The Great Discussion: Two Page Spreads

Aloha Crafty Mavens!!

We all have certain styles in scrapbooking that we love to fall back on , or that we just really enjoy doing. A certain way we like to share our memories in our albums. It is so specific and tailored to each one of us individually.

Lately I have seen lots of comments by the lovers of two page layout spreads looking for new inspiration. This industry has changing so much, all the time. It is hard to find inspiration once the style you love to scrap in isn’t trendy anymore.

I am always so interested in why inspiration changes so much when our end result is to have our memories down on paper. But let me tell you the people who share there inspiration are always trying to up their game. It is often hard to keep up.

I thought it would be fun to take up a challenge for myself and do a series on my own YT channel, and create some 2 page layouts to help expand my scrapbook style and thinking. Also I really think it is important as one who shares their own work to try to listen to what inspires others too, and fill that need if I can fit it into how I create too.

Starting Next Saturday August 20th I will start posting double page layouts on Saturdays on my YT channel. I hope you are as excited as I am about this series. I am really hoping to do a variety of double page spreads that are inspiring for everyone.

I thought it also would be fun to share a few double layout spreads I have made in the past too. Since I have done a few on occasion. (I actually started off doing double page layouts when I started scrapbooking in 2014)

Layout I made in May 2014


Spread I made with PL spread as 2nd page (For Shimelle Class) Summer 2014


Layout with a 6×12 as 2nd page Feb/March 2016


Layout From April 2015


Double Page Layout I made in Fall 2014



Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my work. And many of the older layouts I haven’t even really shared before, an extra bonus for you!!


See you scrappers later and stay inspired until next time!!



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