some old Maggie Holmes die cuts, Pink Paislee die cuts, some phrase stickers from Pink Fresh Studio (summer themed), enamel dots, heart/circle stickers and some phrase flag cut outs and some small thread spools. These embellishments are thin and will add to my layouts without adding too much dimension.

This is something to think about, you have to store your layouts in the same container as your supplies. If you add tons of dimension this could ruin or squish your layouts as you travel. That wouldn’t be good. I am also bring an extra plastic patterned paper bag for adding my layouts in, while traveling. This will help things not get on my layouts, if intact something spills and if something falls off then I can find it quickly.

I added a pack of white card stock to the bottom of this 12×12 box. This will help with either matting photos or backgrounds for layouts. I like to use white card stock quite often. (my pack is 25 sheets, so this should be enough, to hold me through.)

Lastly I am packing a small pair of scissors, my trimmer, and my ATG tape runner. The trimmer and ATG tape runner will have to fit in my carry on. I will take the blade off the trimmer while flying.


This is how everything fits in my case. I have to remember that this will just have to be enough stuff. Whether it really is or not. I can make do, it is only 4 to 6 weeks right?!! Plus once I get to my new place I can pick up a few things if I really need them.

One last thing I want to remind you to take, or at least think about. When traveling, we tend to have less time than we think we will. I am trying to keep this in mind. I may think I need more than I really can use. While traveling and moving you will be busy doing lots of stuff. It’s ok to focus more on taking photos instead of scrapping.

Don’t forget to pack those chargers and cords!! I am taking my laptop, my iPad mini and my DSLR camera. I am not taking my snowball mic and my camera stand, I just don’t think I will have space. I am thinking I may need to take my external hard drive too though. We will see. All this stuff weighs or takes up space. this are things to think about when moving or traveling.

what are you going to use?! Make sure you are really packing things you know you will love and use. If you pack tons of stuff but don’t really love it you won’t use it. Pack what collections or kits you really love!! This could really be a good time to just use up those things you have been dying to use.

Also don’t forget to print up pictures ahead and take lots of photos to scrap. Either add pictures that match your kits, or photos that are black and white that can be used with any colors or patterns. This will help you get the most mileage out of the printed photos you do take. I have been printing photos since February to prepare for this move.

If you are planning on printing pictures as you go, bring an in tax printer or selfie printer. Make sure you have enough ink to print too. These printers are fun and you can scrap current photos. But don’t worry if you don’t have them either you can always take your sd card to a local walmart or walgreens and have photos printed out if you need too. Or get them ordered from a place online like shutter fly or persnickety prints. These are options so you can scrap current photos while on a long traveling session or while moving.

I am not taking my printer so I am thinking I may use the online photo printing option once I get settled and until I get my stuff. I do have tons of photos though, so it should get me by for a while.

Here is a look at my Mix It Up Video of what I added to my box!!

I hope this is helpful if you are moving or traveling!! I know everyone does things different, so if you have some cool pieces or nuggets of advice I would love to hear it!!  As things get packed up and I start actually move I will keep you all posted as well for things that worked and things that may not have worked!!

Have an Inspired Day!!

Aloha, Hannah

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