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Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I have tons to share with you!! Thus the title Rambling, which I am really good at, by the way.  First off, I am really excited because for the month of March I am the Guest Designer for Clique Kits!! I love Clique Kits, the owners so amazing. Plus the products and kits they offer are super fun. I have been subscribing to Clique Kits for about a year now, and I am never disappointed when I get my kit in the mail! To share my work with their kit on their blog, is so incredible!! Keep a look out on my Youtube Channel and here for the layouts I have made with their “Hell Yeah” March Kit.



As many of you may have heard I made a trip to the US mainland unexpectedly. I had not been to New York (which is where I went to see my family) in about 6 years.  It was quite a culture shock for me, to be back in the country with little internet and spotty cell phone service. To tell you the truth, I was going a little crazy without Youtube!! I did very much enjoy seeing all my family though. It was just what I needed.

Before I left I was really struggling with finding mojo. I would sit to create and nothing would come. I think my focus just wasn’t in the right place. It is always a struggle to stay connected to the community and find new inspiration to create. I want to be more productive so I need to spend more time off social media and more time, creating, editing and blogging. The editing, blogging and organizing of these things things tend to drain my creative side too though. And I have been having a hard time finding the balance in it all. I am such an social person too, I think my lack of interaction in the community was a big part of my mojo issues.

I wish I could give some advice as to all the things that work to stay on track and create and be productive, but I am so human that I just have to tweak things each week, and try again the next week. I will say having a routine of things that I do everyday does help. But that is me, and I know routine and schedules can kill mojo in some people too.

I am learning this year that “Intention’ is something you need to keep in mind throughout the day, the week and on a regular basis so that you are aware of the things that need to change and things that are working. I hope that by the end of the year I will have tweaked or ironed out my routine and what works more for me. Or I could learn that in the end if I am having fun and meeting deadlines that need to be met, why stress out about it.

I am working this week to get back into a regular Youtube posting schedule. I am still hoping to post 3 days a week. Then add things as I have certain Design Team posting too. This three postings a week I believe means that I can make extra layouts for upcoming projects or just to be a little. I also have time to have down time to have fun.

My next rambling has to do with pictures!! Lets talk a little about this. One thing I realized while I was gone is that I need to focus on more picture taking. Sometimes I feel like the worst picture taking scrapbooking. I don’t take pictures everyday. There sometimes are weeks where I take a couple pictures all week, besides pictures of layouts that I have made.

As a scrapbooker pictures and stories are the two most important keys to what we do. I need pictures to scrap and I need to tell my families stories. If I don’t take the time to focus on these two things, I can’t make layouts.

I also am the kind of scrapbooker that needs to be inspired by the photos or stories that I am going to put on a page. If i am not connected in some way to these two elements my layout suffers.

Being so focused on the back end of the creating process I had lost focus of the most important thing to what I love to do. And I had became so caught up in things I didn’t even realize that this was the case. Thats bad, really bad. I am so glad I could take a step back and refocus my camera lens of life!! I really love being a memory keeper. I love capturing the moments in our lives that hopefully will mean so much more later in life. Even if it’s just a cute smile, or something we do everyday.

My goal this month is to take more photos. Taking photos with more intent too. I really want to think about the stories I haven’t told that I want to see/read about later, and take pictures that can help tell those stories. My kids are at that age that the are growing so fast. I really want to remember and tell the story of their childhood while we are living it. Then they can look back later and see who they are.

I also realized if I don’t take those extra few minutes to take a picture I may not have time later to do it. I have to take the time to capture what inspires me. It was so hard to be back home in New York and not be able to stop every five minutes to capture things like hay bails and cows, and old brick farmhouses. The fact that my time was limited back home and in order to spend time with those that I love I couldn’t take the time to take all the photos I wanted felt so crappy. But I realized it really is a choice, either I take those extra minutes or I enjoy the time I have. Coming back to Hawaii I really have tried to take time to get a few extra shots with my camera.

Thanks for sticking around for my ramblings!! I hope you are having a productive week, or at least fun week.

Can’t wait to chat with you some more about scrapbooking journey!

Aloha, Hannah

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