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I hope the summer is treating you well. If you follow me you know we moved. Really far. Bought a house and got a puppy. Things have been really crazy and exciting here at our house!! I have also been trying to get back into the routine of making process videos again. I love making and sharing process videos. I started my channel about 2 years ago. Who knew this would become one of my passions.

If you follow me on my Youtube channel you should start seeing that I have started posting again, and have been sharing quite a bit!! I have a few videos from before I left Hawaii. I have lots of new videos that I am trying to finish up to post too.

At times it’s a bit overwhelming. Making a process video requires a lot. A lot of space, time to edit and then you still have to make the layouts too. I love doing it, so I won’t stop. Bare with me, as I have some series that I am doing that haven’t quite been on time. I am trying to get the layouts up in a timely fashion, even if it’s my own deadline!!

All this chit chat to say, I have tons of process videos starting to go up on my channel.

I want to share a video I posted the other day.

I applied to Hip Kit. I love getting their kits, even if I can’t get them right now. (My budget needs to be sorted out) I love looking at all the releases they are sharing. They always have fun trendy kits too.

I made this layout, with some new stuff I have boughten this summer and some bits from past Hip Kits I have gotten and not quite finished up.

I hope you enjoy the close ups and the process video I made!!


I hand cut out the XO’s. I love how they turned out!! They are so bright and fun.




I added the title sideways. I wanted the title to have more of a movement feel to it.


Because my daughter, Cayden is smiling so bright, i needed to add these smile embellishments!!


I layered my embellishments near my title.


I added up using bright pink and black Heidi Swapp Color Shine to splatter my layout. I really like how this ties the bright summery colors together.

You can watch my video here.

Here is one last look at my layout!!



Have an inspiring weekend!!


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