Week in the Life Lemieux Style: Monday

Aloha!! I am playing along this week with Ali Edwards and many others and participating in Week In The Life. As much as I thought I was prepared, reading and watching album shares. I wasn’t quite ready for this project. Maybe it was the National Scrapbooking Day Weekend Online Crops that I took part in, or maybe I was so excited about doing this project that, when life in all it’s craziness happened I wasn’t quite satisfied with how it was turning (is still turning) out. I will say I am reminding myself this week, that there will always be next year, it doesn’t have to be perfect, my pictures don’t have to be perfect. This project is about taking a look at our lives. The Ins and Outs. The comings and comings. The messiness of life, the boring parts of life. The things that have a way of changing in small ways and then years down the road your realize your life isn’t the same anymore.

I think about what my life was like three years ago and it was so different. All my children were under the age of four. It was business, and naps and baby talk and bottles. I would have never imagined all that would be my life today. And that is really why I want to do this project so much.

So enough of the gabbing and on with my Monday, because yes it has taken that much time to edit my photos. (I realized I don’t really have much time to do a lot of mass photo editing during the day. I also realize that I don’t need to use the awesome and cool templates Ali has in her store until after my week is done.) It’s document now and then record it later! That is the best advice I can give you!! That and keep a little notepad with you it really helps with recording times if you want or thoughts, and conversations you heard throughout the day!!


This is Monday!!

Monday This is Espo



Monday 920am

I literally wake up with a national scrapbooking day online crop hangover. I did 11 layouts over the weekend, hosted three google hangout sessions (that went for long periods of time) and chatted, posted and hung out online all weekend. It is a blast too!! But I was beat. This is how I felt!! Wanted to stay in bed all day. But we have school… So tie to get up.


Monday 1037am

The kitchen is a HOT MESS!! it’s so bad I didn’t even want to take pictures of it. Sink overflowing with dishes, floor needed to be swept, counters needed to be re washed. The is what happens when Momma takes the weekend off from major chores. My coffee had to wait until I did my (and Lani’s ) chores.

Monday 1045am

It’s nice to sit down at the table while the kids are playing upstairs hoping I will forget we have school. I let them play while I check Facebook, listen to Megan’s Voxer messages and drink some coffee.



Monday 1120am

I find Darth Vader in our laundry basket. It Monday and I try to do as much of our laundry then. This week there seems to be an overwhelming amount of it to fold. I wonder if Darth is actually causing my clothes to multiply or helping me destroy laundry?!

The kids have actually eaten breakfast and starting on school work. I am not gonna lie. We have about two weeks left of school, and the kids are ready to be done. Lots of stalling is going on.


MOnday 1142am

This darn dog!! He is stealing the kid’s toys AGAIN!! This is the second toy already this morning he has stolen. I really thinks he does it because he wants attention. It’s hard to focus on him when I have housework and school work to do. It’s annoying that he does this!! He has ruined many of things this year with this habit.

Monday 1158am

I get this message today from my Hubby. This is part of our conversation. I thought it was quite comical. He told me he was planning a date night tonight at home. And to think of Red. I start naming things that were Red.


Ben comes home for lunch, which normally doesn’t happen (I decided not to get any pictures of him since he wasn’t home long)

Lani is working on Math and Roman numerals and division. (How did she get so big?!!)


Monday 107pm

I’m making peanut butter and nutella sandwiches for lunch. That’s Sam and Cayden’s favorite kind of sandwiches. Lani prefers Salami and cheesy bread (she really doesn’t like crust).  This year I have also started switching out some of the foods we are eating to healthier choices. Things like natural peanut butter, raw honey, coconut oil, chia seeds and much more fruits and veggies. I really want to switch to even more homemade foods and less processed junk.


Monday 200pm

I made some smoothies today for my lunch. I always tend to make extras, so I share with the kids.

Monday 215pm

While the kids are doing their school and drinking smoothies I keep folding laundry.


Monday 119pm

The girls are stalling by showing me their boo boos. Cayden has a mark from Sam. And Lani pinched her finger in the door.  I am grateful for the fact that I can still help my kids feel better when they are hurt. I know soon there will be times this won’t be the case.

Monday 120pm



Monday 215pm

I let the dog out and notice my plumeria flower is getting ready to bloom soon. This makes me so happy, I was thinking that they may not be ready before we go. It has been pretty cloudy this spring and these flowers really like the sun.


Monday 240pm

Sam is playing planes in the living room while his sisters are doing school. It’s really hard for him to play without them. There are many days where I have to remind him not to bug them. The girls get easily distracted.


Monday 315pm

Dinner Prep for the kid’s. I am using the leftover ricotta, mushrooms and spinach from the calzones Ben made for Mother’s Day. He made lots of filling, and it was perfect for the manicotti shells I had in the pantry.


Monday 425pm

The laundry is mostly all folded now, this is all waiting to be brought up stairs.


Monday 435pm

The manicotti is ready to come out of the oven. It looks and smells so yummy.


Monday 546pm

Ben gets home late from work. Mostly because he stopped at the store to get these pretty roses. Flowers are rare, mostly because I would rather not spend the money on things that die so quick. It is nice for a change though.

Monday 551pm

Our date night theme is Red. these are the goodies Ben has brought home. It is nice that he is so romantic!! It makes me feel special after a long day of normal, boring housework.


Monday 650pm

Ben also bought me a cute outfit, in red (that didn’t fit me 🙁 I give him tons of credit though. He even looked in my dresser to try to figure out my size.) I took a shower and even shaved my legs!! I found this dress in my closet that was red, since I was trying to fit the theme, and my other outfit didn’t fit.

After getting ready I prayed with Sam, and Ben prayed with the girls. Our routine normally is that I pray with the kids Monday through Thursday, since Ben works during the week. Then on the weekend he prays with them.


Monday 733pm

Ben has the dinner table all ready to eat. It looks so nice!! Candles, wine, Crab cakes and Mussels. Ben pulls out the chair for me. We eat and talk. It is nice even though I know the kids are just upstairs going to bed. It still feels like it is just me and him. No phones, no distractions. (unless the kids come down stairs for something, which thankfully they don’t).

Ben puts dinner away and checks on the kids. The girls are still up.


Monday Movie 845pm

We watch the Martian downstairs. Ben knows this is one of my favorite books from this year, which is how he got the red theme idea from. We only rented the movie but after watching it we decided we need to buy it. It was really good, and better true to book.

We eat dessert while watching the movie, and it is perfect. I know they are cheaper cakes, but I the the little pepperidge farms cakes. So moist and tasty. Ben said it was to sweet for him.

After the movie we head upstairs and go to bed. It is getting late. We put in Jurassic Park World to fall asleep, instead of Bones or NCIS (which is our normal show). I kept my phone off and tried to stay unplugged. It is hard for me. But I think it is starting to be important for me to have times when I can unplug and be away from social media and spend time (quality time) with my family.


That was my Monday. Filled with highs and lows, good and bad, but overall a great day. I got things done around the house so it was more in order. At first I thought I wasn’t going to have enough pictures to show how our life, our routine but after writing this post up. Really looking at our day. It really shows how ours days are typically filled with good and crappy parts of the day.

Can’t wait to share with you my Tuesday!!

Aloha, Hannah


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