Aloha My Scrappy Friends!!

I am sitting at my dining room table this morning. The kids are eating breakfast and watching Teen Titans, btw the theme song makes me want to watch Freaks and Geeks. That makes me chuckle.


I am eating my current favorite breakfast of toasted english muffin with peanut butter (I would rather have almond butter but we are too poor to buy that right now) and Tillamook Farmstyle Greek Yogurt with my coffee with eggnog. Yes, it’s eggnog season here now. And that means everything in my household. I think my family could live on Eggnog. The minutes it leaves the store after the holiday season it’s a sad day and the kids are asking when it is Thanksgiving again. (Because in Hawaii you really can’t get eggnog until the week of Thanksgiving)

My fingers are freezing, from taking the puppy outside this morning. It is currently cloudy, just finished raining and chilly outside. Autumn is really here. It is time to put away the shorts tank tops and flip flops. We aren’t in Hawaii anymore.

(Inserted a beautiful picture of Hawaii that makes me wish we didn’t leave. )


But then I look around and my kids are happy (and not fighting with each other, which means something in this house!!).  My coffee is hitting the spot, how could it not with eggnog in it?!

I peak at my beautiful scrap room (even though at the moment it is warming up) with fresh cut flowers from my years. I can’t believe that my Dahlia’s are still blooming. I cut three yesterday and there are about 6 or 7 that are almost ready.


The sight of my room makes me smile. It is my happy place. I really should think about playing in there in a minute. Especially since no one needs me.

But I am really just thinking about how Thankful I am this morning. Thankful for trees that have beautiful colors on them.


It has been 7 years since I have been able to enjoy the things I love the most about Autumn.

I am Thankful for food in our fridge, and heat that is coming from our vents. I am thankful for a Husband who works crazy hours and long hours so we can have all the things we need and some things I just want for fun.

I am Thankful for Friends, and waking up to Vox messages to listen too. And chatting with friends on Facebook. Friends from all over the world.

I am thankful for this beautiful house we house we own, (well technically the bank owns it until it’s paid off). Thankful for a yard my kids can run around in and my puppy can dig holes in. A yard I can plant all the flowers and Apple trees I want to in.

(Insert cute puppy picture, in which the puppy is doing something mischievous)


I am just Truly Thankful this morning!! This life I have isn’t easy, it’s not perfect. There is a lot we don’t or can’t buy (buying a house definitely pushes the budget). But We have all we need and I know God has been faithful to my family. He has provided all we needed. All we need to have a delighted heart and soul.

So even though I need mittens to take the puppy out in the mornings now, and this is a true shift and change for me. I don’t mind. I like that I was pushed out of the comfort of what I had become used too. Pushed to remember things I grew up with. Reminded of how much I really enjoyed that stuff I grew up with.

The country slower pace of life. The fresh air without being in the midst of bustling city life, (though I am glad I can drive less then ten minutes and have that stuff!). The beauty of a different type of nature.

I truly love where we live now. It’s not Hawaii for sure. I know I will dream of being back on the beaches, smelling the salty air and floral notes blowing in the trade winds. I really can see us being here and settling roots here for a while. That makes me thankful.


I hope you have thought a little about what makes you thankful today!! I think counting our blessings truly uplifts our soul.



P. S.

I want to give a bit of a shout out, to a dear friend that I am grateful and thankful to be back into the company with here in Washington. She just started a blog. She is such a great writer and she also has fallen in love with scrapbooking (I know that was a God thing bringing us together , he knew we both needed good in person scrappy friends to hang out with). She has just started blogging, and I wanted to share her blog site with you. Check it out!!

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